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  1. So dumm, wie die playerbase mittlerweile geworden ist, wundert mich höchstens, daß das nicht viel öfter passiert...
  2. Die letzten Tage haben gestern bei mir tatsächlich im totalen Ragequit kulminiert, inklusive Uninstall. Was momentan in dem Spiel an purer Dummheit präsentiert wird spottet jeder Beschreibung. Mit solchen Sauerstoffverschwendern spielen zu müssen ist einfach nicht mehr erträglich. Und da ich Ende der Woche eh in Urlaub fahre ist das Spiel erstmal passe. Mal sehen ob ich in zwei Wochen wieder installiere... Interessant fand ich aber den Survey nach dem Uninstall, da gibt es auf die Frage "Why did you uninstall" nen Haufen Standardantworten, und eine davon ist sinngemäß "Ich habe keinen Erfolg mehr in Gefechten, weil meine Mitspieler einfach zu schlecht sind". Scheint also öfter vorzukommen, daß jemand deswegen das Spiel verlässt, wenn es schon ein Standard ist...
  3. One problem with Tier6 is that there are too many good BBs and too few good DDs (or actually none?)... It would be a lot more interesting if I could take my Kamikaze for example than the sad excuses for jap DDs we have on tier 6... And of course the BB-heavy meta making life extremely hard for cruisers. But tier8 wouldn't be much better, smoke-heavy meta and too many great DDs (like, Benson, Benson and Benson)... That is boring as well imho. What I would like to see is ranked for divisions, but I guess that is a vain hope...
  4. I don't think anyone wants to play with only high skilled players. But a basic level of intelligence would be a really nice thing. But currently random is filled with fecal-matter-for-brains people who do things like sailing closely around an island in a BB when the minimap clearly shows the DD waiting for them to do just that, sail their cruisers 100% broadside to the whole enemy fleet, use their jap DDs guns in the endgame of domination when all they have to do to win is hide and stay alive, shoot 100% HE with their high tier BBs, and of couse run away from the caps in Domination as far as possible... And maybe my self-perception as a relatively normal guy is totally wrong and I am actually a fkn genius, but imho not doing those things should be obvious to any human with a normally functioning brain... I really don't mind losing because the enemy was better. But losing because my teammates make a slice of bread look smart really gets on my nerves...
  5. Yeah imho a real shame she isnt on tier7. Tier7 MM is fun, it would be a bit cheaper and maybe competitive. As Tier8, the MM is hell, I wouldn't even use her if she was OP, and shes slightly expensive. So a ship that should be in the harbour of every serious naval enthusiast won't be in mine
  6. Also ich komme mit meinen Tier8s 80% in Tier10 Matches, und mit den Tier6s 'nur' zu 70% in Tier8 Matches... Dazu kommt, daß die Meta in Tier 8 noch recht ähnlich wie in Tier6 ist, aber die Meta in Tier10 is gähnend langweilig...
  7. Ich meinte in dem Fall das historische Schiff mit seiner recht schmalen Flugzeugausstattung, nicht das, was WG jetzt draus gemacht hat... Und als Tier7 wäre sie auch für mich interessant, als Tier 8 null, weil teurer und das beschissenste MM im Spiel...
  8. Wäre das Schiff nicht auf Tier7 viel passender?
  9. Kann das jemand für arme Leute wie mich, die in der Arbeit keine Videos sehen können/dürfen, in Text und/oder Bilder umformen?
  10. As the skillgap widens (Not sure if the good players get better, but the 'average' player certainly gets worse and worse, even if that seems hardly possible as they already show all the intelligence of a slice of bread, and that is an insult to most sorts of bread...), the toxicity increases. And while I am no stranger to being toxic myself, I really could do without being shown every match just how much humanity is moving towards Idiocracy and ranting about it. Maybe getting ranked back will help somewhat, at least there I will have to deal with a maximum of six retarded, ignorant and overconfident vegetables instead of the usual ten in randoms... Blink 182 actually made a song about the 10 random *edited*s that me and my buddy are usually stuck with...
  11. Are you aware that the matchmaking for Tiers 5, 6 and 8 is pretty damn awful (has been for a while and is not getting any better), and if so are you planning any changes there?
  12. Well, with the playerbase amazing me every day by becoming even more stupid when they were already unbelievably stupid to begin with, and the only tiers in randoms that are actually fun to play being 3,4 and 7 due to the Edited matchmaking in 5,6 and 8 and the boring meta in 9 and 10, the game is definitely becoming more stale. I find myself wanting to play less and less. The new PvE scenarios were a step in the right direction, but it also creates frustrations, as it seems to attract a whole new breed of stupid players that make those terrible 5K battle 45% winrate 15K avg damage random players look like geniuses, and due to the bots actually being quite good at shooting and extremely good at torping and evading enemy torps, it is very hard to carry a team of dimwits with just one or two decent players. I can only speak for myself, but WG really needs to fix their MM and do something to separate the different types of players to retain my interest in the long run... This post has been edited by the moderation team due to swearing.
  13. I don't think you are missing much, the Akizuki got sunk by the removal of stealth fire, and so far WG has made no effort to raise it. It was a fun ship with stealth fire, but without it it's struggling. My captain even has AFT in addition to IFHE and CE, and that doesn't make it any better either. It can do what a RN cruiser can do, just worse in almost every aspect. A damn shame, it was the only tier8 ship I really really enjoyed, even being bottom tier 80% of the time.
  14. You know OP, in a tier7 battle, I would much rather have you in a tier5 ship on my team than roughly 80% of the 'experienced' players in a tier7 ship... A shame people like you are the exception, not the rule...
  15. I'd have to say Dunkerque. With so much bad publicity for it, and so many mentally challenged players using it totally wrong (100% bowtanking standing still or going reverse), I kinda expected it to be a turd. But for me it works surprisingly well, the guns have really badass pen against BBs (too much against cruisers most of the time though...), it is fast, and all guns forward make it very flexible when switching targets, and of course make it very useful for leading or supporting pushes. And it is fast enough to redeploy when a flank collapses or something.