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    I am a college student studying history as part of my course. I have a keen interest in WW2 with many books at my disposal and quite a wealth of knowledge on the subject. I did a project for my leaving cert on the armoured fighting vehicles of Germany and Russia during WW2 and I received 100/100 for it. I am a keen gamer with a strategy being my favourite genre.

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  1. rooneyboi93

    Battle cruisers, will they be coming soon?

    AYe but similar to the heavy and light cruisers they could split the bbs into slow and fast bbs allow for a greater variety.
  2. rooneyboi93

    Battle cruisers, will they be coming soon?

    Exactly! For the Germans you could have the t3 Von Der Tann as the entry level, followed by the t4 Moltke and the Sedylitz as a premium, then the t5 derflinger, t6 Mackensen, t7 Ersatz Yorck, t8 Oclass just unsure of T9 and T10
  3. With all the talk recently about the HMS Invincible and how she met her fate I began wondering if or when we would get battle cruisers as a line in the tech tree for the major nations. We all know how many were developed by the UK and Germans alone and I feel they would be welcome in the game. I have the Hood myself and feel she provides a unique style that the game lacks a little. Thoughts?
  4. rooneyboi93

    Reporting Bugs

    I did not receive the USS Arkansas after taking part in the CBT, anyone know how to get it??