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    I'd love to see an open world mmo based on the Battle of the Atlantic. Like a multiplayer Silent Hunter with KM subs versus RN destroyers.
  2. Grimmdawg

    German cruisers tir 5-8

    Yorck gets a lot of hate but for me she's one of my best performing ships. I'm a pretty bad player but I can usually get at least a decent game with her. It's tempting to HE spam from range but between the AP and the torpedoes if you can ambush somebody under 10 km you'll melt them. Thanks to the turtleback she doesn't take citadels so easily, and she can comfortably bully same tier cruisers. She's also great at charging into smoke to hunt down DDs, but that's becoming more of a standard these days with everything getting hydro or radar.
  3. Grimmdawg

    Tier 8 Russian Battleship Kronstadt leak

    Doesn't even match the stats of the proposed Kronstadt class, which with 38cm guns would have been a more suitable T8 design. Must be some secret documents in the Kremlin somewhere with the real designs. Edit: it seems I overlooked that they were originally planned for 305mm guns and the idea for 38cm ones came after they purchased some from Germany. Fair enough.
  4. Why do you need a downgrade when you cam achieve the same thing by just holding your fire until you're comfortable with revealing your position?
  5. Grimmdawg

    (Very) Bad Advice:JPN DDs should not use guns

    A Minakaze cost us a game the other day when, in a knife fight with a 44 HP Kiev, he spent a whole minute trying to torp it without once firing his guns and got shredded to bits from nearly full health. One of the most frustrating things I've witnessed in the game.
  6. Grimmdawg

    One player lost

    No, Ive noticed that most games are 50% BBs with the other half usually split in favour of DDs. Cruisers are little more than a token presence to feed BBs these days, but luckily there are still BB captains who will wander off from their team and open themselves to a HE assault.
  7. Grimmdawg

    Will the RN cruiser make high tier battles worse?

    I keep seeing people saying things like this, but the light cruiser designation doesn't mean light armour. It is solely a classification based on gun calibre. Particularly with Treaty cruisers, the extra displacement that heavy cruisers use on their armament would mean that they have less to 'spend' on protection than a light cruiser of the same displacement - look at Cleveland and Budyonny for example. The t9 and t10 RN cruisers aren't as competitive with their peers, but at those tiers a lot of the ships are fantasy, and the Neptune and Minotaur are little more than conceptual designs. The rest of the British line looks fine for armour. I really hope they don't remove the HE from them. That just seems like a really stupid idea that will delay the release even more when they have to redesign the ships again to fix it. Lets give 6" ships that already have comparatively low alpha damage and poor arcs close to a zero chance to hurt anything that isn't broadside at <10km.
  8. Grimmdawg


    If you would quit a match without even trying to play it, the best thing you can do is stick to playing co-op. You're just wasting a slot on your team. Personally I like Epicentre, finally encourages players to move (unless they throw a tantrum and quit)
  9. Grimmdawg

    T6 French Premium: Battleship Dunkerque Disappoints

    One person's stats might not be great in it, but it's the second-best performing Tier 6 BB on the server. That would suggest that its pretty well-balanced, especially considering the competition. An incredible ship? Probably not, to most people. But as underpowered and awful as it is made out to be? The statistical evidence would suggest otherwise.
  10. Grimmdawg

    The Manly Mans Manly BB Game Play Thread

    Have to say I'm really enjoying the Dunkerque. Even as a mediocre player at best I'm having great games in her. Its just a shame in this match I didn't have enough time to hunt down the Bayern that was left on the enemy team
  11. Grimmdawg


  12. Grimmdawg

    Friendly torpedo alerts

    This would just encourage people to carelessly fire off torps in front of allies and blame them for not paying attention to the warning when they get TK.
  13. Grimmdawg

    RN Cruiser stats from Armoured Patrol

    That's a fair assessment. I guess the appeal of heavy cruisers is that they can reliably do a lot of damage in most situations, whereas the RN light cruisers are going to require a lot of situational awareness and tactical planning to pull off those high damage games. They're support screens rather than carriers.
  14. Grimmdawg

    RN Cruiser stats from Armoured Patrol

    Do people honestly think these ships are going to be awful just because they don't have 8" guns? Has nobody ever seen a Cleveland, Kutuzov or Flint? Look at those detection ranges - and smoke screen? These ships will be excellent at hit and run gameplay, especially with the pretty fast torps at tier 6+. A captain with torpedo acceleration would be filthy. The muzzle velocity isn't even that bad below tier IX. 841 m/s from 6-8, better than Cleveland. And 936 m/s for Emerald, almost as good as Konigsberg. I hope there'll be a hull upgrade to reflect Enterprise's refit with the twin turret on the bow. Belfast not having torps is disappointing, it's going to make the ship a lot less versatile compared to it's tech tree counterpart - but perhaps it will have consumables that Fiji doesn't. Overall the stats don't look awful on paper to me, although the tier X does seem underwhelming. I guess time will tell. Personally I can't wait to give these bad boys a spin.