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  1. A suggestion to deal with torpedo walls - the torpedo detection distance would increase for every torpedo in the area (can be fixed circle around the ship or e.g. current detection distance +25%) or heading towards the ship. It would be logical as the more torpedoes are heading to your ship, the better the chance the crew spot them. And when you see one, you focus and find others. E.g. When we increase the range by 1.5% per topredo and if I could see torpedoes on 3km then when 6 torps approach my ship, I can spot them on 3.28 km ... if 9 torps -> 3.43 km. (just an example, the values might be different)
  2. Gepvun

    Soundefect after receiving citadel hit

    When the citadels are mainly about luck (the accuracy is a lottery) and you cannot 100% avoid it (unless you hide in the corner) it shouldn't punish the player by an unpleasant noise. (the loss of hp serves well in this matter) It make the game a lot less enjoyable to me. When someone likes it, ok, but for others it should be optional. Even the chat is optional..
  3. Hello, is there a way or a mod to disable the high pitch sound and heartbeat after receiving a citadel hit? It really pisses me off. I know it is there for an effect and maybe even to increase the difficulty (by not hearing what is happening around), but I really hate it and I thing the majority of players do.
  4. Gepvun

    Update on Project R in Europe

    From the original post I expected that we will still have some time after 10M is reached. Such a shame that WG excluded people who could not play every single week from chance to get 260 pearls. I went skiing for a week, which is why I lost the chance. I think there are a lot of such players. But classical WG's attitude towards players, I would say - allure them on something and let them pay if they have a life beside the computer games. It's more than a year since they saw last money from me and with experience like these I will hardly change my mind..
  5. Well, this was awesome game for me. Never been so lucky on citadel hits before, so we managed to reverse the course of battle and win. The xp given is without prem acc. but I got it doubled because of a mission.
  6. Gepvun

    Hlášení chyb a bugů

    Phoenix mi neodpočítává nabíjení torpéda.
  7. Gepvun

    Bug list

    Is there a bug list where can I check if the bug I encountered is already reported or not? Also what is the best way to report bugs? Via support, any particular topic, create new topic...?
  8. Gepvun

    Getting stuck on shallow water

    But then it should be ok to just leave the battle without any penalization, because it is super boring just to wait there until the end of the battle. Still thinks it would be better if it would not be possible to get stuck - this is not a simulator. ;-) I tried it couple of minutes and did not manage to get out, but I did not try the autopilot.
  9. Gepvun

    Getting stuck on shallow water

    Hi, is this bug or feature? I got stuck on this place and could not move back or forth more than couple of meters, just waiting till the end of the battle. (and survived there 2 torpedo air raids, because carrier operator fired both lengthwise :-D) I know it's kind of real, but I hope it is not intentional to make such spots on map. Also it would be nice to have some way to see, measure or at least estimate the depth. Is there a special topic where to put such things/bugs?
  10. Gepvun

    Where to shoot with which ammo?

    Sorry for a stupid newbie question, but do I somehow recognize whether I did not penetrate or overpenetrated? Or penetrated, but hit some unimportant part of the vessel? And when on close range, should I rather aim for the "hull" (with AP) or the main deck and structures (with AP or HE) there to do more dmg?
  11. Gepvun

    Nováčci, otázky & odpovědi

    Pokud namirim na lod, tak se lockne sama, ale pokud je tam vic lodi a chci locknout jinou, tak mi to nejde. (resp. cele se to dela tak nejak automaticky bez moji volby) Zrovnatak pokud oddalim a nekoukam pres dalekohledy, ale z pohledu nad lodi. Nebo delam neco blbe? Co se kapitana tyce, tak jsem se jeste nedostal na 5. lvl, tak to mozna bude tim. ;)
  12. Gepvun

    Nováčci, otázky & odpovědi

    Lamacky dotaz, ale nevim, jak prepinat zvyraznene cile. V nastaveni je lock target na RMB, ale to mi nejak neslo. Pak by me zajimalo, jak poznat hloubku vody - zasekl jsem se kousek od brehu, kde jsem si myslel, ze uz projedu. Jestli to nejak jde, nebo to musi clovek "tipnout". A posledni (zatim) dotaz - ma nejaky smysl nechavat si doexpene lode, kdyz se posadka nepresouva dal? (pokud nechci prevadet zkusenosti na volne)
  13. Gepvun

    Extend Number of CO-OP Games Before Random Battles?

    I assume there will be some tutorial in the future, that will show you basic controls, so I think the way it is now is ok, since you can play co-op when you reach the 2nd lvl.
  14. Gepvun

    Začátek uzavřeného beta testování

    Bude cas otevreni prihlasek znam dopredu nebo se to najednou otevre?