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  1. heyo, is the MM queue broken for tier 7 and up as it looks like there is 2300 people stuck in it
  2. Loved the Naval Legends video on the Belfast, it was about time for the Royal Navy to get a vid after all the colonials (Australia and USA) and the Japanese videos..... However, as a Historian who very nearly did his dissertation on the RN during WW2, I do have to clarify some points for those who are not as up to speed on British Naval history after WW1 and in the early war period, (warning written on no sleep and in a rush with only 3 points given will give more later after sleep). First of all Britain after WW1 was in a very poor position economically and as such could not afford to pay for yet another naval expansion and led it to sign both the Washington and London naval treaties which led it to, with the stroke of a pen, lose much of its dominance in Capital Ships, such as the ones that blew up so spectacularly at Jutland, and since they could not replace all of the rest, they had to settle on trying to refit its larger fleet units, which it couldn't do in time, leading to the loss of the Hood in 1941. This though led the RN to focus on smaller fleet units such as Light Cruisers and Destroyers since they were cheaper and faster to build that Heavy Cruisers or Battleships. Secondly, with the turn of the Kreigsmarine in WW1 to unrestricted commerce raiding in 1917, the RN had to adapt and pour major resources and make up new tactics and doctrines to go along with both the development in Submarines and the ever growing trade dependency of the UK in general. This led the RN to the conclusion that CL's would be better for this type of warfare than CA's, so they understandably built more of them, and they were mainly used in WW2 as convoy escorts for major supply convoy to Murmansk, Malta, Egypt and America as they were seen as the best defence the convoys could have. Third, there was the sheer scale of the task and job the RN had to do to protect trade going to Britain. It had to have major fleets in action over 2/3rds of the world at times during WW2, a scale in which even the Americans cannot look too. If you take for expel that the vast majority of naval vessels involved in both the Mediterranean, Atlantic and Indian theatres of naval war were in fact British or Commonwealth ships, then you see the sheer scale that the RN did. Case and point is Operation Neptune, otherwise known as D-Day, which was in all intents and purposes a British operation, as out of the 6,939 vessels involved in the naval side 4,153 were RN vessels, including 819 major warships, from BB's all the way down to MTB's. TLR, Britain had a major part to play in WW2 in naval aspects, however due to cutbacks in the 1920's and 30's as well as the lack of major surface actions during the war that were seen as "Decisive" the RN in some peoples minds played a minor role to the USN in WW2 and in history.....
  3. You should see iChases latest video, he calls the HE spam, "Cancer" and said that the new RN cruisers would make it worse
  4. Meh take it as a challenge.... or a laugh
  5. During the Pacific War the US navy used Destroyers as close in escorts for Aircraft Carriers and Battleships when they were under attack from the Air, to give extra close in fire support to the ships due to most of their guns being bale to be used against aircraft. Then in the latter stages of WW2, due to the threat of Kamikaze attacks, Destroyers were used in the Radar picket role, giving them more AA but removing some Torpedo tubes for the increased AA. I think that this could add a whole new element to the Destroyer game play, as you could have it as an alternate hull, as you can either have increased AA and escorting capabilities or you can go for a more traditional role and use torpedoes to their full potential.
  6. I'd love to see the Rainbow coloured flack coming from Japanese ships as they had developed in late 1944 to help direct their AA fire. This would be Awesome, as well as the ability to use the main guns of the Yamato as AA guns
  7. From the Files, it looks as if the Warspite will be in its last configuration with Pom poms, and 20mm Orlekons..... looks good ;)
  8. Yes this must be
  9. I am just going to say that on a Historical note, Dive bombers were better historically than Torpedo Bombers in WW2 in both tonnage sunk and sorties flew, for Example the SPD Dauntless Dive Bomber sunk more enemy shipping than any other Bomber in the Pacific war, however Torpedoes were better at sinking Battleships, but the Dive bombers were better at sinking Everything else due to their manoeuvrability and their less predictable attack pattern, its far harder to dodge a Bomb than a Torpedo.
  10. you sir get a Plus one
  11. The Allied navies towards the end of the war used Radar controlled guns to help with Accuracy and such to help combat against Kamikaze planes and to help in actions that were at night or that the gunners vision was impaired. Is this modelled in the game as better accuracy, or has this been left out as a Balancing factor?
  12. Can't really run away from it when it comes at you, and when the BB's and CA's are staying in it
  13. Yeah, the American DD's historically had Dual Purpose Main Armament, their 5 Inch main guns could be used as AA as well as at ships and I have seen it modeled in game to. Its good.
  14. Exactly, British made Light Aircraft carriers were in service long after their Fleet counterparts were due to their utility compared to Fleet carriers. The last to be Decommissioned was the INS Vikrant in 1997......
  15. Well, Colossus class and Majestic class were essentially smaller and faster Illustrious classes, more speed and Manoverablility but less Aircraft