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  1. problem is most players that were/are new do not know how to handle those characteristics. And that is why she performs crap. In good hands, she is a good ship.
  2. ca12nag3

    How do we help players like these?

    Stream? damn if he does that would make for some good laughs. Just need enough beer.
  3. ca12nag3

    How do we help players like these?

    Enterprise with only 21% .... ffs
  4. ca12nag3

    Top tier matches don't feel like ships anymore

    What happens when you are in a t8 cruiser in a t10 battle. Instant deletion on detection. Many ships are so damn accurate they can shoot a seagull off your deck without scratching it. Maneuvring in such a big vessel is near impossible. Within 10km you are just dead as soon as you encounter a battleship. Also any BB that goes to far forward becomes the target of like 6/7 ships and melts away. Now if they rework CVs and perhaps add submarines. All these campy shits that love to hide behind a rock will start crying because they become prime targets sitting still and all.
  5. ca12nag3

    How do we help players like these?

    I understand your feels, but dude stats isn't everything. First off not everyone looks and reads up stats on every damn ship in the game. Not everyone has a bag of money to freexp through horrible ships like the Izumo or Roon. Not everyone plays exactly how you perceive and plan either. Now lastly not everyone reboots onto a new account to start over to get elite status. And that happens as well. All in all, I only trust what I see happen on the water and not what I read off some stats that so many of you get a hard one from "excuse my french".
  6. ca12nag3

    Bring back arp to wows

    It would make sense. I400 series ships with their "airstrike" ability would seriously boost the submarines and people would be farming with subs to get 1. Also gains you lot of player data beyond the Halloween event. It might be worth renewing the deal with ARP.
  7. ca12nag3

    Ranked season 10 (CVs perspective)

    I am by no means a great player yet shot down over 70 planes, the enemy cv had no chance what so ever. The rest of the team wasn't all that great and it still is a team game. And you know what, at the end they blamed me for losing... Why? Because of cv. People see a CV and expect God raining down from heaven or else you suck. While the rest of the players are hiding in obscurity and numbers. Nobody will flag the teams dd that yolos in the first 20 second of the fight. Or the BB that thinks going solo vs the entire enemy fleet is wise. I think people will regret whining about CVs when the CV is reworked, because nobody will be scouting those DDs for you anymore. Basically the 1 shot kill on anything will be over. DDs and Cruisers will rule.
  8. ca12nag3

    Karma time for Karma

    Haha, that is a funny way of looking at things. Basically what you are saying is be one of the "numbers", don't stand out in the crowd and definitely don't say something someone might not like! Or else meet the banhammer of injustice. Chat bans are easily obtained. Play a carrier for a day. You won't make it until you get to 0 karma and if you just state the facts get a chat ban slung at you. It is simple, too many juvenile players and too many players that do not know overall strategy/tactics. When you play carrier, you learn to read the map and see, well this team won't win. In the past carriers could own and dominate a map. Now with the light cruisers and lots and lots of AA you can't. But some players are just convinced that if they in their battleship go straight into the fray with cruisers I can magically cover their [edited]from air bombardments and torpedo strikes. Voice your opinion, is chat ban. Say nothing get bot reports. Play opportunistic and you get decreased points for unsportsmanship or simply poor play. Fact is you lose karma faster then the sun melts snow. And even when winning games this happens. Should take screenshots of it tbh. shoot down 60 planes 4 kills and still lose karma... Just because people are jerks and know how to click reports. My opinion is that the ban/report system linked with karma is broken. If you just stand out of the crowd you get reports. I can just noob around in a cruiser all day long and nobody will even notice me. Play a DD or CV and mess up or simply loose cause you are not as good as the opponent and you get so much hate spewed at you. It is sickening. It is one of the reasons why some people I know just refuse to play carriers. So if there is something as looking at yourself? Really? You think a player should be harassed because he is not as good as others? Or that just cause your team loses you should get all the blame?
  9. ca12nag3

    Why are so many rude? Instead of having fun

    Tried to explain what went wrong in game get flagged and reported.... haha. Then get a 1 day chat ban. For real? Can't even chat to my clan mates now. That is what is rude. The report button. It seems to be a way for Wargaming to hand the responsibility of moderation to the angry mob. Now they can simply report people. Especially those who are frustrated with the way a match goes. Call people noobs and what not. While when you actually try to explain something they report you... for what? Was I unsporty? Or was I insulting people? No I simply said that I got my rudder knocked out twice and could not get away, which resulted in my death. Then I get out of the game, and I am banned from chatting... Seriously?
  10. ca12nag3

    Matchmaking Chart

    Try playing as a t8 cv. You face t10 cruisers and bbs. But on top of that you get all the premiums. That each outdoes you. I got a Shokaku, And every time it is grafs and enterprises.
  11. ca12nag3

    Team Balance and Fair play...

    I would say that players with all upgrades do better with their ships. That is a given. It gives them more concealment less spread of shells and what not. If you just got your t10 it is hard. And if you only got 1 or 2 even harder in ranked. I would say there are plenty of ok players. Another factor is and this is harder to describe. The layback player. Many players are good solo. Meaning they hang back let others do the fighting and mop up the leftovers. It means they get more points in the end usually ending top. They do not have bad aim, just lack situational adaptability. In my old WoT clan we had this guy, great stats great scores, just don't team up with him. And absolutely useless in clan matches. Since he would park his vehicle and wait. Basically leaving the capping and saving other players to others. Selfish players. They tend to do well with plenty targets and themselves staying out of the heat. I don't know if this helps with ranked since it is 7vs7 but looking how some dds disappear from the map when the match doesn't go their way. These type of players tend to have destroyers with long-range torps.
  12. ca12nag3

    Team Balance and Fair play...

    Usually isn't happening. Look most high ranked players have multiple ships in the top tiers. Being able to adapt to the situation and get to that rank 1 spot. If you got 3 destroyers t10 full skill captain and mods on your ship it is a walk in the park. Try doing that as a BB player with 2 BBs t10 and only 1 fully upgraded. I would not look at a rank from 1 player and go like, wow this guy must be great due to his high rank. Though it does tell me a lot about his resources. Basically, the game is run by playing a lot and/or paying a lot. There is no other way to easily and with comfort go into ranked battles.
  13. ca12nag3

    What does Karma do ?

    You like to bring up arguments for argument's sake bye.
  14. ca12nag3

    What does Karma do ?

    What is the issue then? Its an old topic? So? I mean you don't have to read or reply to it if you don't want to...
  15. ca12nag3

    What does Karma do ?

    Whats new. I got reported or threatened due to this dd and cruiser instant dying while in my yama. Thing was the entire enemy team was heading where they were heading. How about reading a map...