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  1. List of changes to the commander skills no longer available? Edit : Got the list opened now.
  2. Talekith

    Is the Asian DD line obsolete?

    The british 120s before Lightning have the worst shell arcs of all DDs not counting the +100mm guns low tier DDs have. You will have much easier time shooting distant targets in Benson/Hsi than in Jervis/Gadjah/Cossack. Sorry I just wanted to point that out. Regarding high tier PA DDs in general I would like to see some buffs to Hsi and YY (haven't played them yet) after doing direct comparison between USN high tier DDs. Chung Mu seems to be the only one offering something over Fletcher which is better concealement and speed at expense of bit worse torp and gun reload which seems good enough for me.
  3. Talekith

    Clan Battles: Warrior's Path Season

    The time (8pm) is same as always for me so no changes. If you would move the time 1 or 2 hour forward then for me CB would start between 9-10 pm and then end between 1-2 am. You can't really please everyone in a matter like this.
  4. Talekith

    New "Strong-Willed" campaign task list...

    I want to point out quickly that you're able to complete the new campaign even if you only play co-op battles Plus there's only 5 EU DD T 8-10 missions and 2 Småland ones so you don't really need those ships in order to complete it. Just continue with the line afterwards once you've gotten the Legendary Captain. This campaign is a easy cake and probably a welcomed addition for most of the playerbase
  5. Talekith

    LOL russian cruisers split coming next

    Sorry to correct you but those are actually Leningrad torps. Upgraded Kiev ones are 55 knots and 1.1 detectability with 8km range. Please don't hurt me. I find this pretty hilariously. Never before have I seen anyone complain about russian torps or refer that they would be powerful. I was surprised too that Flamu in his new russian cruiser video was amazed of T8 Tallins torpedoes with 1.2 km detectability. Those are Minsk torps with small difference that Minsk has 1.3 detectability which I assume has to be an error. These torps are nothing new. Nonetheless regarding the cruisers overall I don't like what I'm seeing. The thought of more 12 km radar ships frightens me a little bit and the stats of those ships are in nice way ... "funny". I sincerely hope that these new cruiser undergo a lot of changes aka nerfs before they hit live. Sorry for popping up in here
  6. Talekith

    PSA Regarding AA Guns Modification 1 on DDs

    Tashkent gets AA explosions and AA range to 6km with the gun upgrade. Also thanks for posting this. Just look at what they did to my boy :/ <3 AAmod1
  7. Talekith

    Stream rewards: Twitch Mission #1 No Buffs

    Watched some streams this week with and without drops enabled and nothing :/ Got my account linked to twitch. Double checked that from account management. Sigh I just don't understand how I'm able to get this mission for myself. Thanks for pointing out mr gibbins. Watched his stream on friday and I enjoyed listening to his voice.
  8. Talekith

    Stream rewards: Twitch Mission #1 No Buffs

    I understand you were able to get this mission from watching the offcial livestream only? Or is there any other way to still get it?
  9. Talekith

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    This is something I would like to see
  10. Talekith

    2750 base xp.

    Can I ask from where this mission was acquired? I've activated all the twitch stream mission codes and I think I haven't received a mission like this? EDIT: fixed typos
  11. Currently opened 19(?) regular french destroyer containers and have received no missions so far. Bit disappointed as I have been trying to gather every container. Already fearing that once I opened my max possible of 30~ containers I still haven't received a single mission 12.8 EDIT: 20th container opened from 2nd directive cv task and finally got a mission. 20.8 EDIT: Finally done with all the missions where I could get containers. Opened 39 french containers in total (max is 40 apparently) and I still only received Guepard. Still bit sad about how much I put effort into collecting these containers and still only receiving one ship but oh well. Hopefully most of you had better luck than me
  12. Talekith

    Wargaming snuck carriers into clan brawl.

    Tbh I'm really happy that CVs are in the clan brawls and not in the 6th clan battles season
  13. Talekith

    ST, new ships

    Bit too early for calls of imbalance :P Never assume more guns is better. Gearing has 3 second reload vs Somers 5 second so Gearing is still a better gunboat compared to Somers in terms of gun damage output. I will still happily take Somers' guns considering they're goodish atleast. Only things what Somers really has over Gearing are the torpedoes and speed, considering Gearing's higher HP pool and better guns + AA.
  14. We sure do have some special people here in the forums
  15. Talekith

    GO NAVY! Event

    Exactly my thoughts currently. Imagine playing everyday for the whole event and you still wouldn't get a container due to your team winning.