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    not really a rage thread but is it me or is this ship just utter garbage. The ap is just not good enough it wont reliably pen cruisers let alone bb's in its tier let alone the +2 you always seam to get and with no he you are left doing anemic damage. the smoke dont work for this ship as you need to get into range to use your guns 13.6km by which time your dead 27k hp just dont cut and the repair is so weak you may as well not bother using it not when your entire ship is made from 1 big citadel. the ship just dont work its so under powered it ain't funny WOWS-numbers confirms this ship is a pile of garbage lowest stats across the board apart form planes shot down. https://wows-numbers.com/ship/4184782800,Emerald/ does this piece of s**t need a buff i think so what bout you guys. at the time ship ship was around it was the most advanced light cruiser the British had to offer, and at the time they ruled the waves with this ship they would struggle to hold a lake. Its all well and good bringing out new lines and nations RN dd's soon™ but all i want and i am sure it is true for a lot of people is for WG to fix what its got first then add more, CV's are in a almost unplayable state British cruisers are not far behind, the Stalingrad from what i have seen in randoms is a utter joke and almost the definition of P2W.