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  1. keiner hat es kapiert das dass ein troll thread ist.Hinweise die darauf deuten könnten:Extrem schlechte Rechtschreibung,Die Einheitsverbesserungsvorschläge der letzten tage. Thread ersteller benutz einfach Google translate wird schon jeder verstehn
  2. Cv are totaly balanced.Its not so you decide who lives and who dies.And so much xp in average per battle strange.
  3. snowmannn

    I'm done with DD's.

    the nerf was way too hard.40sec woud be fine first but again wg Keep balancing with a mallet
  4. snowmannn

    Wich Shipclass should I take?

    by the dds.Japanese have better torps and horrible guns.Us dds have great guns but really bad torp range on the lower tiers
  5. you coud use last stand its a good skill.the Penaltys arent too big so i think module dmg is working as intended
  6. snowmannn

    Overpowered Torpedos

    i have a idea why dont you just play dds they are op so you cant fail right?and than Show us your great results
  7. snowmannn

    ........... I think I just want my money back

    there arent enough Players,the mm will be fixxed automaticly over time so have some balls