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  1. goodman528

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    The plane controls are very sluggish. There is a delay of more than 2 seconds when you tell the planes to turn. The planes fly in completely unrealistic ways. Dive bombers go straight up and straight down instead of screw driver dive. There is no indication of where AAA bursts will occur, and plane controls lag too badly to be able to dodge bursts in front of you. Successful strikes with any of the plane types do very little damage. There is no satisfaction from playing. There are unlimited planes, and no plane management, and you can only control your carrier in the M screen, so expect your carrier to be stuck on a rock for most of the game. I understand the change from a RTS style experience to a more action oriented experience. But the real question WG needs to ask is: why would anyone play a strictly worse version of WarThunder when WarThunder already exists?
  2. goodman528

    Cash refund for premium carriers after rework?

    Thank godness you have never played starcraft.
  3. goodman528

    CV Rework Discussion

    For those who can not wait for the rework to come to the live server, I have good news! You can experience the gameplay of the new CV rework right now. Just start the game and play in a CV, then select a bomber squad and press the shift key. Wow! Now you are controlling a single squad just like in the rework video. The graphics are actually better than what they shown, you can even see the different plane models, not just F4F corsairs as torpedo bombers. Is it good gameplay? For the first 5mins, yes, it is. It's much better than looking at your M map view like a usual CV game, isn't it? But after the first 5mins? It is literally as boring as watching water evaporate.
  4. goodman528

    Cash refund for premium carriers after rework?

    WG is not legally obligated to refund. Otherwise I wouldn't have made this post, I would have just sat back and waited for my refund. But you know what happens to companies that treat customers like this? Let me tell you a story. Back in the 1980s, drivers in America complained about the problem of "auto-acceleration" in two brand of cars. Toyota and Audi. The drivers said their cars would accelerate on their own when they were not pressing on the accelerator. Both Toyota and Audi investigated the problem and found there was nothing wrong with their cars. At which point, Toyota publicly apologized and recalled all allegedly affected cars and replaced them free of charge. Toyota went on to become the largest automobile manufacturer in the world. While Audi told the public they couldn't find anything, so it must be the fault of the drivers. Audi's sales immediately plummeted by 60% and went on to become extinct in the US market. No investigation has ever found the cause of "auto-acceleration". This problem is as mythical as the Lochness monster. But in business the most important thing is the trust of your customers. That is what WG is messing with here. The trust between WG and their customers. If they set a bad precedence, who will have confidence in buying their products in the future?
  5. The proposed carrier rework looks like this: This gameplay is very different from the current carrier gameplay. This is not what I expected when I bought the product of premium carriers from the WG premium shop. Will WG offer refunds for customers who are unhappy because of these changes?
  6. I want to join this clan please. I enjoy learning about game mechanics to find exploitable advantages and experimenting with different ship/captain configurations for fun. I have the following ships in port at the moment: Tier X: Minotaur (mix of radar and smoke) Zao (concealment, hydro) Yamato (concealment, adrenaline rush) Shimakaze (F3) Hakuryu (2/3/2) Moskva (mix of range + ruddershift or concealment) Premiums: Tirpitz Atago Kutuzov Belfast (IFHE) Saipan (2/2/0) Warspite Graf Spee Anshan Molotov Murmansk Kamikaze Other ships I play: Ranger (0/1/3) Arkansas Beta (concealment) I have 55% average win rate and 2.0 K/D ratio in solo random queue, but I have hidden my stats out of principle. I don't support xvm or other stats viewer mods in random play (using it in team play is fair game). I just don't like seeing people in random battles abusing others in chat and even throwing games because of "red" stats.
  7. Previously when holding down W to speed up and holding down A or D to manouvre, it was possible to press the artillery zoom key at the same time to immediately zoom into the artillery view. In 0.6.3 this does not work. In 0.6.3 keys have to be pressed one at a time for the game to register the actions. This makes for some very frustrating situations in ships with fast turret rotation (minotaur, US DDs) where it's not possible to respond very fast to changing targets.
  8. goodman528

    Unplayable game

    How much time did it take for him to sink you? Where was the rest of your team during this time? Why were you alone on one side of the map vs an enemy destroyer? Given that you were alone on one side of the map isolated from your team and up against a player who knows what he was doing, you would have sank regardless of what ship he was in, so why are you here complaining about destroyers instead of complaining about people playing better than you?
  9. I get the feeling Saipan will get the new thousand pound diver bombers the Essex has. That would certainly encourage me to at least consider buying it for £25. How would you feel about that? I think the most important thing about strike loadout is being able to reliably sink the enemy CV at the start of the game with your first wave. Having fighter cover is nice, but I wouldn't hesitate to pick an extra bomber squad over that fighter squad. The 2 Torpedo squad midway was impossible to counter for any ship other than another midway. It was the definition of OP. You need to press Alt a lot when you have your bomber selected even when you are not bombing, to see whether or not defensive fire is on. As soon as your bomber's spread widens, go for a different target. At beginning of game, target CV, then DD if CV is defended, then battleships or cruisers as the opportunity arises. Anyway, I'm glad midway has been nerfed, now it looks more balanced. Lexington 2/1/1 was probably overhyped and unfairly taken away, I doubt it would return though, they will probably give it to a premium CV, maybe Saipan? Or maybe Yorktown or Enterprise? I don't know how the midway 2/1/2 plays vs the Hakuryu 4/2/2, but I'm guessing a 3/1/1 midway would be a better air superiority loadout since no one ever uses 3/0/2.
  10. CV was OP in closed and open beta. I played the 1/2/0 Langley and seal clubbed a lot of battleships in closed beta. I also played through the mid tier Japanese CVs without ever wasting time to launch fighters in open beta, and I performed better in those CVs than in the other three classes of ships by well over 50%. I played Hak a lot in open beta and in release, and never used the 4/2/2 loadout, and only bothered to launch fighters when the opposing Midway wanted to sink me. I got pretty sick of the imbalance between the Midway that can easily first strike and hit 4/6 on 2 TBs to sink me, while I needed to hit 3/4 on my 3 TBs then set him on fire to sink him. A Midway + Cruiser platoon was autowin unless the Midway captain went out of his way to loose the game. I had enough xp to unlock the Midway, but I didn't bother because I knew this ship will get nerfed, it was just too ridiculously OP. I don't think CVs are that hard to play, a prem CV is good opportunity to introduce more players to play CVs. The only problem is, if Saipan is capable of first strike sinking another Saipan, then a lot of new players who buys the ship will have a very hard time getting started in it. I have my wallet ready for such a case... ... Or you will see lots of noobs playing it regardless... ... and rage because most games will be 2 Saipans on each side, and you are being sank by auto drops. I want 0/1/2 with the new 1000lb bombs for DBs for tier 7, that would make it interesting to play and at the same time under powered compared to Hiryu and Ranger. Premium ships should be worse than fully upgraded ships of their tier, otherwise premium ship would literally be pay to win, buying power. So to differentiate between Ranger and Saipan, they have to do something. Maybe different planes, or maybe different loadout of planes.
  11. As we know from the great huge flood of Atago and Tirpitz after their release, that premium ships are rather important for balance and enjoyable gameplay. And as we know from the history of CV OP whine threads that lead to CV nerfing every patch, CVs are kind of a sore topic when it comes to balance. So, the potential release (unconfirmed) of a premium CV (probably at tier 6) has the makings of the perfect storm. So, please give your opinion of what you want to see from this CV? I want everybody to vote, even if you have never played CV before. I am a supporter of all bomber loadouts for my CV, but I recognize there is a sizeable camp of CV players that like the fighter loadouts to intercept bombers and protect their team. So even if you don't ever play CV, this affects you. When MM has given each team a CV, what loadout do you wish your team's CV had? More bombers to sink enemy ships? Or more fighters to protect the fleet? The numbers are in the standard format: fighters/torpedo bombers/dive bombers.
  12. goodman528

    Top Tier DD Infestation

    This is the natural result of nerfing CVs into the ground.
  13. goodman528

    Ibuki good after all upgrades?

    Don't see what the big deal about invisifiring is. Stack camo to the max, identify a target ship that is moving towards you, then close in at full speed without firing. You will be at 9km range to target before you are spotted, at this range you can not miss. If he turns to run away, you citadel him, if he doesn't turn to run away, just keep AP hitting him. NEVER try to launch your torpedoes unless your ship is passing his ship, giving your citadel to him is guaranteed death. Most of the youtube players are too concerned about their kill/death ratio and play like cowards. It's a lot more fun to to one shot ships or kill ships very fast then disappear into stealth.
  14. goodman528

    Russian Cruisers (API Ship Stats Released)

    It is terrible for a CA. For a start you are probably the only player who will stack camo on this ship. Secondly, I know team work is not expected in this game, but how is a 13.8km detectability cruiser supposed to effectively screen the fleet and protect battleships against destroyers? Finally, this camo rating is the same as the Yamato, for which I have a fully stacked camo build, but in terms of first salvo fire power 9x220mm is not quite the same as 9x460mm. This ship is just encouraging people to camp behind battleships and try to "snipe" at 20km. #ZaoMasterRace
  15. goodman528

    This is unbearable ! (They are Soviet !)

    My dad still says Soviet all of the time when he means Russia, which is kind of interesting when we talk about the Russian Ukraine conflict, because he refers to both sides as Soviet... ... It's just force of habit. I know what he is trying to say and don't correct him. It's not such big deal, is it?