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  1. tjm123

    Quality of life improvements based on WoT

    Your third point is the one I like the most. I find that with large slow turrets that even at the start they're already out of position and will constantly move unless I hold down the right mouse button, which in itself is a little annoying. Don't really get your second point as I use all the speeds constantly. This might just be your style of play but in mine they're certainly all used. (Just a little side note I love the bells when you change speed WG, good addition) Other than that I'm actually really impressed with the game so far. I did some alpha testing and it was hard to play in places and I didn't feel it was very optimised but now it's great. The game plays well and looks great. I'm looking forward to future additions to the gameplay and I hope you keep it going WG. I don't really agree with your point here. Throughout alpha and still the development team have listened to what people have to say and are very active within the forums. Activity on the forums has skyrocketed after going into CBT, a few months ago I used to have to wait a few hours to see a new topic or post pop up. Now I just have to refresh my browser and something would've probably popped up. This traffic makes it hard for the dev team to sift through what is genuine problems and good improvement suggestions out of all the topics about people complaining about torpedos and other stuff. I think they're going a good job and will listen to feedback off all forums.
  2. tjm123

    Escorting capital ships ?

    I'm not sure, it's a tough one. As a BB player myself, it would be great to have a cruiser escort me as like previously stated they're great against the destroyer and cruiser threat as well as air. I believe if done correctly the combination between a cruiser and a BB could be devastating as you have stated. The problem comes when smart play is ignored and you find yourself as a cruiser outnumbered by BB's. They're obviously going to go for you first. I reckon if smartly played this tactic could work well and if the BB appears to be leading you to certain death then you have plenty of speed and manoeuvrability to get out of there.
  3. tjm123

    Torpedoes too OP?

    I don't think they're OP at all. Torps are an incredibly powerful weapons in real life also. The only point I'd agree with you on is that they reload maybe a little too quickly
  4. tjm123

    German Alpha-Tester

    You don't get alpha tester from positive rep!
  5. tjm123

    Top 10 WWII Battleships and Battlecruisers

    It couldnt of been any other way really.
  6. Watched a documentary on that, really interesting and very odd idea! Wouldn't of been very cold onboard though?
  7. tjm123

    Save last Black Swan afloat

    Yes I suppose so, still sad.
  8. tjm123

    World War I in Photos: The War at Sea

    General misconception that cameras were bad back then. Admittedly they weren't as good as nowadays obviously but a skilled photographer and the right amounts of light could pull off a good photo like this
  9. tjm123

    the game is not ready!

    E3 is a gaming conference held every year where developers and producers can showcase their new games, existing games and future products.
  10. tjm123

    General Cool Pictures - WWII

    That really is the problem of being in the UK, while we had the largest navy in the world, there is nothing to show for it. If you haven't been already I highly recommend the historic dockyard in Portsmouth. They have the HMS Victory, the Mary Rose and HMS Warrior on view and you can go onto and look around both HMS Victory and HMS Warrior. There is also an old minesweeper in a dry dock I believe which is good to look at and also you have the opportunity to take a harbour tour from the dockyard and they take you past all of the current Royal Navy ships which is a great experience, last time I went I believe they were also offering a free boat ride to the submarine museum across the harbour as well which is another great visit. While we have no battleships or destroyers on display which is upsetting you can always visit HMS Belfast in London. Another great day out and you can really grasp the power of these ships when standing in the tower overlooking the main deck guns. You may have already been to these places but if you haven't I'd highly recommend you do.
  11. tjm123

    General Cool Pictures - WWII

    A very sad photo but undeniably a great shot. Shows the split second impact before a kamikaze, while I guess it's not 'cool' I suppose it really does show 1000 words. 3 May 1945. Second photo I think is just stunningly beautiful. It is the HMS Howe passing through the Suez Canal on her way to join the British Pacific Fleet. 14 July 1944.
  12. Drones have been talked about for years and are beginning to appear more and more but a few things are obvious. One, it's probably cheaper to just develop a manned carrier than a drone one. Two, it has been proven and displayed that a drone is only as intelligent as the programmer and that a computer will never match the split second decision making done by humans in certain situations
  13. tjm123

    Russian Thunder

    Ah sorry that was what I was think of. It was the Baltic fleet that was sent to attack the Japanese in the Russo-Japanese War and got destroyed. Thanks for the information.
  14. tjm123

    Type XXI U-Boat

    Where is she based? Great article, playing the silent hunter series at the moment so I'm going through a sub phase.
  15. http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/nazi_germany_military_expenditure.htm http://marginalrevolution.com/marginalrevolution/2009/04/the-economics-of-nazi-germany-part-ii.html http://hitlertriumphant.wordpress.com/the-economy-of-nazi-germany/ I can find 3 sources of information which prove otherwise to your claim of 80% GDP. GNP is a more accurate means of measure, there isn't much difference between the two and generally they can be compared roughly. A nuclear bomb is not made out of heavy water, please look into it. A nuclear bomb works by the process of fission and the isotopes required for fission are not primarily existent in heavy water. This is the definition for heavy water to make it clear 'Heavy water, formally called deuterium oxide (2H2O or D2O), is a form of water that contains a larger than normal amount of the hydrogen isotope deuterium, (also known as heavy hydrogen, which can be symbolized as 2H or D) rather than the common hydrogen-1 isotope (called protium, symbolized as 1H) that makes up most of the hydrogen in normal water.[1]' That was taken from wikipedia. I can agree on the V-1 as once it was sorted out it was very effective and also cost effective whereas the V-2 certainly wasn't. Although I'm not sure about the capabilities of the radio control as it would've been pretty impossible to sight it for a sustained amount of time on the ground and therefore making the system useless. The EMW Wasserfall Luft missle was radio controlled, correct, but it only had a 40% success rate of the guidance system working, just showing how ineffective it really was. Being an antiaircraft missle you'd want it to actually work and hit the target. The controller also had to use line of site which of course didn't prove very successful.