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  1. The files are packaged, you need to get this first and unpack them from res->content->gameplay.
  2. MrGrind

    MrGrind's Skins - Des Moines Added

    Afaik, WG patched that way back in CBT, so custom models or swapping them is not possible anymore. There are a few historical Bismarck skins out there, for example from Tanz or Nemesis2805 on the German forum.
  3. MrGrind

    MrGrind's Skins - Des Moines Added

    http://www.mediafire.com/file/zyfkp5cf5gq42kw/16in50+with+flag.zip It kinda works and kinda doesn't, since the Bofors mount obstructs the flag...
  4. MrGrind

    MrGrind's Skins - Des Moines Added

    The flag on the Missouri's number 1 turret seems to be a seperate misc texture (usa -> misc -> textures -> AM757_Flag_a). I'm not aware of any method to edit the way the game assigns the textures though. The only thing I can do is to apply the flag onto the gun texture file itself, but that would make it appear on every turret that share the file.
  5. MrGrind

    [MOD] Tanz's Shipyard (IJN and USN skin mods)

    Check Tanz' thread on the NA forums.
  6. MrGrind

    MrGrind's Skins - Des Moines Added

    Something like this? http://imgur.com/zxl58Pv Btw I love your name.
  7. MrGrind

    MrGrind's Skins - Des Moines Added

    To disable the perma camouflages, you have to delete the entire section, not just the ship name. So in the case of Iowa and North Carolina, delete these lines: Iowa North Carolina (note that she has two perma camos, one for each hull) Another method is to set all colour values to 0, for example:
  8. MrGrind

    MrGrind's Skins - Des Moines Added

    Update Updated the USS Washington skin. The front of the barrels of the main battery are now unpainted, since the texture for the muzzle now is mirrored on the third barrel for some reason. Also made some (very) slight improvements on the Saint Paul and Heermann, fixing some small errors. They are barely noticable, but I just couldn't leave them be.
  9. MrGrind

    MrGrind's Skins - Des Moines Added

    Update Added the USS Des Moines. I will update some of my previous skins, the Washington skin for example has a few issues with the guns because of recent patches.
  10. MrGrind

    Request from a beginner

    Here's a guide on making skins, you can find others here. To get access to the files (they're packaged), you'll need the WOWS Unpacker. Once you have those, you need a program to edit the .dds texture files. Personally, I use paint.net since it can open .dds files directly and it's free.
  11. MrGrind

    MrGrind's Skins - Des Moines Added

    Update Updated the MS 21 mod for 5.15. Added the USS Gearing in her MS 33 camo. I had planned to do this pattern once I research the Gearing, but seeing as WG used the same pattern for the Gearing's perma camo, I decided to make it now, since most of the work was just copy paste at that point.
  12. MrGrind

    [Request] Skining Tuttorial and tools (unpackers).

    Aerroon and Battleship_YamatoKai are two tutorials that are 'fairly' up to date. The only thing that has changed is that you have to get the newest version of the WOWS Unpacker.
  13. MrGrind

    MrGrind's Skins - Des Moines Added

    Update Updated the MS 21 mod with the addition of the USS Farragut.
  14. MrGrind

    MrGrind's Skins - Des Moines Added

    Update Added the USS New Orleans CA 32 in her 1945 appearance, the MS 22 pattern. Took me a while to release this, but finishing the Takao mission was just more important . And look at that, even with removing the historical pictures I have run out of space in the first post. Never thought I'd make this many. With this release I also have finished pretty much all ships that I really wanted to do (why are they all USN tho? lol), I might make a few more additions for the MS 21 mod and the probably the Gearing at some point.
  15. MrGrind

    mod request

    You mean this mod? It should still work, but it doesn't have some of the newer ships.