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  1. Puddle_Skipper

    [TTT] Tora Tora Tora recruiting competitive players

    Hello folks, Teob pointed me here after I messaged him in-game. Hope everyone is well, looking to apply, though doubtful my stats are up to what you're looking for. Though I'm of the mindset if you don't try you'll never find out. More than willing to learn as I'm always looking to improve where I can. Quite a quick learner as well, been on WoWS since 2015 but took a long break at one point. Hope to hear from you, Many thanks, Puddle.
  2. Puddle_Skipper

    Unfairly Banned: Contractual Battles

    You've clearly missed the point because of your over inflated ego and huge seething mass of self importance. You've played 16k battles and the game has been "spotless" for you, doubtful. Everyone has experienced issues with chat servers dropping out, servers going down, game crashes, memory leaks... the list goes on for quite some time. In any case, I fail to see your point about claiming this player was "cheating", how do you know? were you there? can you read minds? are you standing creepily looking into his window? Even if he did Synch drop, they were ON THE SAME TEAM, you CANNOT "RIG" a game from the same team. The term "Match Rigging" seems to be new to almost everybody here including WGs own staff, to "rig" a match you must be on OPPOSITE teams and be in communication with one another, effectively sharing intel and agreeing on an outcome of the game (aka they decide who wins and the other player can free farm due to intel and keep his star) - that is match rigging. Joining into a game with another Clan mate and being on the same team regardless of being on coms or not, is in NO WAY match rigging, yeah they'll get an advantage cos they can work as a team but in-game voice exists, in-game chat exists, EVERYONE has the opportunity to play as a team, if you are somehow saying that playing as a more effective team by using communication is cheating then maybe we should ban everyone who pings the map, types in chat and uses hotkeys and in-game voice? Lets not forget here at certain times of day you can be sat in queue for several minutes, plenty of time for the MM to queue up a clan mate who then gets thrown into your game, you do not need to synch drop to end up in the same game if the MM player pool is very low. EDIT: Further to this there would be absolutely no way to tell if two friends who were not in a clan were "rigging" games or "synch dropping", unless everyone they played with or against suddenly started noticing the same two names... people only notice it easily now because of clan tags, without them and before clans were in the game I doubt anyone even took any notice of synch dropping.
  3. Puddle_Skipper

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Player camera detaches from ship and stays fixed in one point shortly after battle start. Force quit and relaunch doesn't fix it, neither do any of the UI keyboard shortcuts. Ship control remains via the keyboard but mouse is fixed, guns locked in one direction and all other ships are not visible, mini-map goes blank also. 2. Reproduction steps Do not know, this has happened both WITH and WITHOUT mods installed since last 2 patches, and seems entirely at random, so far its 3-4 of my games its happened. 3. Result game becomes unplayable and you might as well quit to port because you cant do anything randomly sail around being farmed and killed by the enemy. 4. Expected result Camera should be following the ship and this bug should have been fixed years ago when it first appeared. 5. Technical details see pictures below.
  4. Puddle_Skipper

    Kronshtadt, really?

    Since its rumoured to be T9 and not in the tech tree... if it is a real thing coming to the game, it isn't gonna be for sale for $$. it's gonna be the first FREE XP cruiser.
  5. Puddle_Skipper

    4K resolution UI scaling request.

    The dumbest part is that they are PARTNERS with NVidia... yet the game cant even run in DSR without being unplayable due to lack of scaling, DSR being one of NVidias most prominent features along with PhysX which they also don't utilise whatsoever... Seems like WG took NVidia as a partner to look like they got their big boy pants but really they haven't even got past potty training yet and have no clue. I bet their "hardware survey" probably shows more than half their player base is using NVidia gpus capable of DSR as well.
  6. Puddle_Skipper

    Game unplayable (I need help)

    lag is the least of your worries when me and several other players are experiencing random freezing mid battle, happens 99% of the time in combat with enemy ships... i'd take your lag spikes over having to relaunch the client only to find my ship obliterated and dead because the game decides im not allowed to win at the weekends.
  7. Puddle_Skipper

    Public Test 0.7.1, Live Server Event Rewards

    the update dropped early on the 8th, had been in the works for months and they supposedly cant even get rewards for PTS players with 24 hours... sorry but its bull. Slightly after, to me, would mean within 48hours of release... its actually closer to 4 days since launch. Most players get to play at the weekend so with no PTS event rewards it means people who cant play during the week because they actually have lives and jobs (unlike the majority of the RU playerbase) will suffer because they dont have any of the bonuses from the event rewards... Also where does it say the rewards drop next week? Not a single post in any of the update sections or in the wargaming game center or in-game say this so would love to know the source on that one.
  8. Puddle_Skipper

    Public Test 0.7.1, Live Server Event Rewards

    So for the test server there was that event whereby you played the test server and gained rewards on the live server... where the heck are the rewards... its been DAYS since release of the update and still not even a mention of these "rewards". Right now I'm fully expecting them to just be lies and never ever be added... given the way carriers are being balanced but having no meaningful gameplay changes made to make them enjoyable and fit better into the game... or how ships like the izumo are still 100% trash and have had no mention for what seems to be years... but hey ho... From the event page: "You will be able to claim your rewards on the dedicated website. Information regarding when you will be able to redeem them will be sent to your registered Test Account email address on the day of the release of the update or slightly after." Tried to claim using the website, says there are no rewards at this time... this is not "slightly after" its been nearly a week... so where exactly are these rewards?
  9. Puddle_Skipper

    UI scailing for 4k and 2k resolution

    Not to mention if you want to use DSR on any nvidia GPU you get totally screwed by the non existent scaling for 1440p or 4k... I have a 780Ti, while not new it can easily DSR almost every game at 4k. I have played games that are older than WoWS that support UI scaling for 4k. It has literally nothing to do with "only a few people use it", because if they added the scaling they'd see a huge jump in 4k gamers overnight as the majority who have a 4k screen or can run the game at such a resolution (any Nvidia GPU from the last 4-6 years can DSR) don't bother because the UI scale is trash. Not to mention other games I have played, when the players asked to add support for it the Devs did so almost overnight. We've been waiting nearly 2 years now and nothing except "hurt durr clans more important" when it's a freaking gimmick at best... Plain and simple WarGaming has probably made hundreds of millions by now, if not billions... They can easily afford to get one guy in the Dev team to do UI scaling for a day. It's realistically around 2 lines of code if done properly by a seasoned programmer.
  10. Puddle_Skipper

    4K resolution UI scaling request.

    Want to know something else this is completely screwing over: every single Nvidia user who wants to use DSR. Funny thing about DSR as well, pretty sure it doesn't show AT ALL in hardware surveys. Steam survey is massively biased too 1080p because there's like half a billion Russians using laptops to play dota2 in a hope they one day become a pro gamer. In any case this needs fixed, UI scaling is about 2 lines of code at best. Other games I play added support for 4k about 2-3 years ago and they did it overnight after people asked. As others have stated you have more than enough cash to hire an intern programmer for like a day or two who could churn out the necessary code to fix this stupid issue. Or heaven forbid one of your programmers has to work on something that isn't "yet another overpriced and unbalanced premium shipTM" One day you'll learn.