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  1. Hello, English 50 year old Always looking to div/platoon with people. If you are interested let me know. Playing tier 1 to 8 at the moment. I have a lot to learn about playing in higher tiers especially about getting my damage rate up. Message me if interested. I'm not bothered if you want to talk or not. My main thing is that you don't have a habit of dying too early. Thanks for reading
  2. _Goaty_

    looking for semi serious people

    Hello, If you are still looking for people to play with I would be interested?
  3. I dont have a problem with splitting the teams. But i do have a problem in general with being split up from div mates in these maps or any other maps for that matter
  4. yep the new messaging service. Soon as i read it was a new addition i had concerns and sure enough in practice every moron in the team pressing one button after the other. Why bring it in? It adds absolutely nothing to the game?
  5. _Goaty_

    Can you point me to a player with great stats

    Lol im going to let you all hate me now....I have a 62% win rate. But mainly down to the Hashidate. 72% wr in this lovely boat. 600+ games with almost half in the Hashidate. The thing to remember though is that as much as you can be playing against inexperienced players you are also playing with them and have to do a lot of carrying. I invite anyone who wants to stat pad and seal club to message me and we can win together. I can feel the rage and I don't care.
  6. _Goaty_

    Reason why average experience has no meaning in stats

    My experience of XVM in WOT is you regularly get players with xvm looking at player stats before the game starts and saying 'that's it we lose'. A lot of teams get demoralised and a shot hasn't been fired.
  7. _Goaty_


    English bloke always looking to div with people. Have tried a couple of clans (teams playing wot branching into wow's) but its a mix of abilities and there is expectation you will play with whoever wants to play. Have developed some good relationships with players iv'e played with / against in games and then got together with as a consequence and one bloke who is a really good player but he isn't on until about 23.00 -00.00 as he owns a restaurant. So i'm still looking for other players playing tier 1 to tier 6. Check my stats and if you want to div just give me a message. I'm on a lot during weekends and from about 19.00 gmt till about 00.00 weekdays. Many Thanks
  8. _Goaty_

    Looking to platoon/division

    Im a 50 year old English bloke. Currently ground up to tier 4. Have premium ships up to tier 5, 7 and 8. 64% win rate but this mainly done playing solo with the Hashidate. I'm looking to play with other players on similar tiers (whom know what they are doing), or those playing higher tiers so long as you don't mind playing at my tiers also? I ll use my Premiums to play in higher tiers. I'm still learning, but I think iv'e got a reasonable idea of the basics and dont make a fool of myself....too often. Thanks for reading and message me if you are interested.
  9. _Goaty_

    Looking for people to division with

    Ive sent messages to Rob and Varis, but if anyone else is interested in divving please let me know. So far im playing cruisers up to tier 5. 300+ games 64% wr but that is playing a lot of the Hashidate, so if you are into stat padding im your chap. ha ha. im 50 years old from England. Not bothered if we use TS or not. Its not so important in low tier games. Higher tiers it seems more sensible. So if you are interested please message me. I play every day weekdays after about 6 till 11.00-12.00 pm and weekends almost whenever. Many Thanks
  10. _Goaty_

    Is MM going to mess with good players AGAIN?!?

    In relation to Xevious_Reds post. The following comments could also apply to WOT, but i think WOT is beyond redemption. a)/b)&e) Ships could be separated by one tier only, eg t5 and t4 or t5 and t6. Also need an equal balance of ships, eg same number of cruisers at same tier etc.My experience so far is that WOW is better than WOT for this however. c) This is what really gets on my nerves and just reading what appears to be such a cynical explanation makes me angry. Punished for playing well, rewarded for playing rubbish. If they are not draws, (which in theory could be rectified by simply extending match times) too many games end in whitewashes. How can being in or against a team which get's annhiliated by the other team be construed as fun or enjoyable? Can War Gaming really look with pride at this common aspect of the game? You don't play to lose, but its much better to do so when its been competitive rather than because your team have evaporated around you due to their own incompetence. I think for both WOW and WOT if you are for example a 53% player you should only see 50% to 54% players, maybe even less of a gap? It may be harder or take longer to find matches especially for WOW with a smaller player base, but maybe the option ought to be there for players who are prepared to wait a bit longer for a potentially better experience? I'm aware that streamlining players in this way wont guarantee better games and i'm also aware that you may get a player with 70% wins with only 20 games playing a premium vehicle, but surely its worth trying especially considering the complexity of the currently existing algorithms and their apparent ineffectiveness. D) As we know, WOW allows you to familiarise yourself with ships before using them in random games. You still have to buy the thing first mind. What about being able to buy the boat fully modded as it were, just make the purchase price more expensive and the grind just a little bit harder, you want to keep people motivated? I only hope Gold Ammo doesn't make an appearance. I await the cries of derision in response to this post.