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  1. Elleriel

    Japanese cruisers

    ok ty for all those advices, I'll try to apply them.
  2. Elleriel

    Japanese cruisers

    my commander has 14 skill points atm
  3. Elleriel

    Japanese cruisers

    Hello everyone, I have a big problem, I reached tiers 8 on japanese cruisers and it's just impossible to play : 1/ I'm nearly always lowest tiers. 2/ Japanese cruisers have a really short shooting range (15,7 km) and nothing to protect them (like smoke or something else). So or I keep out of detection of ennemy ships or I come in shooting range and can be really quickly destroyed. Can you give me some advices how to play them ? Thank you.
  4. Elleriel


    Just a question please, I haven't played for some months, so perheaps things had changed : I just played a game with my new orleans, i was low hp and hiding behind an island, i see a Bismarck arriving just in front of me (distance about 5 kms), I knew i couldn't flee so I decided to ram him. I arrived on him with a speed of about 20-25, and got him right on the boardside, as normal I sank (about 4-5 k hp left before impact) but he took no damage, no flooding and that's the point I don't understand. Could you explain me ? I'm sorry for my poor English Thank you for your help. Elleriel PS: the Bismarck was played by a player named : Moglibaerbln1
  5. Elleriel

    XVM but less toxic?

    If I understand well your ideas and why you want this, I can't agree with this, I'll explain : - I think I'm a good tactician with good knowledge of maps and tactics to use to win them (not in "Clan Wars" like in WOT but with pick up teams) but I'm not a really good and skilled player (decent but not ubber) so people looking at my stats could say I'm just a noob and answer "STFU noob" when I give an advice or suggest a tactic. - When you see a team BB going alone on a side of the map, you know it is a noob, you don't really need any XVM to inform you of his rating (already he doesn't read his minimap nor chatlog where people inform him to get back). Same for DD players rushing straight on in middle of the map and middle of ennemy team or cruisers who rushes the cap points at map start (and dies as soon as he is spotted). And XVM has lot of all drawback on how people play : - When I see in WOT people not capping ennemy when they would had time to do it because it is not in Win8 count, and they rush suicide to try make some more damage and grow their stats but making losing their teams : they will have good XVM stats but if I could I would ban them for unfair play...
  6. Elleriel

    General Feedback

    Smoke screens already allow DD to spam their main guns and kill or torch anyone (always nice to see a Yamato half destroyed by a DD tiers 8 main guns (without any torp or other damage) so if your idea could be nice in idea of more strat and coop play, it is just not good for a playable game.
  7. Elleriel

    General Feedback

    / agree for all, no post where we are supposed to answer and for inactivity
  8. Elleriel

    General Feedback

    For inactivity, I just think you can't just count if damage have been dealt, ship moved or aircraft lauched because, players can do all of this without really playing battle : "autorun", lauch all aircrafts ans sets fighters on defensive cap on a BB or having secondary batteries firing on an ennemy nearby and not having played really in the battle. If you lower BB armor, it will be more easiest for destroyers (DD) to destroy battleships (BB) just in spamming their artillery and remain hidden (for my opinion it is just nasty and unatural that a DD can destroy a BB just with his main guns and staying undiscovered, and yes it is possible right now....) Better stearing gears for cruisers is not really logical because they don't have to get the DD fast turn. But high level cruisers could access to better spotting stuff against DD's so they really could accomplish their escort missions and at the moment it is not really possible against well trained, stuff and skilled DD captain's.
  9. Elleriel

    Unplayable with so much DD's

    Thank you for your advice but it is not the point of this topic, as i said I don't discuss about power of a ship or class ship, just asking a limitation to stop the swarm, wave or wall of torpedoes from unspotted and too numberous DD.
  10. Elleriel

    Unplayable with so much DD's

    it's just I try to do but when you see just wall of torpedoes on most games and nothing more, it's just frustrating. I don't ask nerf of DD, I just ask a limitation in their numbers in each game (like 3 / game, that makes at least 1/4 ships in a battle). So I don't whine just asking some equilibration.
  11. Elleriel

    Unplayable with so much DD's

    If ti's just to troll, just go away, we are just looking for solutions to get this game funnier and more balanced, and i'm not a BB player, i prefer cruiser style but if cruiser can't spot DD, I don't know how it is able to protect BB from them...
  12. Elleriel

    Unplayable with so much DD's

    Could it be possible to limit the number of DD's like you made it for CV's ? on 12 ships 2 max CV and 3 max DD would be enough, game is just unplayable when you see 4 or 5 dd's just all hiding in their cotton nest and unseen while shooting so far away (and shoot doesn't make them appear....) Sorry if my english is not very good but this needed to be asked.
  13. Elleriel

    Warpack is in wows!

    disable ingame chat is just totaly stupid because you can't read tactical pre-game discussions...
  14. Elleriel

    Stop unusefull MM

    Once more matchmaking seems to be broken, last battle 3 tiers 8 in a team, 0 in other team, sure more tiers 7 but when you see difference of firepower betweem amagi and new mexico...(tiers 8 battle)
  15. Elleriel

    Countering teamkilling and friendly fire

    Hello everyone, I just need to have your opinion : I was playing my Fuso and some seconds after beginning battle, our New Mexico began to shoot at me. I riposted and with help of rest of our team we killed him but some of us got the penalty to shoot on ally and became "pink" players. So if I understand well, an ally try to sink you at beginning of battle, you just have to wait him to kill you without responding ??? Elleriel.