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  1. Burnt_Pies

    ARP Kirishima

    You'll get a port slot, a 2nd captain and a captain slot for her to live in. Honestly it's kinda worth it just for the port slots. I'm set for every single line in the game now.
  2. Burnt_Pies

    a little help......please

    Hit escape while in battle. Go to settings, go to the control tab. In the lower section, there's a tickbox for alternate battle interface. tick it.
  3. Burnt_Pies

    Rock Shot: Skill or something else ?

    He knew from the minimap where you were in relation to the island, he knew from the movement of your healthbar etc, which is always stuck firmly to the top of your ship and completely visible no matter how many islands you're behind, which way you were moving and roughly where to aim. You were spotted constantly and he just pre-aimed at the location it was very obvious you were going to be in, then fired as soon as you rounded the corner.
  4. Burnt_Pies

    Rock Shot: Skill or something else ?

    It's not difficult to figure out where a ship's going if you glance at the minimap for heading or even just take into account which way the name's moving, even if it is behind an island. If you hadn't been constantly spotted by those planes, yeah, it'd be suspicious, but he had plenty of time to see you coming and line up that shot.
  5. Burnt_Pies

    Arpeggio of Blue Steel: What's next?

    Didn't the SEA server get Kirishima+captain, and a standalone Iona? I suspect that's what we'll be seeing. As to what I'd like to see... other cruisers. Takao especially, though I suspect it's unlikely we'll be given a free copy of the Atago. If the anime's shown any non-IJN fog ships so far, perhaps some of them. (I haven't watched the latest movie yet, but I read quite far in the manga. If we're talking Manga ships, Vampire all the way. she's adorable!)
  6. Finished it a few days back, all of it done in the ARP Myoko, as that and the Pensacola were the only two T7s I have and I just don't like Pepsi. Taking a short break now, but I'll be back in a few weeks and probably try to grind up a few other lines to T7 so I have more choices next time something similar comes along
  7. Burnt_Pies

    Seriously guys, stop crying! !

    Scilya, you're getting confused between CV (Carriers) and CA/CL (Heavy/Light cruisers) in your wall of quote.
  8. Burnt_Pies


    Myogi's a floating lottery. Occasionally near every shell goes down that line, hit just where you want them to, pop up with that lovely 10k citadel damage, and you wind up with a 120k damage game. More commonly, you'll score a load of overpenetration 1020's, a few 3-4k damage decent hits and with maybe one or two citadels, end up with 30-40k, which isn't really all that terrible, I suppose?. And at the other extreme, sometimes you'll see literally no shell go where you're pointing, volleys at 7km will constantly do nothing but straddle, and any hit you get will just go right on through and come up 1020. It's an extreme version of battleship play, and it comes down to doing everything right and waiting to see what the RNG says. And some games, the RNG says no. Every ship after it is more reliable, though. Kongo is the Myogi with most of the disadvantages reduced; it's still fast, it's got good AA on the last hull, it's got 4 turrets instead of the oddly laid out 3, it's more accurate. Armour's still not that great, but it's a battlecruiser/fast battleship, and the speed more than makes up for it. So yeah, Myogi's infuriating. Sometimes you love her (killing a Kongo from full HP in 2 volleys), more often you hate her (Missing every shell on a broadside Kuma at 6km range despite perfect lead and no dodging from your opponent), and she's got a little too much RNG in her. Keep going, for nothing after her is remotely as bad! Aside from stock Fuso, but we don't talk about stock Fuso.
  9. Burnt_Pies

    Pay 2 win game

    I suspect you're mixing up the permanent modules (Think gun rammer, camo net etc from WoT) and the temporary consumables (first aid kit, fire extinguisher) there; there's literally no way to spend 5.8 million in a single game. Total cost of all one-battle consumables is probably closer to 60k than 5.8 million. Any chance you could link the vid? It doesn't sound possible to me and I'd like to see what's going on.
  10. Burnt_Pies

    Battleship Accuracy

    Both Kawachi and Myogi have horribly inaccurate guns, lucky to land 25% of their shells. It's not just you. Good news is, Kongo's next, and Kongo's a beauty. More gun than the Myogi, and she actually hits what she's aiming at. First decent ship on the IJN BB line.
  11. Burnt_Pies

    Smoke screen nerf - direct nerf to american DD's?

    It affected both. Smoke is released for a shorter time and lasts for a shorter time (almost 25% less than before). From the patchnotes: Smokescreen effect time reduced to 65-97 seconds (down from 90-120), and will increase at higher levels. Smoke deployment time is 20 seconds for all destroyers (down from 40-55 seconds). Smoke deployment time for the cruisers is now 15 seconds, and lasts for 80 seconds.