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  1. Supertest is Opening the Gates

    My second try to join supertesters. Hope this time it will be succesful.
  2. Operation Pedestal - announcement

    I wanted to ask a question in regards to rewards. What happens if your team finishes first for example and the reward is Molotov and you already have a Molotov in your port? Will you recieve doubloon compensation or credits compensation? If its credits, is there a posibility to get for example Anshan instead of Molotov as reward? Thanks in advance for the answer.
  3. I wish to join your clan. You were just what I was looking for. I have been playing WoT and WoWs with more focus to WoT. I decided to change that around and play more ships than before. I got most (i guess) tier 8s and few are close to unlocking. Just got the NC last weekend when it was on discount . Dunno what to say more.
  4. I looking for a clan that will participate and has a spot for the OMC Cup. I have been playing this game since Beta Weekends. I play regulary almost every night bouncing between playing a bit of WoWs and then WoT. My stats can be found here http://www.wowstats.org/stats/eu/mdragic04/# if that is important.