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  1. Kwartsie

    Penascola captains

    Had my first battles in the Pensacola, and am kinda dissapointed. I knew about the paper armor, but I thought the guns would make up for it, how wrong I was... 4 RPM, and even though it's 203mm, they feel weaker than the Clevelands 152mm. Less penetrating hits per salvo, less modules damaged, though I still aim for the same parts as I did in the Cleveland..
  2. Kwartsie

    WoWs launcher

    Nothing works sadly, it's really awkward. Reinstalling now to see if it helps, if it does I'll say so here. Thanks for the help anyway guys, appreciate it.
  3. Kwartsie

    WoWs launcher

    WOWsLauncher = 9,29 MB (9.742.600 bytes) WOWsLauncher.cfg = 600 bytes (600 bytes)
  4. Kwartsie

    WoWs launcher

    It says I'm not authorised to open the file (world of Warships Launcher), but even running it as administrator won't authorise me to open it.
  5. Kwartsie

    WoWs launcher

    Hello there forum community. There seems to be a problem with my launcher, as I can't use it anymore. The only way to start WoWs now is via the direct launch. However this is a problem as my client needs to update and that's done by the launcher. It says I don't have acces to the file, I might not have the right permissions (that's the right word?). I tried running it as administrator but still no luck. Do I need to reinstall or is it something easier to solve?
  6. Kwartsie

    Your best game? Post result screen here

    First game was just a good game, 2586 xp. But the 2nd game, with the 25 shots (10 citadel hits) and 3 kills was legendary. Only 1784 xp but hell. A DD destroyed the BB I was escorting and an enemy BB the CA that was escorting with me, leaving me all alone. I 1shotted the DD, steered towards the BB shooting him and getting citadel hits, aswell as 3 torpedos to finish him off, to then killing an enemy Omaha in 3 salvo's and nearly getting the St Louis that destroyed me. Will never forget those hectic 2 mins of intense naval warfare. The St Louis went on the win the match though, that was a bummer. (A low hp, slow St Louis actually winning a game...)
  7. Kwartsie

    BB's are now the worstest thing from Fuso up to Yamato

    BB's have no problem hitting CA's under 10km, wether they hit all of the shells if a different matter but as it stands it's more than fine as it is versus CA's.
  8. Kwartsie

    BB's are now the worstest thing from Fuso up to Yamato

    Uhm no, that's retarded. Every CA player will be wiped out in 2/3 mins after the fight starts, great fun.
  9. Kwartsie

    BB's are now the worstest thing from Fuso up to Yamato

    The BB was at 25k hp and the CA at 34k, the battle ends with the BB dead (-25k hp) and the CA at 1k hp (-33k hp) So relative ease? Only when the BB is at 1/3 hp and the CA driver lucky and skilled. (Was very nice aiming on the CA part) BB's still eat CA/CL ships.
  10. Kwartsie

    Torpedoes too OP?

    Play a destroyer, see how hard it is as it stands. Getting torpedos to hit in destroyer is bloody hard, and gets exponentially harder the better your opponents. DD's are more in the buffzone than nerfzone if you ask me.
  11. Kwartsie

    Torpedoes too OP?

    Dedicated CC player here, tried CV's and still have a Farragut. CV's are fine, torp bombers have lower damage torpedos, very vulnerable to AA, and hard to use. Against an enemy who pays attention they're quite underwhelming actually. Concerning DD's and their torpedos, I'd say they're underpowered. They die with 1 salvo, with torpedos as their only weapon. Anyone who sees a DD will know what's coming, avoid the torps, and 1 shot him. Stay away from smokescreens and be carefull when rounding an island and 1 should never be able to hit you with torpedos.
  12. Kwartsie

    BUG: Fuso turrets.

    While in spectator mode, I can't see Fuso's turrets moving (only with teammates so far) 3th game this is happening, anyone else having the problem?
  13. Kwartsie

    Aircraft Carriers,

    This is already the case, you have 4 reserve planes per squadron so aircraft management is important for CV's. That said the torpedo bombers do a lot less damage than DD destroyers and it's harder to hit a volley with TB'ers. If you stay with 2 other ships with AA then you're golden - either CV loses his planes of you don't get torped.
  14. Kwartsie

    Beta Testers - We NEED you! (Yes, again!)

    Farragut is working
  15. Kwartsie

    Don't give torpedos to [edited] (my team mates)

    I think it goes both ways. As a player who does the US DD line and the IJN CC line I use torpedos, a lot. Never hit a teammate with them yet, as I always look at for teammates, but some teammates are just asking for it. Yesterday I had a match where it was me in my Nicholas hunting CV's (was at the enemy backline) and spotting a nice little Independent floating around. Like the good fellow I am I go sailing behind him to catch up, whilst constantly firing at him. Seeing as there were a few kilometers between us and his torpedo bombers trying to get me it took a while to catch him and in the meantime a CC joins the bloodbath aswell. I go past his starboard side, from wich the CC was coming at a 90 degree angle aswell, going right infront of the CV. While I had a perfect position to blast the CV to smithereens with my torpedos I waited for what the CC would do, the most logical thing being making a turn to his starboard side so he would continuously by able to broadside him. But no, he makes a port turn and if I had fired my torpedos the few that missed would have been likely to have hit him aswell. In conclusion, not only those who fire their torpedos should be wary of their surroundings, everyone should be wary of it so as to not hinder your team in any way.