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  1. mdragic04

    Supertest is Opening the Gates

    My second try to join supertesters. Hope this time it will be succesful.
  2. mdragic04

    Operation Pedestal - announcement

    I wanted to ask a question in regards to rewards. What happens if your team finishes first for example and the reward is Molotov and you already have a Molotov in your port? Will you recieve doubloon compensation or credits compensation? If its credits, is there a posibility to get for example Anshan instead of Molotov as reward? Thanks in advance for the answer.
  3. mdragic04

    [TTT] Tora Tora Tora recruiting competitive players

    I wish to join your clan. You were just what I was looking for. I have been playing WoT and WoWs with more focus to WoT. I decided to change that around and play more ships than before. I got most (i guess) tier 8s and few are close to unlocking. Just got the NC last weekend when it was on discount . Dunno what to say more.
  4. I looking for a clan that will participate and has a spot for the OMC Cup. I have been playing this game since Beta Weekends. I play regulary almost every night bouncing between playing a bit of WoWs and then WoT. My stats can be found here http://www.wowstats.org/stats/eu/mdragic04/# if that is important.
  5. mdragic04

    Auto-Resupply of Consumables

    It happened to my Nagato and Amagi too. When the battle finished on the bottom left bunch of notifications popped out and on the said that for example Damage Control Party II was demounted and Damage Control Party I was mounted and like that for all 3 consumables. I tried again and checked twice that the Auto resuply was on and all of them were for credits ( i had enough money to buy them) but it happened again.
  6. mdragic04

    CV automatic spread bug

    I have played like 200 games on IJN CVs on CBT server and i know how the torp planes work but this is not normal that as soon as they are to start dropping them (it becomes orange) on a BB going in a straight line that it totaly changes from way that toprs would hit 90 to him to some wierd diagonal lunch and when i try to put it back where i want them it just doesnt want to stay there. I played few games today and it happend few time.
  7. mdragic04

    CV automatic spread bug

    I was playing my tier 4 IJN CV and when i pressed to attack and enemy BB I normally adjusted the way how my planes will drop the torps so they go 90 degrees to the ship but for some reason when they got close enough to lunch the torps, the drop totally change from where I put it in the first place, and the after i adjusted it again it would just keep going back to however it wanted.
  8. mdragic04

    New Conquest mode - what do you think?

    Basically if you dont do noting whole game its a draw and if you get in the enemy cap in last sec you win. This mod doesnt make any sense for me -.-
  9. mdragic04

    Too much TK'ing ingame report system needed

    Yesterday a guy in a DD rammed into me not looking where is he going. After that I kept going and a bit later there is suddenly a salvo of torpedoes going right into me on purpose ( because on the other side of me at that time was an island no enemie), it was too late to evade them and I was left on very low hp Kuma. He shot few more shots at me and I was dead. Only because he rammed into my side he decided to kill me. -.-