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  1. Eh, nah. He stood for Mister B throughout the years and approved pretty much everything he did. He was by all means an accomplice (and of pretty heavy stuff), not just a bystander. What is interesting is that he likely hung on to the throne too much. Had he abdicated for his son (or better, his grandson) in 1943, I consider it most likely that the major parties would have not asked for an institutional referendum and would've settled for a new constitution, while wiping the slate with a new king. Instead, he made his son a kind-of-prince-regent, and abdicated on the eve of the referendum, a move that reeked of desperation. And even then, the republic won by a slim majority.
  2. Considering the old guy was the one who ended up giving him the boot, and at least died in his bed, I'd wonder who was the most ill-fated there... Anyway, I don't think their relationship mirrors that historical one. It's more of a standard case of shy sister vs exhuberant sister, in my opinion. Vittorio Veneto is the overall commander, while Littorio is more of a field/fleet commander.
  3. Actually, I believe that the memories from the event point to Vittorio Veneto being the overall commander for the Sardegna Empire, I think...
  4. That's what I meant, I said that in a poor manner. The number of red skills compared to their drop rate is just too skewed, you end up unable to level up the skills appropriately. Curiously, though, I have few issues with yellow books, I always have plenty... my red ones hover between a dozen (my minimum before I stop using them) and twenty, but I have around forty T3 yellow ones, and sixty blue ones...
  5. Oh, how I'd love for the rate of drop for red books to increase... You end up with tons of T3 yellow and blue books that you can't use, and always short of red ones...
  6. Right. I have the unfortunate tendency to skip over ships that are not first-line combatants. Unforgivable, I know.
  7. Now that I reflect upon this, I kind of feel that way when I read something about a "King George V-class", and I ask myself whether they talk about the WWI superdreadnoughts, or about the ones we know better. All because that horny bugger thought with his peter rather than his head, and therefore told the Navy to reuse that bloody name! To be fair, "Comandanti Medaglie d'Oro" was the class name, the ships would have been called otherwise, even though the length wouldn't have been much better. Stuff such as "Comandante Margottini", or "Comandante Toscano".
  8. Never thought about that before, could be mighty confusing now that I think about it. The best I've got is Giuseppe Garibaldi, five ships of the Regia Marina and the Marina Militare all together, but that's from 1860 to this day.
  9. So... finally the event is upon us, and the new gals are here to stay! (Spoiler alert, of course)
  10. By all means. So I'm going to play a few maps of the Event mainly to get the points to exchange said blueprints (secondly to sortie with my Ironblood fleets a bit, to grind the Roon's 1M and 2M requirement). Once I get all 30 of them, I'll call it quits.
  11. Welp, after the maintenance for this here event that I don't give a flying f about (ok, I am lying a bit, I don't care about the ships and about whatever Hololive is, but I do care about the chance of grabbing a few blueprints, it seems I can't get anymore Saint Louis ones in research for some reason), I was finally able to complete the quest, and I got my first UR ship.
  12. ...And today I noticed that there might still be girls I still haven't met (currently working up on 9-3) on the chapters! Sometimes I am amazed by my own stupidity! Oh, well. It's a good surprise to realize you still have something to look for, other than event ships! Don't ask me why, but I have a soft spot for Richmond already. May be my other passion for the American Civil War, may be my unexplainable soft spot for the Omaha-class, but I'd like to get her. Luckily, it seems I won't have any difficulty getting her! Hiyou and Junyou would be nice, too. Choukai I'd love to get, but I know it's going to be hell.