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  1. Spiegator

    Would it be possible to get some piasters/slots?

    To be honset, I do not intend to ask for piasters. They will introduce that later I suppose to test economic part of the game. What I think we need is SLOTS and the capability to by for free the ships we already fought with. Reson is testing and platooning to tst game mechanics. You need slots to have all ships an to get the top tier ships, that is you need something like 15 slots for that right now. Then you need the capabiity to get ships that maybe the Developers wants you to test for something. Let's say we are all at tier 6 to 10. They changea tier 2 or 3 ships and start asking us to test it... well, I want to know with no free slots and being short of money, who can test that ship. You should sell one of your ships to buy the one requiring testing and then sell it to buy again the ship you sold before... Looks like there might be an issue at that point.
  2. Spiegator

    Back to the closed alpha

    Do we really need to reply to him?
  3. Spiegator


    My bad on 1). I saw th post about CV too late, I finished to read it just 5 minutes ago... 3)... well, so it's CTRL and click? or just click? Do I have to go into M mode or what? If I use CTRL I do not get any cursor on the screen. If I go into Map mode, clicking gets me a new waypoint for the ship!!! Can you please explain what you mean by double click (left I suppose)?
  4. Spiegator


    My simple suggstions are: 1) CV capable to be manouvered as the other ships. I defenitly would like to switch to the standard 3D view when need to avoid torpedoes. 2) Enhance the marker options on the ships. I'd like to change the informations shown on top of ships. I do not like and feel confortable to hit ALT everytime to know the ship owner so to give references to my division without intefering with general players. 3) I've been trying to ping on the map all day, but with no success.... 4) Changing from a commander with single capabilities to CREWS as in WoT? Commander, Engeneers (Repair), Weapons, Communications, Engeneers (Propulsion), AirCrew (airplanes), Personnel (Crew Management). Those are just ideas about possible crew specializations naturally. 5) Friend window option to hide "not-connected" players. 6) Chat not losing text when the other player in chat goes offline.
  5. Spiegator

    beta reward?

    My reward is... To lern to play before the open game. I like it, I start to know people and to lern to play. Big Reward.
  6. Spiegator

    Would it be possible to get some piasters/slots?

    Totally agree on this issue. I'm trying to go up in every part of the tree. Now with 3 different types of ships and 2 nations, the total of slots required is 6, that is ok, at first glance. the issue is that maybe you want to keep at least one ship for every tier so that you can play with your teammates and help them farming for the next ship. This would require something like 8 extra slots (I’m not counting tier I...) So... is there a way to increase the slots? Are you WG going to give us some free extra slots? In any case we are going to have a reset at the end of the CBT so.... Unless you want us to all reach tier X and to play with just those ships... sooner or later we will be facing a problem with MM due to lack of low tier ships...
  7. Spiegator

    HE or AP vs light armor?

    I've teh impression that at long distances teh HE are more effective then AP. At close distances teh AP are way better. Naturally I'm talking about same class of ships. agains teh destroyers I never use AP with CA or BB!
  8. Spiegator


    In the following thread, you can see the official WG TS server for WoWs. http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/7299-cbt-teamspeak-server/ I will ask TKBS owner NUCILIC if he can give us a room or two so that we can then transfer there. I've also be talking to some of us and what about strting to think about a CLAN? Tankabestia -> BoatABestia... BKBS... or something similar. Once I start the forum for WoWs we can start discussing for everything that is not WoWs testing related overthere so not to overload this forum with not WG matters and interests. One last thing I found was this thread... http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/7699-citadell-hit/page__pid__128358#entry128358 Now we have a better idea wher to ai at when firing (close range naturally... at 13 clicks is way to much to ask a hit in the weak spots to get high damage). So hit citadel or weapon rack or propulsion and you now know where they generally are located on the ships!
  9. Spiegator


    Aha, tha TKBS are in here in FULL STRENGHT; at least it looks like this!
  10. Spiegator


    My idea is in order: 1) Use of the different ships 2) Cannons and Shells type (how, when) and aiming 3) torpedoes 4) Secondary armament 5) Aircraft
  11. Spiegator


    Thanks a lot for the answer BigBadVuk. Sorry if we did not follow the rule. Respect. And thanks for answering my/our question promptly. This will avoid mistakes in the future.
  12. Spiegator


    Question for Forum Moderators... Can we use Italian in this post only? Ithink it might be usefull for us to be able to do that without braking the forum rules. Can the Supertester request this to them? Thanks
  13. Spiegator

    In what way are you related to (Navy) ships?

    I was Trained to sink them from air eventually!!!! LOL
  14. Spiegator


    Ok, we can speack english, but what if I put both idioms? Hi liutprand!! LOL Do we have a TS just for us? Or do we have to use the official one? I do suggest we could play as Divisions so to play together and to lern the game mechanics. The Supertester has some hints?
  15. Spiegator


    So, let's see how many italians are playing WoWs Please reply if you are Italian [edited] Ok, I founded The official TS, it's in the following thread, so we can play together there untill we find a simple solution to have maybe our own TS. the thread is: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/7299-cbt-teamspeak-server/ I will later check for a forum and a TS comunity for US. If anyone has any idea we can share and start to build maybe a good united community here in WOWs