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  1. a_dappar_chap

    Polish destroyer confirmed!

    fixed your neg, dont see why you got one lol, either a racist against polish people or someone against anime, both seem a bit common in places This could be cool, they almost need techtrees for the big nations, and then make a allied and axis tech tree for all the little nations
  2. a_dappar_chap


    What if there's abit of damage where a team mate has rammed us? If we showed a screenshot of the incident would it be excused as it was our fault or would it still be disqualified? People might stop spamming HE now aswell lol
  3. a_dappar_chap

    Whats the one thing in this game that makes you rage.

    HE spam, all the HE spam, even get battleships doing it now
  4. a_dappar_chap

    Do too many games end in Draws ?

    i used to think this, in closed beta i had about 10% draws, not so many now
  5. a_dappar_chap


    in effect it would make it too easy for players
  6. a_dappar_chap

    0.4.0 or OBT is a big nerf for DDs

    actually from what i've seen on the test client is that there is a fair few perks that will help destroyers, just because they haven't added many for the gain of destroyers doesn't mean its a big nerf for them. it just means that people wont have to have a great crew to know anymore, also situational awareness at tier 1 is also a bonus for destroyers, i remember not having it on my dd crew at first at it was a great big pain not knowing when i was spotted having to get 6 levels just for SA was a pain in a DD, now it will be much kinder
  7. a_dappar_chap

    Show us your best round.

    some of my best games in the kitakami
  8. a_dappar_chap

    What ammo types do you use?

    i usually fire AP on all my ships, get the kill over with instead of trying to do module damage
  9. a_dappar_chap

    team killer sanctions

    After just hearing how next patch team killer sanctions will be implemented into the game, what would happen if once someone has fired the torps and then someone else at say 10km away drives into them, the person who fired the torps is going to be punished for something that is not their fault, would it not be easier to, like wot xbox, turn friendly fire off? If there wasn't torpedoes in this game I'd say how team kill sanctions would be good as someone has to spend effort to kill you by shooting but with torpedoes swimming about is there not going to be people being banned for something that isn't their fault
  10. a_dappar_chap

    Closed Beta Keys distribution, allocation and etiquette

    "I want never gets"
  11. a_dappar_chap

    WoWS mods. Should they be allowed?

    Cosmetic mods yeah what's wrong with it? For it to affect you they have to go into the wargaming servers and hack it and it would allow it for everyone, mods that allow better aim, well that's for them to use, it happens in wot
  12. a_dappar_chap

    What's you favourite ship / class in the game?

    At first my favourite class was battleships as well being I'm a tier 3 and able to do 30k damage a salvo then being able to take a beating, then I started playing the japanese cruiser line and realise how op they where and they became my favourite and now japanese destroyers are my favourite as they're so op lol
  13. a_dappar_chap

    Fix MM please

    if mm gives you a bad hand use it to your advantage, enemy will think you to be weaker and more likely to let their guard down what can happen with "poor" mm
  14. a_dappar_chap

    garage slots

    For the sake of closed beta as we can't buy piasters please would we be able to buy port slots with silver, even it it's like 100k silver, just when you're going down more than one line you pick up ships you really like and want to keep but you can't actually buy more slots, only person I've seen with piasters is jingles lol
  15. a_dappar_chap

    going the same way as wot

    they could have disconnected?