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  1. Watching Shimoseka is so much fun :D

  2. Widin

    considering quitting the game

    Maybe you should play with other ships?
  3. Widin

    I need a lot more than just 3 reports per day.

    Yes everyone better than you are using aim mods
  4. Widin

    What does the little warning thingy mean? (pic inside)

    It has nothing to do with being reported.
  5. Widin

    US Tier III - the first major obstacle

    That thing needs to be in game
  6. Widin

    A Donkey Plays World of Warships

    I just wanted to say I love your videos and keep up the good work
  7. Widin

    The tirpitz iz beautifull.... Ja wohl!

    That ship is so damn beautiful.
  8. Widin

    The Diana

    I want that cute little thing
  9. Widin

    Wargaming EU shop Flags?

    You get more XP and credits from a premium account is that P2W?
  10. Widin

    Wargaming EU shop Flags?

    It's not P2W
  11. Widin

    Bloody Mods Spoil Another Game

    Lol +1 to you.