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  1. killerkeano

    Upcoming Fix To AA Mechanics

    p.s thanks for honouring the refund on 360 days premium time
  2. killerkeano

    Upcoming Fix To AA Mechanics

    most our clan hasn't logged on in weeks. Stop using the live server to flog a dead horse. Maybe if you offer incentive to people participating in testing on a TEST server this colossal [edited] ups ruining the game wouldn't happen
  3. killerkeano

    Clan battle prime time, who else can't play?

    given that in 3 weeks the world other than russia uses daylight savings the CW starts in the UK at 5pm, which is funny because that's when everyone is still at work, with family, eating etc. Its literally THE WORST time of the day. Given that its pretty much the biggest change to the game in any patch, find it hard to believe 'data points to this timezone'
  4. killerkeano

    New smoke upcoming changes very bad idea

    hhmm or maybe if WG demonstrated an intention of fixing current meta issues rather than looking to worsen it even further!? But hey, at least we have even more premium CVs for a still broken system coming, and a tree of paperships for one of the most anticipated lines of the whole game. But hey, we want to spend the time looking to change a mechanic that isn't really the issue right now.
  5. killerkeano

    Missouri or British Battleships

    In the same position, Im waiting for th enext xp conversion then going for Missouri, grinding a line helps you learn the style, especially a new line! :)
  6. killerkeano

    Looking for UK / EU English speaking Clan

    Thanks all, forgot to mention EU server.. Have had a look at those posted and will be in touch over the weekend . thanks all :) keano
  7. killerkeano

    Minotaur Captain Skills

    personally i wouldnt use smoke expert and I went for AA spec with AR and CE. Same on neptune, lots of juicy premium cv aircraft to blap!
  8. killerkeano

    Dedicated captain for the Belfast?

    CE and IFHE dedicated captain definately. Why wouldn't you want the very best from this ship, you can still swap other captains into it to boost XP if you wanted, you just wouldnt obv have your neptune captain with same specs. I specced my minotaur and neptune captains AA spec but have used in belfast now and then just for a bit of extra xp. i have a dedicated captain in the belfast now with IFHE and CE. PT, AR, DE + SI , IFHE + CE if had 19 point would get the JOAT also. MAkes sure to get in habbit of using hydro when smoked, number of torps that will come your way !
  9. killerkeano

    Arizona OP in 7v7 ranked :)

    Warspite is king, however you need to really know how to mitigate incoming damage as you take hard hits easily. You need to know how to conceal up and use the monster repair. She hits very hard regardless of angle. Shame there are so many sniper fuso that are out of your reach camping at the back though..
  10. killerkeano

    Tier 10 BB's. What the bloody F????

    Go for full concealment on the Yamato giving 13km spotting range and choose your targets. Aim for waterlines, learn how to hurth german BBs as they are the majority of BBs you will face as the most popular. Dont repair fire straight away, repair once concealed. Train commander in the fire and repair skills, use the repair and fire recovery flags.
  11. killerkeano

    Looking to clan up, UK based

    Let me know if you find anywhere Phil, im also Phil, also looking for a UK Timezone Clan. ps Give teh RN cruisers a try, the FIJI onward are pretty enjoyable. Neptune is an absolute blast to play!
  12. Hi, I'm Phil Currently working through this season of ranked, however im also looking for an English speaking UK/EU timezone Clan to basically division up with and offer more than playing solo all the time.More importantly have some fun whilst doing so! I'd also like to play with others to see where I can improve, learn from better players than myself. I'm no unicum, but I do have the occasional good match. I play all tiers and all ship classes except CV's. I leave those to people better at multi tasking as a good CV is game changing compared to an average CV. I do enjoy the fletcher and RN cruisers, though I don't dislike any ship class really. I have mumble and Teamspeak and play 3-4 times a week for a few hours a time. Not too fussed about stats, and prefer to play it as a game. However, Recent WTR: 1250 solo, 1400 in two man division. stats: stats Ships: Montana Yamato Khabarovsk gearing Shimakaze Minotaur Des Moines Neptune Fletcher Bismark Fiji Belfast warspite Kamikaze Shinonome etc etc Thanks a lot, look forward to hearing from people.
  13. killerkeano

    Russian DD tree split

    First impressions ... Trash Can maybe isnt so bad..
  14. killerkeano

    Russian DD tree split

    So the Trashcan that is utterly garbage at tier 8 will get repair and then stuck in at tier 9? lol This not safely puts this ship in the title of worst tier for tier ship in the game. I am curious of the new tier X DD though.. might be worth free XP'ing trashcan
  15. killerkeano

    IJN DD's obsolete. The message is sinking in...

    Sold my Shimakze, bought gearing. Haven't looked back