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  1. Murphy1up

    The Forums have changed!!

    Nope this seems to be a newer forum software/template being used. Seems like a different skin more or less, all the normal functionalities are still there.
  2. Murphy1up

    Feed back from the Facebook debacle today

    They can say what they want and any contributor will verify that. WGEU have fought a lot to make sure the contributors are free to express their views on stuff and also fought to make sure that contributors don't feel forced to "say nice" on stuff they disagree with. However If you put out a video slamming WG, calling them every name under the sun, making false claims and telling everyone to never play the game, then I should think it's bloody obvious people are going to be wary about continuing to work with you. I mean seriously. Do you think WG is going to stick a video like that on their portal or promote it on social media? Do you honestly think that person is first in the queue when the next premium is up for review or that WG will be telling their players "Hey go check out this awesome content?" Aye good call there. Total freedom to say/do whatever with zero repercussion is a fantastic way to run things ​ I'm afraid I wouldn't move back to Paris even if I had a job giving me double my old salary. I really enjoy what I'm doing now and whilst I enjoyed my job with WG, I was never settled in Paris on a personal level. Standard of living is low, cost of living is high and with all the recent terror stuff my family and friends back home were getting too worried. It was a personal choice to leave in the end and I know for sure now that Paris/France isn't for me. On that note this will be my last post on the forums. I don't feel my presence here helps much and I have in the past been kindly asked not to interfere in hot topics since I've left. I fought enough battles on and off the forums so I think I'll enjoy the time away now.
  3. Murphy1up

    Feed back from the Facebook debacle today

    I think you're getting two roles/titles mixed up here and you again said Contributors when I said Coordinators. Community Manager and Community Coordinator = Wargaming Employees who work from Wargaming offices such as Paris, Emeryville or Minsk. Community Managers lead the language team they work for, they organise the meet and greet events, liase with other departments and oversee/manage the Coordinators Community Coordinators do things like social media posts, forum posting, gathering feedback from the playerbase, attending events to meet players. Community Managers and Community Coordinators are always going to represent the company first. It's their job to do so. It's a stupid community person who goes against company policy and publically says their company is doing things wrong or they disagree with something. They'd quickly find themselves out of a job or moved onto a non public role. Community representatives working for a company are an extension of Public Relations so naturally they're going to try and present game content in the best light. Community Contributors are individuals who are not employed by Wargaming. They are independent players of the game who create content such as Youtube videos, host game related websites, run Twitch channels, publish game related blogs, or just contribute a hell of a lot of help on the forums. Contributors are fully free to express their own opinions of about the game (Flamuu, iEarlgrey and Aerroon do this frequently) and are not censored in any way by WG. Their relationship is symbiotic in that both parties benefit from mutual promotion. Contributors frequently show displeasure at stuff they don't agree with and on the flip side, hype up stuff they love. Each contributor should accept however there is a line you can cross with regards to being too negative about something and also that if they really dislike something, to keep the feedback constructive. When you bite the hand that feeds you for example, don't be surprised if you don't get any food for a while. I agree that the Coordinator/Contributor thing is confusing (even more so when some past Contributors are now Coordinators or Managers working for Wargaming) however the Coordinator job title was around long before the contributor role for players was developed. We tried looking for a different title to give contributors but nothing really jumped out and well, "contributor" is a fitting title for what they do. I personally wanted to go with MVP like what Blizzard has but it didn't quite fit.
  4. Murphy1up

    Clans costing Doubloons?

    Are you using any kind of mods which affect team lists?
  5. Murphy1up

    Feed back from the Facebook debacle today

    Community Coordinator. The Community team are the link between company and players. They have to relay information to the developers/producers in a way they can relate to (not for example feedback such as "This is crap, I don't like RDF or "Carriers are op") At the same time they have to filter back the developer/producer talk into something more understandable. ("Carriers are fine" "RDF is fine") - WHY is it crap, WHY don't you like RDF, WHY do you think carriers are op? HOW do you think carriers should be change? - WHY are carriers fine? Based on what info? WHY is RDF fine? How should players use it/deal with it? Getting clear feedback and explainations isn't always easy. Some player feedback is just straight up salt from regular doombringers and others just won't see things from a different point of view (if i don't get the answer I want, all other answers are wrong no matter how much evidence/well written the reply is). On the flip side sometimes devs/producers see things purely based on numbers and don't appreciate player sentiment. Watching the numbers too much can also take the "fun" out of games as encounters/tactics become predictable and the skill factor gets removed. Now Community team members give their opinions because they can. Don't dismiss someone else's feedback/views whilst putting yourself on a high horse and telling everyone your opinion is all that matters. You have to appreciate not everyone agrees on the same topic and people should be free to share their own views without fear of being slienced by people who feel their view is more important. When it comes to the Community, you all have individual voices. You don't all want the same thing and you can NEVER say "we" and assume you're speaking for any kind of majority. The Community Team bust a gut gathering feedback across various different sources and making sure that info is passed on. Just because you might not get the answers you want, it doesn't mean no one is listening. In short, don't shoot the messengers. They're your voice, they're the first people in the firing line and they do a dam hard job for little recognition. Hate something about the game? Ship balance? Ability issue? Weekend special? pricing of a ship? Localization error? Website error? Game crashing?- Community team is who hears is first. Got something cool to announce to the players - Devs/Producers will do that in a nice video for you. Feedback on the video? - Community Team will take that for you
  6. Murphy1up

    Steam support

    Games on steam = giving a cut to steam. When you have a free to play game with already millions of players that's self produced, you don't exactly need steam as a distribution channel.
  7. Murphy1up

    Wow,thank you WG.

    Can say with 100% certainty there is no way that is the reason. A quick ticket to support should be able to confirm where it came from.
  8. Murphy1up

    Fiji > Belfast

    I'd settle for a heal on the Belfast, then I'd be in heaven.
  9. Murphy1up

    Technical issues

    Going by the clustered/small screen, your FPS and the graphics settings, I'm guessing you're either on a laptop using the integrated graphics card, or a low spec computer. What is your PC specs?
  10. Murphy1up


    It only switch targets afaik when your current target is no longer visible due to smoke or range.
  11. Murphy1up

    Race To Find The Graf Spee

    I only started the missions on the 9th. Did phase 1 then and then did phase 2 yesterday. Back at work today so phase 3 tonight might be a tall order. Trying to use the Belfast or Atlanta solo and it's not going too great. Got as many exp boosts as possible to get through the first one quickly.
  12. Murphy1up

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    In Scotland until the 2nd of January. Twitch channel is twitch.tv/Ectar_
  13. Murphy1up

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    I tend to avoid the forums since I left WG as I don't want to be drawn into things and it's not really my place to talk about things now. Not surprised however to see that quotes are still being taken out of context. I quite clearly say I believe there are no "shills". It's just a crappy label that the serial negativity magnets give to anyone who doesn't agree with them.
  14. Murphy1up

    supercontainers. do they still exist?

    RNG is RNG I got one today with 50 Ocean Soul camo.
  15. Murphy1up

    Please develop COOP more

    You don't really make a lot of sense there. You say it's not about the reward, then end it saying people want it so the reward is better. Which is it? Again the reward is not as good as PvP by design. Warships was always intended to be a PvP game. Not PvP and PvE. It has a PvE element yes, but that's no more really than having a shooting alley in a FPS game and claiming it's against AI. The PvE aspect was never billed as an alternative method of levelling or grinding credits. It's there to help newer players get familiar with the game and to help players practise different ship and loadouts as and when they get them. It works perfectly fine for what it's designed for.