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  1. Kruzenstern

    New Forum

    Just in case... German community people made a new forum at https://worldofwarships.xobor.de/ Might include an english section eventually. Posting this here now already because the end is nigh. Maybe see you there.
  2. Kruzenstern

    WoWs Forum shutdown (on July 28th) !?!?!?

    Even on the last day this forum gave me a good laugh with good vibes, I always saw an astronaut as well... I am going to miss you guys. Really hatin WG for this. Not going to delete my account, but definitely unistalling tomorrow. Might be back for my buddy who will cry if he has to play alone all the time, but might not if we find greener pastures. Whats another good but slowish multiplayer progression game with a ship/tank/spaceship theme?
  3. Kruzenstern

    Lucky me...

    That I logged in here today to find that the forums will close tomorrow... Seriously a wtf moment, how low can you sink to do something like this with literally no warning? But maybe I should be happy as I have been sinking decent amounts of money into this game even after bad shenanigans like submarines and payraces in the armory. But with the forum gone, I will largely fade out of the game as well I guess. Reddit is not the same, and Discord can go **** itself. And with no exchange, why bother playing. Wouldn't be surprised if the game follows the forums in the not too distant future. A real shame, I have been here since closed beta and witnessed the transition from a fun niche game to an interesting game becoming more popular to a horrible money grab. The game was a part of my life, but I guess everything has to end someday. So long and thanks for all the fish to all fellow forumites. Still appalled at the suddenness more than the fact. **** yourselves, and thanks for nothing WG.
  4. Kruzenstern

    Utter Frustration

    It took me quite a long time to finally accept the sad truth that outside my academic bubble, what feels like 80% of the people don't have thought processes. And the game is just a reflection of people in general. I really miss the days when computers were a niche thing.
  5. Kruzenstern

    Ranked Cheating on Sub and Ban on Chat

    Well, I guess one could play a round with his buddy Richard and call him by his nickname too often...
  6. Kruzenstern

    Trade in, new event? Good or bad?

    Only potentially interesting if they also will have rare ships available for purchase, not just for trading away (and who trades away a rare ship??). I would certainly not trade ANY ship away if I only get something regularly available, as that ship I trade away will only come back to haunt me from the next batch of satan crates.
  7. Kruzenstern

    Let us block one Operation

    Just like some player don't need a tier8 or even tier7 to do well. Which is the whole point of this discussion.
  8. Kruzenstern

    What RB ship to take?

    Hectors shells are rather floaty, not railguns like Smolensks. I found them surprisingly hard hitting, but that might be due to the low tier enemies in asymmetric battles. The main event for me are the torps tough. 16 fish with 12km range and 73 sec reload is nothing to sneeze at.
  9. Kruzenstern

    Let us block one Operation

    Yeah, so? Crap players in crap tier6 ships will get crappy results. You said that ANY tier6 ship is a burden. That is still not true. I wouldn't disagree if you had said MANY tier6 ships are a burden, which is true. Also true for many tier7s and even some tier8s. Even a good player will be hard pressed to get good results in a Cochrane or Renown. But they can deliver with the likes of Galisonniere, Budyonny, Dallas etc. Otoh the only ships that seem to be able to let bad players at least somewhat shine are BBs with good secondaries, and those don't exist at tier6. It is not from nowhere that Massachusetts is overall one of the best ships for Operations, I had more than 50 wins in it myself before my first loss. It is the only ship I take if some combat mission or dockyard grind forces me to play Ops solo. Again, of course some tier6 ships will always be a burden. But some tier6 ships can perform perfectly fine if ably used.
  10. Kruzenstern

    Let us block one Operation

    Not sure what you are playing, but in my game, the player is what matters most, not the ship. Regrettably replays don't save the result screens, so I can only show the basic screen with kills from before the end from two battles I remember from last week. In this game, the La Galissonniere wiped the floor with the bots and ended up with around 2000 base XP. And even in my crappy London (played for that mission where I needed citadel hits in London or Tirpitz or other ships I don't have) I ended up third. Later that day, a Dallas took the top spot in Raptor Rescue And also not too long ago a Nürnberg was first in Hermes. And that is not being the one eyed among the blind, they were placed even above me and MudMonkey, and we are also pretty good players. What they all have in common is being good players.
  11. Kruzenstern

    What RB ship to take?

    I was thinking about my second RB ship these days, and I was divided between Illinois and Hector (it was unnerfed recently which made it a lot better than it was). I don't need Colbert as I have Smolensk which is imho same but better. I actually ended up taking Hector, because I really like crawling smoke, and those torps are plenty with range, punch and quick reload, and the guns are not too shabby either. One of the more comfortable cruisers to use in asymmetric battles. Illinois will be the next one, but that will take some time. Best ship by a long shot to grind BB main battery hits though.
  12. Kruzenstern

    Let us block one Operation

    I have seen Nürnbergs, Budyonnis and La Galissonnieres lead the scoreboard, so that is just not true. With a good player, a few Tier6 ships can be almost as helpful as tier8s. I would much rather have a good player in a tier6 than a bad player in a tier8. Fuso, Dallas and Shinonome are also quite workable, and I bet there are more. But Tier6 CVs really are pretty damn useless.
  13. Kruzenstern

    Operationen und Belohnungen

    Ich hatte den Auftrag für die Massa, habe aber nix extra bekommen in der Endabrechnung. Vermutlich gilt das mal wieder nicht in Operations?
  14. Kruzenstern

    Der nächste Geniestreich steht an.

    Mal ne ganz blöde Frage... Wollte WG nicht mit den Support-CVs die alten ungeraden Träger wieder zurückbringen? Und jetzt sind es auf dem PTS Klone der existierenden Tier8s? Ist das nur wegen dem testen, oder geht WG auch da wieder den billigsten Weg?
  15. Kruzenstern

    [POLL] How do you like new Asymmetric Battles ?

    The one thing thats totally broken with this mode is the bots' targeting priorities. They ALWAYS seem to go for the weakest ship they see. They completely ignore the broadsiding player BB 3 km from them and shoot the angled cruiser 20km away. This is what makes playing stuff like Schlieffen so overpowered, you can just farm the bots with them shooting back only irregularily. And makes playing a lot of other ships an exercise in futility.