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  1. Horrigan49

    Unfairly Banned: Contractual Battles

    I have read through parts of this storry, still wondering what should I take out from this. So it is ok if it happens to be by accident in a match with or against clanmate. However sync drop is not allowed. Is that Correct? Now, I have a question. Is it really that difficult to set Ranked Matchmaker to allow only 1 person from ANY given clan in 1 match? So you do not end up against or with clanmate in same game? No matter if this whole story is true or not, it couldve (and if you are BANNIG people for it it SHOULD HAVE) been easily avoidable by technology. @Crysantos @MrConway Any thought on this? As there has been 9 seasons already, there was enough time to set rule for given behaviour. With more players and more clans in game "accidents" may happen. But at the point when punishments starts it is wrong when it can be prevented altogether. Especially if people actually spend money. "shoot them all and let god sort them out" usually is not the correct approach.
  2. Horrigan49

    Adventní soutěž

  3. Horrigan49

    Looking for casual clan

    Hi, im looking for casual pfun clan... Misery loves company :) https://wows-numbers.com/player/503512533,Horrigan49/ Reach me ingame or on forum in case your goals are to casually grind up to the mighty Stalingrad :D
  4. Horrigan49


    Servus, hrávám většinou po večerech, viz https://wows-numbers.com/player/503512533,Horrigan49/ ale né extra pravidelně. Povětšinou vydržím hrát dokud mě šňůra extra povedených her nevytočí v unintallaci přes ALT+F4 a Shift+Del.. Abych se zase za pár měsíců vrátil pro další dávku :) Nicméně doufám, že ve více lidech by to snad nemuselo býti občas tak extrémně frustrující :) Anybody?