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  1. ca12nag3

    Karma - Rewards and Punishments

    Like what you did last game? :) "pot-kettle"
  2. ca12nag3

    Carriers 0.8.0-3 Please WG stop punish us!

    Face it you hate CVs nothing will change that. But you are being dishonest. Zero risk you say. Like a DD camping all game in and behind smoke torping BBs. What risk? And you ever sniped a dd from spawn? Doubt it. Impossible. CV isnt easy. And it is far from no risk. You get spotted mid game and the enemy breaks through the line you are dead. Cruisers are invincible. They kill you before you even get a chance to defend yourself.
  3. ca12nag3

    Carriers 0.8.0-3 Please WG stop punish us!

    So you didn't look where your team was heading at the start? You didn't assess who has good AA who has potential to tank damage, and who will spot for you? Then you sail ahead with a Normandie and Fubuki. And somehow due to the Normandie being a total noob and you not paying attention when starting the game is the CVs fault? You realize that if you play CV you assess targets, avoid the heavy hitter AA ships and look for opportunities to strike. Meanwhile, move your ship into an area it wont be easily spotted or flanked by enemy DDs. Also you spot a bit for the team before you do a strike. Drop a 60sec fighter squad over your friendly DD to prevent the enemy CV from attacking without impunity. Then you try to plot your flight with your strike squad. Rockets for dds, torps for BBs and save the AP bombers for later on cruisers and BBs to finish them off. But you in your DD want to sail somewhere without being spotted sit your [edited]down in smoke grab a beer and torp at BBs. ....and CVs are overpowered?
  4. ca12nag3

    Carriers 0.8.0-3 Please WG stop punish us!

    Im not wrong. I play surface ships. And I also play CVs. Which means I know their weakness and strength. If you never play a CV and start crying about CVs. And that is about half the player base. Then yes I am right. I heard people ask me to take out bombers with fighters. I heard people say plenty of nonsense. CV play is different from surface ships. Way more than between a BB and DD but that does not mean a CV is invincible or that CVs are overpowered. Looking at the last 100 matches that people play CV with that is clearly not the case. Stats are staggered since a lot of people instantly dropped playing CV after the fixes. Which are all crap. That CVs were overpowered prior to the fix, yes all CV players also agree. Fact is most CV players like a challenge, yet now it is an uphill battle. There is no way you can get a good score out of it without someone on the other team messing up badly. Sure I can get a 140/160k match. But the thing is if players play together you can't do a thing with a CV and that is a big problem. Your game will end with practically no damage and nothing you can do to help your team. Try playing CV when 4 ships group together. And nobody sails solo. You can't do a thing.
  5. ca12nag3

    Carriers 0.8.0-3 Please WG stop punish us!

    How about you find yourself a teammate with AA? You know like they do in real life? Having a AA cruiser next to them to take out planes? Your ship is then probably a massive gunboat. Which means you cry cause you cannot sail with impunity.
  6. ca12nag3

    Carriers 0.8.0-3 Please WG stop punish us!

    Surface ships have no idea. Also you dodge what? 1 torp that does 5k dmg? You dodge a volley that does 10k from a bb? What sense does it make? Also many players are unaware of the type of armor their ship has. For instance the Yamato has a anti torp belt. You can tank a torp on the middle of your ship. It doesn't do a thing. Some damage that is all. I see some players desperately dodge a torp wave, which 1 or 2 torps would hit the middle and you are fine. While on the rear or front you get flooded. Bad players who only excel in "aiming their guns" are the ones complaining the most. Also what is no risk play? In a Yamato you outrange anyone. You can "safely" camp the border. Or does that not count? What about DDs with low detectability range? They don't risk anything when engaging a BB. It is just spewing hate vs 1 class of ship that is fairly unique. That is all it is.
  7. ca12nag3

    Carriers 0.8.0-3 Please WG stop punish us!

    nothing more frustrating than just assaulting a bunker killing 5 guys in a row, getting radared by the commander and have the elite skill jet player bomb you to crap. "BF2". life aint fair deal with it.
  8. ca12nag3

    CV reworks ??? where ??? still to OP !!!

    Why DDs became the main target of CVS, because CVs had to go through the hailstorm to get a shot at Cruisers and BBs, what does WG do. Nerf CVs attack ability vs DDs. Now you can go from being OP to UP to severely UP. Seems there is a bias vs CVs... And nothing supports the opposite argument. I grant that particular the Hakuryu at the start of the patch was OP. But now it is so underwhelming it is a joke to play. You get so badly punished for losing aim. You can't target a cruiser with torps simply because theyll Uturn on you and you lose your attack run, or you have to aim and then your torps will go wide. Not to say that aiming in costs you 4,5 sec. And when your attack run scoots on you lose control, which has your remainder of planes shot down. Leaving you with 2/3 planes on your deck while only 4 torps launched, which maybe 1 will hit? CV play has become a joke. And nothing is going to fix this anymore. I guess rock campers cheer. And DDs who want to solo torp the side of the map with impunity will be delighted. Basically nobody has to "work" for their achievements, only CVs have to. And it became impossible. And all this talk by many that CVs should not be in the game, that is nonsense, it was in the game from the start. It wasn't added in. If people argue against subs who will be in the game, I grant you. Because that would be added content.
  9. ca12nag3

    Over-nerfed CVs

    You are advocating Battlefield2 without jets, or RomeTW without Carthages Elephants, you want to cut out a part of the game "that you don't like". That is all it is. And that is all it will be for many of the players. But the game simply has that element in it. Deal with it. CVs are part of the game. Somehow you want to play a different game it seems. CVs were always a part of the game, and that is that.
  10. ca12nag3

    Do you think Submarines will come in 2019 ?

    Precisely what? As if dds have any place as a "primary" ship. In real they are fodder. compared to expensive ships like Bismark or Hood. Which were capital ships. Carriers took over in ww2 and dominate ever since. That is reality. This game is not.
  11. ca12nag3

    Over-nerfed CVs

    So you being bottom tier taking all the damage from 2 cvs who lose the game. Who 1 is 2 tiers above you is ok for you? As a tier 8 you should make relatively short work of a tier 6. All things fair. But CVs got so nerfed they have to focus single ships or just go after DDs to do anything meaningful. That is what CVs got relegated to.
  12. ca12nag3

    Do you think Submarines will come in 2019 ?

    And in your opinion dds are "as they should be"? solo mini warships sinking bbs and cruisers left and right. The real world role of dds is screen and protect the capital ships. Not go off hunting ships. So anything "real worldly" isn't going on in wows either. Btw a BB could blow up a dd with ease in the ww2 era.
  13. ca12nag3


    The problem is rather simple, if you ever played shooter games, you always had this 1 guy that was a G0D with sniper rifles. He would kill enemies left and right, getting scores of 50-3 at the end of each round. They were the most hated player in the game, or perhaps BF2 jet players. Getting the same score. People who specialize in a certain class are often alienated from the others that use "similar type" classes. A CV is a rather unique ship. So when people see a good score with a CV player they automatically assume OP.
  14. ca12nag3

    Over-nerfed CVs

    This would be the case if you can actually avoid being hit by the AA bubble... you can't. If you ever played a carrier which I doubt, you would know that once you do your drop your planes return....but they return straight line automatically. And that over flak. So bye bye returning planes. They just drop out of the sky. And you can't do a thing about it. Then there is the drop itself. I can perfectly maneuvre the black smoke and get my first strike in, but then comes the problem... My planes scoot ahead a few km, I am in the middle of a bubble and the ship shooting at me is now in my rear, meaning I cannot see the tracers of the flak unless I fly with my view backwards, that is ludicrous. So then I really start losing planes. If I then get another desperate attack in I am lucky. And that is every other time. O sure I could try fly away from the cruiser that is shooting at me "provided he does not have some friendlies in the same area, which makes trying to fly away impossible, and thus I simply chose to make that 2nd dive and get my torps or bombs in and count my losses. But you can't keep this up, you got 12 torp bombers, 20 total on your carrier, if you lose them all and press F you have 9 "if 1 has loaded in the meantime, meaning your strike has now become 2/3 of full potential, and you go at it again. There is AP bombers, those are even worse, you can get a strike in but you always need to brave the storm to get even close and your planes drop fast. So that calculation is getting worse and worse with AP bombers. Now the only thing you can use is rocket planes, but there is the hate, your main target will be lower tiers and dds, simply because you got more strike power and possibly can kill a 1/3 health dd and be of great help to the team. But even those you got only 9 in your strike force, and they die like AP bombers do really fast. All in all CV play is no fun, you get called OP but are not, and your only real targets are lone ships by low skilled players. Up against a good player you stand no chance.
  15. ca12nag3

    Over-nerfed CVs

    I agree, usually you go for dds with rockets, and use some torps but that is near impossible And end game you try to ap bomb low health targets on their cit.