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  1. Pfouh j'ai pas raté le délai!! Après un passage au large des îles de la Finocchiarola, j'me suis imaginé un combat là où mon ferry passait. Peinture numérique, sur un engagement fictif de l'escadron mediterranéen face aux italiens.
  2. It's not about the ship, it's about the game design. It's "A Kongo" because you basically have the same 4x2 356 armament as the Kongo, one tier higher.
  3. Okitank

    14 jours de compte premium en cadeau !

    Content pour ça! Ça va bien aider le grind des BB italiens!
  4. I've read on reddit that the "low armor" mentioned on constellation meant 27mm plating. I don't think they could go so close to the caps with that, if this is true.
  5. Okitank

    When Marco Polo will be released?

    With the damage cap on SAP, AP are usually better for shooting at DDs, they do better damage. (10% is what an overpen do.) At low tiers anyway. I dunno if SAP max damage tops AP at higher tiers.
  6. Okitank

    Revert CV's rework : poll

    While I do agree with most of your post and I understand your points, you are being very litteral. When I speak about deplaning, I mean being reduced to squads that are just a shadown of their former self. When you are reduced to like, 4/9 or less, you are basically what I'd call deplaned: You only have a fraction of your potential striking power, and no back up for a hefty amount of time, rendering the flight almost useless if you delploy it. It often happens battles where the CV is downtiered, unless you're a super duper unicum or know the tricks to mitigate it. Just today I saw a Shokaku loosing both its TB squadrons and reserve to AA and my fighters, and not being able to send more than 5 TBs at once in the rest of the game.
  7. Okitank

    Revert CV's rework : poll

    The CV counterplay is the main thing that made the CVs a bit... Less obnoxious. However, it was also the thing that made good CVs carry games by themselve and the skill gap so enormous. Def AA still works. It usually makes the CV either pull off, either do one strike and loose from 80% to all of its squadron. (Because planes are dumb and will not avoid flak clouds when climbing to retreat, how many planes did I loose to that) Deplaning is still very much a thing, especially at tier 8 and 10 where everyone has at least average AA. There are ways to mitigate that, but planes are by no way infinitely provided. Well they are but it's semantic. It's less than one every minute. Good CVs will use tricks to try and mitigate the loss on reserve planes, but on most carriers, one squadron wipe and you're with an depleted squadron for at least 10 minutes. That's a lot. Though indeed, The AA doesn't panick planes anymore, and the flak clouds are worse than a DPS aura, yep. But if AA was as harsh as it was before, as in long range DPS as strong as it was instead of flak cloud, Basically any T8+ CL/CA and T9+ BB would be nought untouchable. WOuldn't help the DDs at all either when they become the only available target. The only "no risk high reward" situations in a CV are when you're a T8 bullying T6 ships, and any situation where the ennemy ship has little AA (so, T4 to 6). And yes, this needs to change somehow. How though, no idea instead of the not spotting thing. There is a need for a more active AA system indeed...
  8. Okitank

    Revert CV's rework : poll

    Sorry if I made it look like this, but I don't support the return to RTS CVs, and so we seem to agree on that one. My only point is they were much worse back then and that such a poll just shows a lot of people don't remember this era well, or didn't play CVs at that time.
  9. Okitank

    Revert CV's rework : poll

    Why am I? I'm asking for your arguments.
  10. Okitank

    Revert CV's rework : poll

    Could you read my post at the end of page 2 and tell me, in regard of this, how the new CVs are more OP than the old ones? I'm just curious of your arguments. Any ship shots down more planes now, but they now allow the CV to do at least one strike, for a steep plane cost in case of good AA botes.
  11. Okitank

    Revert CV's rework : poll

    Depends of the state of the battle, and why Air superiority was such a big deal before. Once a CV had it, it was over for the destroyers of the other team, @bEtHeNs
  12. Okitank

    Revert CV's rework : poll

    My gosh, how could people forget how deadly CVs were before? Were there really so little players back in the day that the issue was considered minimal? The main complain of reworked CVs are: - Permaspot - Hopelessness against damage - Unfairness - Infinite plane Lemme tell you what the RTS CVs did in their time. - 4 to 8 squadrons in the air. All of which could spot. Several points of the map at a time. I remember being quite fond of permaspotting two caps at once when I got the air superiority... - There was an AA consumable that caused panic for its duration, however CV strikes were much, much nastier. I mean, one shotting a bismarck with torpedo attack with both squadrons in Kaga. Torpedoes were doing way more damage than before. - Multiple squadrons meant pincer attacks were doable and done by most CVs with several attack squadron, making it almost useless to dodge. - ... Planes were finite, yes. But with how slow the plane regen is, it's not like they became magically infinite. Bad CVs will end up deplaned even in rework, even in Kaga. So nay. The reworked CVs ain't that good, but going back to the ol' RTS clearly ai'nt the solution. To me a good start of a solution would be to give CV spot the same effect as early radar: shows position on the minimap, but not revealed to the ships. Re-introducing meaningful struggle for air superiority would be neat too. They tried something with the captain skills focusing on fighter, but who except memers would take that?... (I do with the Parcival, it's quite fun, but not effective at al)
  13. Okitank

    Waterline: What Will Happen Next?

    I assume they think people won't be hyped by the tier III and IV OR that the 3D models ain't finished yet. Why is think that is because you can see that the TIV icon is using the exact TVI silouhette as a preview. Whereas Dante Alighieri, even if it was to be put in game with a hypotetical modernization, wouldn't be the same as the Doria, due to its Gangut Configuration.
  14. Okitank

    Waterline: What Will Happen Next?

    We already had the Montana to do that. Alsace already give you such a powerful feeling with its 12 guns, imagine the 16, even with low caliber. It would be different, and I think it would be fun. (Unless you mean 406mm quads, but these were historically very unlikely, the 406 designs always involved triples on the french side. quad 406 would have been too large and heavy.)
  15. Okitank

    Waterline: What Will Happen Next?

    I actually think this was the issue they wanted to adress. That people would just go coop to do them instead of tackling the challenge. I see something more along the line of 1000bxp tbh. I'm also quite baffled at the italian BBs, I'm quite a bit disappointed. The combo of "big amount of guns" and SAP is pretty infamous, and bear in mind this TX battleship have one more gun than Venezia... But what baffles me most is that the line thematic has been dictated by gameplay gimmick and not by sticking to historical philosophy. It prevents the italians to use the UP-41 design for example, which was really expected by a lot to be the T9. So, quite a meh for me, even though I waited for italians since 5 years now. Another thing...4x4 380 should have been the french silver TX instead of that missmatched Republique. And so, I also feel robbed as a french. I hate the republique, it sticks out of the french BB line as much as Moskva on the soviet CL line, and IIRC it was said to us that "4x4 low caliber guns is not good at TX" or that "it's too many guns". CHEH.