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  1. Kaiz0r

    FireFlower's CBT & OBT Log

    Just hang in there, "The" mod will be removed in the 0.3.1 update (WG will remove their own code from the game, this mod was actual a test in Alpha some time ago, the mod just unlocks that piece of code). After that WG should be able to fight against game breaking mods a bit eassier. I personally only play a couple of games a day (if any at all), if the first 2-3 games suck I just close the game and hope it will be better a couple of hours later, or the next day. Sometimes you have epic games, sometimes it is a terrible combination of a team that camps in a corner and you, the player, making the mistake of not camping with them... and die alone next to an island .
  2. I thought this was about a warning in your own torpedo aiming area showing a "shadow" of an ally that would get hit if you launch them there. I'm very happy with the current torpedo warning. The alarm is special enough and good to hear, the visual indication show were they are coming from pretty good. The only times I had someone in my topedo aiming area (or close to it) it was another Destroyer that was violently moving to avoid fire and line up his own torpedo's. Sometimes a Cruiser is between me and the enemy (not often) and that cruiser is also zig-zagging all over the place to avoid some fire. The grey aim indicator only works for vessels with a constant speed and course, this would also count for a friendly fire warning indication. And is just what it is, an indication that is not accurate. The moment I see something with torpedo's getting closer I start shifting my rudder like a madman to throw the aim of.
  3. Kaiz0r

    Aurora aim fail

    My bad, just checked the St. Louis, all seems OK. Aurora not though
  4. Kaiz0r

    Impressions, suggestions

    I believe the fast sinking is so the ships can't block for to long. The next update gets some shallow water visuals, I believe WG said that that will be expanded later. The single aircraft representing a wing is just a graphics setting. When the game runs on "high" or higher you see all the planes, and you also see them dogfighting. The Torpedo bombers still drop their torpedo's with a bit of an odd animation though. Visible shockwaves on the water would be epic, but also a bit heavy for the lower end PC's maybe.
  5. Kaiz0r

    Domination Mode = Fail

    This is not only in Domination mode... it seems that the newest tactic on almost every map is to sail in the closest corner they can find, get angry with eachother because they are blocking, get angry with the enemy because their destroyers love the big torpedo pinata the team made... very sad..
  6. Kaiz0r

    Aurora aim fail

    Aurora and St. Louis (the ships I noticed this on) AP shells fall way short, HE shells do reach max range, or at least get very close to it.
  7. In my opinion this is not a good idea, it cannot take into account the movements of the ally next to you, and because you are about to launch torpedo's it means the other guy will most likely also do some sort of combat maneuver. People will see a green sign, launch everything they have, and a second later it turns red because the other ship also starts turning (away from enemy's, or line up his/her own attack run), and you still TK the other dude. Now the first person wil start shouting in his defense that the indicator was green, and that the other guy was stupid to turn... I think this will only lead to more hateful messages in the game, and there are already enough of them right now
  8. Kaiz0r

    Ice map + Domination mode = bad game

    I also encountered three invisible barriers on that map, next time I'll play on it I'll make a screenshot of the places I got stuck. The easiest one to point out is the north side of the island in location D-5 (only one island in that square) The southside of the southern island in C-cap also has an invisible barrier. The third one I can't remember just now. (is it possible to make some sort of training room, just to test things like this? When you ask if you can test things in an actual match you will get blown out of the water the minute you get spotted... isn't a very nice experience)
  9. Kaiz0r

    A finite no of torp reloads?

    I don't like making comparisons between WoT and WoWS because they are different games. But tanks have limited ammo because of the storage limitations on the vehicles, and on some tanks they even exceed that. Even a small ship can carry a lot of ammo stored in the different parts of that ship. I have no clue how it is done in real life, but if you want more realism you could go for an X-amount of torpedo's with normal reload, a longer reload because torpedo's have to be fetched from further down the ship or something like that, and the same for the guns on all ships. But again, I have no clue if this would be realistic or not and/or this is a direction the game should take. But to be completely honest, I don't really see a problem with system now. I will not be surprised if there is going to be limited ammo later on, and if it happens it will be in a way that is hard to run out of ammo, this means it will not change a lot. In all my WoT battles I only ran out of ammo less than 10 times. PS: I find it funny that Figment gets attacked for his arguments, even though I find his view much more accurate with the way the game is currently working...
  10. Kaiz0r

    HE ammo

    My opinion about the ammo, not matter what the ship you are firing at: - HE: Low damage, with a chance of module damage - AP: Low damage, with a chance of epic to extreme damage So I mainly use AP ammo, unless I don't have a clue where to hit the citadel, or I need the enemy BB to lose their turrets.
  11. Kaiz0r

    A finite no of torp reloads?

    Let's throw some more numbers in the equation here, I'm currently playing with both the Mutsuki and the Farragut. I also enjoy the Cleveland, all three happen to be tier 6. Let's compare the potential damage they can do (numbers taken from my ships in port, not sure if skills and equipment are included or not): Farragut: - 2x4 Torpedo's - 98s reload time - 16633 potential damage per torpedo - 4,5km Range This comes down to a 81.467 damage / minute. At 4,5km in a ship without armor or hitpoints Mutsuki: - 2x3 Torpedo's - 97s reload time - 16267 potential damage - 10km range This is 60.372 damage / minute Cleveland: - 4x3 guns - 7,5 rounds / minute - 3560 potential AP damage - 14,6km range This is 320.400 damage / minute The cleveland seems to have a slight advantage, the ship with the best armor and longest range only has 4-5 times more damage/minute potential.. this isn't even taking into account that even by zig-zagging it is much harder to avoid gunfire compared to a torpedo spread. If you are going to limit torpedo's to 6 reloads it means you can fire around 9 minute, let us also limit the amount of shells so you can only fire for 9 nine minutes. Doesn't sound very interesting to me.... PS: I know these are some rough numbers, not taking into account a lot of other things like the guns of the DD's, secondary's of the Cleveland or the actual roles the ships have in team.
  12. Kaiz0r

    My feedback from playing the different classes.

    The smoke cooldown is pretty good as is. If anything it is a bit to long. The increased amount of smoke you see is from something very unique: People working together, multiple ships laying smoke one after the other. I'm starting to like destroyers more and more because people who sail they seem to be more willing to work together. With a torpedo reload time of over 1 minute 30 seconds the enemy has multiple chances to sink the destroyer, as one salvo is enough. And even battle ships can fire 3 salvo's in that time. The low level torpedo spam might be annoying, but is an extremely fast (and harsh) learning method of dodging AND map awareness (you learn about chokepoints and how to approach them) and you will be very happy once you get to higher tier battles. And another thing, isn't it glorious to see 20-30 torpedo's going everywhere, beautifull explosions all around you. Yeah, you sink. So what, you died in a glorious fireball! It just looks epic Just wait when you see a single skilled Kitakami against you!
  13. Kaiz0r

    Dive Bombers... how they work?

    You can keep them on standby and send them to your cap when the enemy is trying to win by capping. They are pretty good in resetting the cap. Other than that, hope for a nice fire on a destroyer maybe...
  14. In my opinion the big RNG effect you feel is just the fact that every part of the ships is different, not every Citadel hit is the same, because you hit a different part of the citadel, you hit it in a different angle. In some ships the citadel is very easy to hit, in some ships it is incredibly hard to hit (or maybe I just don't know the part I need to hit yet). Yes, there is some RNG, and sometimes I think it is to much. But when I watch back the replay I notice that most often it was my positioning of the ship (flat broadside hits) or just not noticing another ship that was close by that was the cause of the massive damage. So in those cases it had nothing to do with RNG, but I made it easy for the enemy damage me. Removing the RNG makes it a game of whoever shoots first wins the game, even more with the recent games where the entire team stays back so it becomes an open water fight, where it is not possible to use islands for cover etc. And also, take the battleship in close, you do more damage a lot more consistent, and that is the part of RNG I really like, get in close and the game becomes a lot more fun. So instead of hanging back and whining about RNG on the forum, get in close and fight it out. The game becomes more fun that way, but yeah, this requires team play so it most likely will never happen... I will have to say, I have no idea if this is the actual game mechanic or not, but his is the way how I feel it when playing.
  15. Kaiz0r

    I stopped playing carriers

    I didn't continue playing carriers (can't really say stopped, only got the independence) because for me it is to boring. With the Langley it is mostly fun because the opponent doesn't know how to counter/avoid, and there is almost no AA. With the higher tiers it usually turns out you just send planes keeping them in friendly AA cover, to scare of some bombers, they see your planes coming, the turn the planes around back to cover. You scared them of and also turn around to thop chasing them and stay out of enemy AA fire. After this you look where they can send their planes next, and you scare them off on some other point of the map. This means you can keep those pesky torpedo bombers off the enemy fleet for almost the entire game (unless some BB goes of all alone), which is an import strategy, but I get bored of it after 5 minutes of clicking,.. and after that I start to lose focus. This and the fact that shooting down planes isn't very rewarding. The games I did was mainly in Anti-Air setup, I'm terrible at aiming torpedo bombers, so I focused on shooting down enemy planes and resetting cap with the dive bombers