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  1. Fan made Italian tech tree

    The author says that the adjective "automated" has been used for the 1930s FCS, but a bit improperly, since these systems have always required a lot of input from operators and left quite a bit to the "savoir faire" of the directors, which he does qualify as guys who knew their stuff, though. So there's that to begin with. I went and re-read what Friedman saw, and he was talking about the Centrale Salvagnini, the system fitted to the Cavour. Santarini says that, as it was a complex with all the devices connected together to reach the solution, it deserves the name "Centrale". However, he says that as a whole the system at most was contemporary to what the British and the French had developed during the war (no surprise, since he does acknowledge the derivation from the Le Prieur system", which was simply not enough; the most glaring fault was the delay in which the useful data came from the director to the turrets, which meant that it took a sweet time to get a useful solution. Also, it ignored the time spent by the shell on air (it didn't care about what would be called the "punto futuro" so to speak), so the solutions ended up having rather large errors anyway, When you ask about the scartometer, are you perhaps talking about the "gimetro"? Because if I have to be completely honest, I am still scratching my head trying to wrap my head around how the bloody thing worked; I've never been good at math and geometry, but now without it there's no way to understand that. But I got that, basically, the gimetro was included in the package that was obtained by the work of De Feo, Iachino and Bergamini, and in the Italian system its theoretical precision made it irreplaceable by a simple gyrocompass like on the foreign ships. He does state, though, that while all the other ships had only partially stabilised gimetri, which led to errors, the Littorios had fully stabilized ones that eliminated that possibility. Santarini doesn't say much about the Gufo, other than stating its immaturity and its rather modest performances, but he does say that the data it got wasn't automatically fed into the network, but it had to be communicated via phone. Oh, another interesting thing. Santarini says that, disregarding any other comment about what the Bolzano was or wasn't, either if it was a well-made ship or not, he does say that it had this going for it, that among all the Italian heavy cruisers it had the best FCS, even better to what the Zaras had. No issue, as I said this doesn't matter for the game. Otherwise the Montana would beat the heck out of the Yamato each and every day of the week. And we'd have a lot of people complaining about it on the forums, now that I think about that...
  2. Fan made Italian tech tree

    Guys, I wanted to share with you the book I just bought! It's only tangentially relevant to our discussion, but whatever, I think it's cool! It surprised me... for its detail and its technical complexity! It wasn't the "here are the FCS systems used on the ships, blah blah blah" stuff I expected; it's a painstakingly accurate on the theoretical and mathematical process with which these systems worked, compared to what foreign nations used. Practical stuff is limited, but still relevant. As a final judgement (not that I am not still trying to get my mind around this thing, it's sooo difficult!), the author says that the FCS was pretty much as sound as it could be, but what held them back was the old manual "follow-the-pointer" concept (I hope I am not mistaking anything... that is the translated terms for "sistema a controindice", right?) that allowed for human error that could've been avoided with full slaving of the guns to the directors. Two anedoctes: the author denies Norman Friedman's claim in his "Naval Firepower" that the Italian FCS was derived from the Barr & Stroud's FCS fitted to the Trento-class cruisers, stating that they got it only because the Italian system (developed by De Feo and Bergamini) was not ready yet; also, he says that in terms of FCS the Conte di Cavour and the Giulio Cesare were hardly fitted with the best thing available, and what they got ultimately wasn't on par even with what the two Duilios got, don't mind what was on the Littorios (I knew there was a reason why these two older rebuilds were so cheap compared to the last two).
  3. Fan made Italian tech tree

    Ok, at least they get kudos for admitting that their work was done using what a bunch of Russian dudes wrote about them, and only tangentially looked at what our guys could have said.
  4. Roma does not live up to the hype

    May be wrong, but I think I saw a video in which somebody managed to do that to a Yamato... I must admit it; we can talk about some other things, but one thing WG didn't do was touch the Model 1934's AP. They rule!
  5. RN Duca degli Abruzzi, any change planned?

    WG was hit by a dose of reality, when they suddenly realized that, having overtiered the Aosta and gotten away with it, they couldn't do the same with the Abruzzi. The guns, IRL an improvement over the 152 mm mounted on the previous light cruisers, in-game are a downgrade because they lose the insane muzzle velocity, and keep the ridicolous HE. The RoF buff, warranted in any case, isn't enough; and neither is the odd buff to gun elevation rates. The armor is difficult, but WG weirdly decided to keep the belt as it is, even though it does nothing but make the whole thing weaker; I acknowledge it was easier, but on Roma they merely slapped it all together, and it is fine. Instead, now we have a cruiser with nothing like the purported protection it was supposed to have IRL. So, you have an incredibly stealthy cruiser that is unable to put the hurt on enemy ships and is unable to take their fire. And what did testing prove? Big surprise: the Abruzzi underperforms! What a shocker!
  6. Roma - Tier VIII Premium Italian BB suggestion

    Yes, angling can negate damage pretty well, but I have to admit that, not being that knowledgeable about higher tier gameplay, I'm still surprised at the amount of people who broadside rather easily. Besides, considering how the Roma has to be a ninja and sneak about without people noticing, getting a good salvo against a broadside might not be that hard challenge after all. Of course, if RNG trolls you and the other guy reacts quickly with the WASD hack, it's a bad day, but it's just another day at work, I'd say... I must admit that I'm not that interested in cars; my passion goes towards trains, what can I say...
  7. Roma - Tier VIII Premium Italian BB suggestion

    Well, somebody on Reddit answered to my opinion that the Roma's guns may be more "anti-BB" than "anti-CA" and that it's comforting to have a BB seemingly geared against fellow battlewagons by citing the Conqueror. However, I can't say anything about it, since I have no experience and thus no idea about that. The Cesare's guns are a really different thing. Their AP performance is right down the middle for their caliber, but the good muzzle velocity makes for ease of aim; of course, in its infinite wisdom WG made the HE godlike, and there's nothing productive to be said about it. Its small caliber makes for guns more suited to be fired at cruisers, but it's much more comfortable, even when the enemy is angled; switch to HE, and burn the world. The Roma can't do that; its HE doesn't do much, she has to rely on AP, and she has to be more careful about when to fire and when to keep silent. We already have people on Reddit shooting back at any and all criticism reminding WG's "generosity" on "buffing" the IRL RoF, slapping the 45 s reload time like there's no tomorrow. There would be an outcry if it were to further reduce it. I'd be personally more interested in just a slight, teeny tiny reduction to the vertical dispersion value. Isn't there a middle way between the current status that makes you chew your keyboard from time to time and obtaining three or four citadels like the Cesare may be able to do, sometimes?
  8. Roma - Tier VIII Premium Italian BB suggestion

    To be honest, I cannot say now, since I've yet to play further games with the Roma, but I'm willing to consider the chance that it may have a plus side. This whole overpen thingie discourages you to try and shoot cruisers, and encourages you to try and shoot at BBs anyway. Heck, in a video I saw that somebody somehow managed to get a citadel on a Yamato through the nose (or maybe it hit the barbette, possibly)! So, instead of yet another BB that can punish cruisers all day long, we have a BB in which it may be more rewarding to try and bag a fellow BB instead. But that's just my idea, which I want to verify, and of course my opinion, in terms of gameplay preference. Anyhow, a great plus, I believe, should be the fact that once you've accostumed yourself to it hitting targets, even at a distance, is relatively easy; those arcs and those time to target... I like them this much:
  9. Roma - Tier VIII Premium Italian BB suggestion

    The other side to the exceptionally good muzzle velocity; it's so high that the shell will punch through and not be set off. Somebody even suggested that at such close ranges it may be a better idea to try and shoot HE, but I'm a bit skeptical about that.
  10. Roma - Tier VIII Premium Italian BB suggestion

    Ok, managed to get my launcher to do its job, and got the massive amount of two games under my belt! Everything seems as predicted. For a n00b like me, the higher skill ceiling for this ship is quite the challenge (the GC isn't a "point-click-boom" ship, but its speed is almost like having a perpetual indulgence in your pocket); but I like it. I know little of the high Tier world and playstyle, but I'll see if I can make it work.
  11. Roma does not live up to the hype

    What makes the Roma's guns so unpredictable and dependant on RNG isn't either the horizontal dispersion value or the sigma, is the vertical dispersion. As it is, it would seem that the best strategy to take out the most from them would be to avoid going in too closely, and keep to 12-13 km.
  12. Roma - Tier VIII Premium Italian BB suggestion

    Well, I have to admit that the ship is upholding one of my wishes. It seems that, sometimes, it's more rewarding to concentrate on broadsiding BBs rather than cruisers...
  13. Roma - Tier VIII Premium Italian BB suggestion

    I wish I were able to say something... my Internet went down for a few days, and only this afternoon it went up again. I happily went to the store and bought it (Captain's edition, Mr. Kobayashi can take his camo and... well, you get the idea). Now, I would take it for a spin... ...if my blasted launcher would actually download the effing updates!
  14. Giulio Cesare guns accuracy

    In fact, it's hardly understandable. It's not like it's difficult to rack up damage, so why make it easier? I don't like this. Mainly because I don't want the GC to be removed, so i don't want her to be OP. What is WG's aim?
  15. Roma - Tier VIII Premium Italian BB suggestion

    Well, isn't that surprising. Other lines get some tricks for their shells, their armor is made so that it's pretty much uncitadellable... What do we get, even though this concept was a pretty cool gimmick IRL? Nothing. We get a big, fat citadel, so in the event a shell manages to punch through the 375 mm plate (which, not to be bitter, hasn't the strength of what her IRL belt would've had), it's granted that it's a citadel. Hooray for balance! /s Now that I got that out of my chest... The armor is still looking good, coupled with the WASD hack. This probably means we'll get a bit more citadel than we'd have liked.