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    What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

    Bismark might be a non-up-gradable premium, with her sister ship Tirpitz being an up-gradable ship in the regular BB line.
  2. TheWarHog

    BB players are killing this game

    Yea, someone has to be on the front line.... the cruisers and Destroyer supports. Battleships bring up the middle with the CV at the rear. The way I view things right now: Cruisers = Brawler Destroyers = Close Support Battleships = Mid to Long Range Support CV = Long Range Support I play a Kongo class Battlecruiser at tier V atm. Just a few days ago I ran a gauntlet of enemy Battleships and Battlecruisers, destroyed their aircraft carrier and the cruiser stuck on the rear border of the map then engaged three battlecruisers. I survived with four kills and about 1/4 structural integrity. It depends on the enemy fleets makeup and deployment, as well as the map. Sometimes my ship is best suited to sitting around the mid-side of the map and bombard targets as best as I can and other times I move into close range.
  3. TheWarHog

    RN CRUISERS , Predicted Tech tree

    Also the Courageous class Battlecruiser, as a Battlecruiser would it not be included in the Battleship line? The tier IV, V and I believe VIII Japanese BBs are actually Battlecruisers, like the tier V Kongo.
  4. TheWarHog

    ANY IDEA of RN cruiser line ?

    Battlecruisers are placed into the Battleship line, like the tier IV, V and I believe VIII Japanese BBs.
  5. TheWarHog

    Aren't battleships kinda underpowered right now?

    Several things we have to remember. A Battleship would normally be supported by other vessels, either another BB, a Battlecruiser, or cruiser/destroyer escorts. So in game us BB Captains should be aiming to stick with our team to prevent us being isolated, in a game where there is real communication and teamwork then I'd aim to have at least one or two escorting vessels supporting a grouping of Battleships, just in case. The same goes for the aircraft carrier, it really should have at least one ship as close protection. We must remember that the Battleship line also includes faster moving Battlecruisers, the Kongo for example out speeds and performs anything of equal tier and can easily destroy a Pheonix or Omaha Cruiser. The other thing we must also consider though, is that right now we are fighting bots, who are not as good as players in general. So your circle of death might fool a computer AI, but might be countered by a player. On the other hand, us BB players might find it harder as these cruisers and destroyers we can pick off might have actual serious brains behind them. Also people do not understand that the curved hull of a ship near the bow and stern have less armour protection than the widest mid-section, so where the small guns of a Destroyer might only be getting 100-200 damage per salvo, should they aim for these weaker areas you could easily end up with 1,000 damage shots.