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  1. HidesHisFace

    CV Rework and Impact on game

    From my limited experience, CVs are way too dependant on being top/mid/bottom tier. Mid tier - they seem relatively balanced, at least from a receiving end, key word being "relatively". Bottom tier CVs are nearly useless, even against ships with inherently bad AA, like my Amagi. Now... If you are a bottom tier AGAINST a carrier and he decides to focus you and your ship is not in the middle of a massive cluster of team mates... You are dead, plain and simple. You can just as well quit. Especially against the Midway. There is nothing you can do, zero counterplay. Even against a beast like a Yamato, you can try to force it to hit your belt at extreme angle, but if the Midway focuses your bottom tier wreck... You are dead, plain and simple.
  2. You know, playing for fun like this is all fine and dandy, ultimately we all play to have some sort of fun... But there is an inherent issue with the whole idea. Most people I know generally consider winning fun - surprising, isn't it? And they consider getting their arse kicked over and over again (especially by "fun and engaging" game mechanics, like Midway dropping bombs on your tier VIII BB and ending you in three bombing runs while you can do absolutely nothing about it) not fun. So keeping your winrate high is generally the way of having more in the first place. And yeah - there is the whole stigma of the phrare "playing for fun" - you know, this is a multiplayer game after all and other people are playing. And "play for fun" people have this reputation of THOSE guys who do nothing viable, or actively mess up their team mates, because "fun". It is like playing in a sandbox, crushing sandcastles of other kids may be fun to you, but you are ruining fun of others by doing so - and that is how "play for fun" people often act as.
  3. HidesHisFace

    Final Poll: How many UK DD missions did you get?

    Tier 6 DD mission from a metric ton of earnable containers. Nothing else. RNG hates me, that is official. With RNG this bad I decided not to buy any containers. Why would I? It is not like I have any guarantee at all. Besides - those are now grindable anyway, so the idea of paying for a CHANGE of getting them a few weeks earlier is beyond ridiculous.
  4. HidesHisFace

    Need help with Amagi

    Germans are marginally faster. Upcoming Vanguard is going to have the same speed. Roma has the same speed. So, if you don't count the Vanguard, that is 5 out of remaining 9 battleships (I'm not counting Kii either, by the way) either exceeding the speed of 30 knots or matching it. Amagi's speed is no longer a saving grace it used to be. As for the accuracy - ok, to put it bluntly - it is my LEAST accurate battleship. Granted, I don't play BBs that much, I'm more of a cruiser guy but still - we're talking about the same accuracy as notoriously inaccurate Myogi, in my case at least. But while we are on this topic... They is really something wrong with the dispersion on this thing - somehow, it notoriously misses broadsides of cruisers 10-12km away, and yet somehow I'm able to plant 3-4 shots per salvo into enemy destroyers at similar ranges. It blows my mind. The inconsistency of those guns is simply hilarious. In any case - I watched of older Flamu vids. Fortunately they proved not to be outdated as I feared. My performance in this ship kind of... stabilised, I guess. Don't get me wrong, I still don't like it, but at least I'm more aware of what this thing is capable off and now I can somewhat use it.
  5. HidesHisFace

    Need help with Amagi

    Seriously, I'm struggling with this ship and I'm starting to hate it to the point that I'm looking forward to playing stock Izumo. And that is not a good sign. I've read some other topics, everyone and their mother keeps saying how amazing this ship is and don't see it, AT ALL. The speed of this ship - means nothing - there are already plenty of BBs that are faster than it anyway on the same tier. And I tend to land bottom tier all the time anyway. The armour is wonky at best and the ship itself is huge and easy to hit. The turret layout - I find it awkward to use, unless I'm running away... AA is non-existent but well, I expect it from Japanese ships, so this is only nitpicking. The guns are inaccurate - yes I said it - inaccurate. I know everyone keeps saying how amazingly accurate these things are but I don't buy it. At first, I though it was because I was stock but even after maxing it out and and mounting accuracy module it still feels bad. Really bad. Somehow, I can't hit anything with any reliability with those guns - shells seem to always either go too low or too high, even when aiming at stationary targets. I'm starting to believe that there is something bugged with this ship because I'm getting better results when it comes to accuracy with notoriously inaccurate German battleships. I'm aiming as usual - my shots land generally where the citadel should be, but they miss anyway. Seriously, getting 3 out of 10 shots, at almost stationary cruiser, 10km away, with 1 pen and 2 overpens is kind of bad. In fact, I noticed that in order to hit anything I need to aim WAY below the waterline, and most will still hit the superstructure. Seriously, there is something fundamentally wrong when I get more consistent results with a bloody Scharnhorst at similar ranges. By the way - as much as everyone keeps saying how great this ship is, somehow, I can't seem to find any recent replays on youtube. For some reason I sense a lie somewhere. Either way, I need help before I lose my patience and sell this bloody thing. And before you start - I know how to angle my armour, overmatch mechanics and so on. I know the "basics" of playing this game.
  6. HidesHisFace

    The destroyer limit - not working AT ALL

    Let's quote the patch notes: In response to numerous requests from players, the forthcoming Update will introduce a "soft" limit on the number of destroyers in Random Battles to a maximum of four per team. The rule will be triggered if matchmaking for a battle takes less than three minutes for the first player in the queue for that battle. If the timer passes that point, the "old" matchmaking rules will apply. So yeah. This does not work at all. In fact, I see more destroyers that EVER before. And I waited less than 3 minutes - more around 20 seconds in fact. Here's a screenshot taken literal minutes ago.
  7. HidesHisFace

    Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    An yet, somehow, this rule affects CLASS of ships, not armour values - if it did affect armour, we would see it apply to superstructures of other ship classes as well. Bow and stern armour of lower tiers and/or some lighter cruisers - take a look at tier 4 Duguay-Trouin - this thing has 16mm of armour max, not counting the turrets which are only 30mm anyway. That is why this change is illogical and inconsistent.
  8. HidesHisFace

    Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    To be perfectly honest - I don't like this idea. Why? Several reasons. It makes rules for the most basic game mechanic inconsistent and illogical. The most fragile ship class will effectively be able to survive a Yamato's broadside that would delete most battleships and pretty much every bloody cruiser in the game without a problem. That makes ZERO sense from a simple logic perspective. Second thing - inconsistency - Harugumo and Khabarovsk are not affected - they still take damage from AP as normal. It is basically the same situation as with deep water torps - unable to hit DDs, unless you're playing Asashio, when suddenly you can't hit cruisers as well. Another problem is that it is going to invite bad playing habits - let's face it, at this point DDs will be very much welcome to yolo every single BB with the exception of British and odd German Secondary Builds - most battleships will have AP pre-loaded anyway and they won't have enough time to reload HE anyway. So... what can we expect? More British BBs everywhere and more regular BBs spamming HE out of fear. Yeah, I get that WG wants to force people to change ammo types depending on target but with 30 second average reload this is not really viable. Let's face it - destroyers, especially on higher tiers can hound BBs to death in almost every situation, provided RADAR cruisers are not around. It is only a matter of time for a DD. DDs already had their citadels removed for crying out loud. They don't need any more direct tankiness. I think there is a better idea - make big guns get a dispersion debuff when DD is on the move above let's say 75% speed. Simply to represent that they are a hard to hit targets. But if they get hit, they still feel it.
  9. HidesHisFace

    5 DDs again, and again, and again...

    God, this irritates me to no end. Especially because I'm a cruiser player and it renders cruisers basically impossible to play without camping like an idiot. If you are in a cruiser with this bloody joke MM is pulling off, you will find yourself outspotted every time and focused within first 30 seconds from entering combat zone. And you won't be able to re-stealth either if enemy DD has any brains. So yeah, it is not so fun for cruiser players either.
  10. HidesHisFace

    I'm the BB that pushes. Not anymore. And I love it!

    I know exactly this kind of feeling. Trying to do the right thing only to be royally screwed. Same thing happens with cruisers to be honest. You see your Shimakaze being hounded by enemy gunboat DDs? Leave him to die. If you try to help him - he will run away, leave you against enemy DDs unsupported and you will probably get focused by nearby BB on top of that. Sad truth about WG titles in general, from what I noticed is simple - being a team-player only gets you killed. Be selfish. The only "team-play" is using your allies as meat shield.
  11. HidesHisFace

    WG Listened to us and did the right thing

    Why would they, honestly? All things considered, WG EU didn't cause this storm. iChase mess was doing of NA, and decisions about release of ships are made above regional departments, in the "main" WG HQ, not by EU, NA or RU specifically.
  12. HidesHisFace

    WG Listened to us and did the right thing

    They did so ONLY because of a massive #%^$#storm on forums and elsewhere, only because the scale of event endangered their sales. Don't fool yourself, it was not an action of human decency but business-related panic only. This is NOT the first screw-up we've seen - remember SirFoch and Chrysler K? They promised changes after that as well - and guess what changed? Well, nothing because we just had this mess with iChase. We also had other, minor screw-ups, like the Graf Spee marathon, remember? The Christmas Convoys? Yeah, only a massive storm on forums helped that, even though the proper course of action should be perfectly logical for ANYBODY with a common sense, and from the very start. We also had their promises to work better with Community Contributors after they voiced their discontent with sudden changes of ships right before release (so quick that were unable to provide updates for their viewers, basically pushing them into near-false advertising area). And what happened? Graf Zepelling got drastically changed and released pretty much without a word. What a surprise. At this stage I don't believe words and single action - stuff needs to change, and I mean a long-term solution and bigger set of actions. They won't regain my trust and respect easily, not after this mess, not after single message and apology.
  13. HidesHisFace

    Graf Zeppelin Update From Developers

    It is nice that the issue has been... corrected. Still, after this fiasco and a previous mess with Foch, I still need to ask myself a single question: Isn't it a severe case of "too little, too late" either way? And something inside tells me it is. I doubt that what they did here was honest. No, it was just a panic-reaction to the scale of the whole storm - big enough to potentially endanger their sales, this is all. It would not happen in the first place if not for a cold, simple, business greed. And this "apology" is the same thing. WG made many minor screw-ups and keeps doing them - take a look at Christam Convoys and previous events that differed between servers. Or do you remember SirFoch storm that happened earlier this year? Yeah, they said they will learn something - well, it is good that we won't see a repeat of that ever again! Oh wait... we just did see basically that. Or do you remember how they promised to improve their relations with community contributors after they voiced their discontent with sudden changes in ships right before release? You know, changes so quick that CCs were unable to react, basically leaving their viewers with false/outdated info, compromising their credibility? Yeah... They promised to change that - and the Graf Zeppelin happened. Respect and trust can be easily lost in seconds, and this is the second time WG pulled a storm like that this year alone. Regaining said trust and respect will take more time, assuming it is even possible at this stage, because personally, I have my doubts. A single apology, a single action is too little at this stage - there needs to be a process, a set of changes and improvements, and maybe, just maybe in time I will regain my trust.
  14. HidesHisFace

    iChase removed from WG-CC program

    Well, well... WG pulled ANOTHER Foch-gate... The same year as well. Seriously, what the hell is with the NA going full on soviet-style censorship on people's opinions? Let's start with the fact that WoWs' community contributors were already CONSTANTLY at risk of losing their credibility because of Wargaming's stupid tendency to completely re-make the ships without informing anybody, literally day or two before release. This means that community contributors were basically making false advertisement because of WG's poor communication skills and simple incompetence. The only saving grace was the whole "work in progress" stamp, but let's face it - for most people it won't even matter. This alone should be a major alarm RED LIGHT for anybody in the contributor programme. And now this mess with iChase happened. Well, Foch may now just sit and laugh his arse off at anybody being so naive to think that WG learned their lesson. Well, I sure know I learned mine - I was about to return to regular playing once the British BBs hit the servers... But I won't, not at this point. Enough is enough, time to search for another company that makes something like this. And if there is no worthy equivalent, there probably soon will be - because WG, with PR practices like this won't stay afloat and hold their monopoly for too long at this stage.
  15. HidesHisFace

    Graf Zeppelin

    Well, well. Just when I was about to return to game to try some British Battleships once they finally hit the servers, WG pulled another Foch-gate. Well, I guess I won't be returning, and I will keep my wallet shut. I was just about to forgive WG the whole mess with Foch and now this happened. Oh well, seems like it is time to search for another company that makes similar games. May take a while, with WarGaming playing themselves like this multiple times a SINGLE YEAR and generally treating their community like a bunch of idiots, they won't survive long on such a business and PR model.