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  1. HidesHisFace

    WG branching into stealth editing as PR effort kicks in?

    I must admit, this "event" is the gift that keeps on giving... Just not in the way that WG intended.
  2. By the way - directives 1-5 have to be completed in first 3 days. Given how they don't completely work together... That is basically not possible anyway.
  3. Oh, an apology? How... predictable. Let me guess - talk the talk but not walk the walk type of apology? Talk is cheap guys. You know - I'm not even mad at this point - I've learned to expect the disappointment and companies messing up with customers on the lowest levels possible. The point is - this level of incompetence and disregard for customer should not be a gold standard. And it is.
  4. HidesHisFace

    Even CCs complain about Puerto Rico grind

    You know - the time when I was upset by such levels of incompetence has passed. In fact, I'm not even disappointed at this stage because I've come to expect it. The problem is - I should not have to expect this level of dickery at all - screwing up the customers should not be a bloody industry standard.
  5. HidesHisFace

    Even CCs complain about Puerto Rico grind

    When I first saw Flamu (I think) showing this upcoming feature, at first I was in awe. But few seconds later I asked myself: "I wonder how will they screw this up". And oh my... I KNEW it would be bad, but this is absurd.
  6. HidesHisFace

    Please allow Chat banned people to talk in CB!

    You know... From my experience... you do not get chat-banned for spreading complements and niceties. I never got chat-banned and I'm pretty foul-mouthed, so yeah... You have to go pretty overboard to get this sort of treatment.
  7. HidesHisFace

    Ocean why.....

    Basically - I see this map, I go AFK. It would be ok, if spotting mechanics were realistic - but as it is - ships with poor concealment values simply get focused and die without any possibility to counter AT ALL.
  8. HidesHisFace

    The Kremlin Thread

    From my experiences against it - this thing is a monster. As long as you don't charge blindly and get isolated, you should be fine. It is stupidly accurate at close range and still decent enough at longer ranges. It is ridiculously tanky - the exposed citadel that is supposed to be the balancing factor is basically a lie. I have seen this thing broadside on to Yamato and bouncing shells at range of around 16km. Due to 60mm waterline bow armour it can somewhat bow-tank a Yamato as well, in fact - not as reliably as Kurfurst, but still. There is some weird angling going on with citadel armour on this thing and there is some strange layering - the area right above the water line is the only place with exposed citadel and it is still well armoured. Below water line the citadel goes with a T-shape of sorts, meaning it is protected by 410-430mm armour + 70mm of citadel itself below the water line. This in fact means that there is a very narrow belt that is actually vulnerable to anything. Plunging fire is also somewhat unreliable - while it is no turtleback ,we are still talking about 60mm armoured deck and 150mm citadel deck. I mean, don't get me wrong, it is possible to citadel it, but it is not easy enough to be a proper balancing factor. You can't reliably exploit it.