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    http://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/transition-cbt-obt/ : We aren't able to give you a specific date that OBT begins, but we are getting ----->extremely<---- close. Stay tuned! and second : it's not funny if they reverse ther decisions that you posted officialy on ur website and streaming show -_- (dont get me wrong ther my english is limited ) "that baby is a baby wher we pay to keep it alive"
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    Ok since you guys sad that we would get the Bismarck at the start of OBT allready 2 month ago and we guys allready found file about her few patches ago (witch disapeard recently) i'm now wondering if you will manage it to have it ther at OBT. would be very happy for an official answer "By OBT, we will have a whole bunch of new ships, [including the Bismark] but we cannot say more at the moment." – Vladimir Gremitskiy, head of art department, on introduction of new ships
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    16 Inch Guns

    WTF is wrong with those amerikan 16 inch guns ? i played now a few games and it's not possible to hit beyond 15 km without having daym luck. It seems like the gun dissoersion is redicoulusly high for the most accuarate guns of battleship history
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    ohh yes you know why ? giving a cookie to someone because ther are not enough for everyone doesnt makes it fair for everyone else you know?
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    PATCH 0.31 IS COMMING... TOMMOROW GUYS https://eu.wargaming.net/support/News/NewsItem/View/395/world-of-warships---031-patch-release
  7. Eddie_Smutje

    Is everything allright with 15in Warspite guns?

    ohh thats not right the crossing T is always a patt situation because one of the ships reveal ther side witch makes it easy to aim on vonourble spots and aswell as you dont get hit that easy , the ship faxing broadside has more guns rtf. but also needs to look for enemy evasive actions . good way is to try to get it like this : destroyers : try to hit the sperstructuer part (mostly in front) cruisers: get him at the guns battleships : try to find a weakspott (front part does decent dmg without the need of shooting for the hope of engine cits. (just find a balance for each gun urself if you think thats wrong )
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    1. i dont rant 2. what did i ignored 3. i know that WG wont do anything about it but i just wanted to tell them my opinion and look for other opinions ;)
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    nope i was talking about something else and even than supertesters cant use ther gold on normal servers (i would think so) and if it would be so lucky anyway i'm talking about russian 0.31 testers
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    since when do you guys wipe tokens O.o ?
  11. Eddie_Smutje

    Next premium ship?

    since the warspite and the bismarck are glorius ships i dont think so
  12. Eddie_Smutje

    Next premium ship?

    That ship was a major failure
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    0ptImuS_Pr1mE, on 10 May 2015 - 09:35 AM, said: Cant make sense if you never step into world of supertest, especially at let's say early stage of game. And if you look around all WG games always touch 1st RU region...why? Well that's pretty strange it's RU game...and you dont even know how large amount of bughunters they have for all games i dont argue against supertest i argue against this crap they make atm with this russian test server 0.o public bughunting ? why not for all of the CBT users. it doesnt make any sense to make a CBT when ther are even more in the background if you know what i mean. test server is ok if ther is no cbt like wot but a cbt is for invited people only so why to hide things from ther eyes. i would understand it for unconfirmed content but 0.31 is more than just confirmed its beeing played by russians RIGHT NOW! And than sure i cant step into the supertest because its mostly secret sorry. Anyway i still say that this action was [edited] Capitao_Desastre, on 08 May 2015 - 05:15 PM, said: This is a test for a future public test. See it as a proof of concept, to check if everything works as it should and prepare for a future public test environment. Server size for this test is limited (1000 players only), and there are still some issues to be worked out of this first version of the public test. 2. things 1. Why do they get ingame money for that 0.o and free exp and what not 2. 1000? true but you can get in a queue
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    wtf that makes no sense