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  1. Kostis_Larsson

    Did everyone else just sell the emden?

    Free slot in the port
  2. Kostis_Larsson

    Imperial Flag

  3. Kostis_Larsson

    Aimmod is back... again

  4. Kostis_Larsson

    Kuma upgrades and IJN cruisers captain skills

    AFT is needed is you select to play Mogami (tier 8) with the 155mm guns. Don't forget that AFT will boost AAA ability of any ship.
  5. Kostis_Larsson


  6. Kostis_Larsson

    The Germans ...........

    In order to force us play Pensacola WG introduced the a whole line with pathetic ships.... making the Pepsi look awesome in front of the germans.
  7. Kostis_Larsson

    Kuma upgrades and IJN cruisers captain skills

    I like perks that will help me to deal damage or to avoid receive damage, i don't like perks that can be used if you receive damage. I prefer the torpedo perk in level 3 so i can avoid them easier and also (more important) to alert ships that i am screening earlier.
  8. Kostis_Larsson

    Kuma upgrades and IJN cruisers captain skills

    Kuma captain:
  9. Kostis_Larsson

    New Aim Mod (No, realy, this one is new)

    Seems that WG has to delete all ships with guns and let us play 12 CVs vs. 12 CVs.
  10. Kostis_Larsson

    Splitting divisions

    WG doesn't like teamwork. Divisions are OP Division with 2 CVs is way too OP ets.
  11. Kostis_Larsson

    Omaha Cruiser hull, B or C? Guns or AA?

    I am using the (B) the extra torpedoes are very important for me as they can change the course of a battle by sinking even a full HP battleship.
  12. Kostis_Larsson

    Defensive fire ability ignores range?

    Check this out, http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/13878-basics-aa-mechanics/
  13. Kostis_Larsson

    zed wows channel

    Nice videos, keep it up !!!
  14. Kostis_Larsson

    why do Myoko get a nerf

    Compare Myoko with Ibuki and you will find out the reasons.