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  1. Okitank

    Did everyone forget about Mikasa?

    No no no, just a buff to the secondaries. They are Mikasa's strong and fun point.
  2. Fuselier seem like a fantasy ship indeed. And what pains me is that the line could have been even more historically correct. Replace Mogador with Le Hardi (that is actually a lighter Mogador with 3x2 of the same guns, still better than Fantasque, yet, worse than Moga, would give a true sensation of upgrade), and put Mogador at tier X, and your line is full of ships that sailed. ... Maaaybe except the tier II and III, which I do not understand why they are not actual WW1 designs. (Which were quite garbage, indeed.)
  3. Okitank

    Did everyone forget about Mikasa?

    But actually, secondaries cannot be used effectively. 3.8km range is just not enough, on a ship that is slower than all the ones it will fight. That's why it feels helpless. Plus,caliber actually doesn't mean much, AND, in most matches, you will end up against T3 dreadnoughts with superior guns anyway. I believe what you just said doesn't invalidate the need for a buff.
  4. Hey, I'm not saying they shouldn't do it, I'm just saying they are currently OVERdoing it. I really do not understand the need to put a slightly improved mogador at TX when the real one is here and IS tier X material. (And less soviet ships wouldn't be that bad, it's not like their navy was relevant, and yet they'll get their full tree before the Italian Navy, who they copied for most of their actual designs, even get one branch. THIS is what hits my nerves.)
  5. But I totally do, and as a french, navy enthusiast, I know of the mogador class and its improvement.. Still, I think they missed an opportunity here. I still believe ships being planned and not laid down are not real. And it makes real, existing ships sit in forgotten tiers. Who would play TIX if it wasn't for the grind/economic bonuses from premium?
  6. Okitank

    Votre avis sur le rework CV

    Une escadrille de 16 avions est totalement hallucinante, dans les 16, sur un match TX, 8 d'entre eux sont forcément destinés à être abattus dans les deux passes d'attaque possibles. Tant que WG ne réduit pas la taille des escadrilles à quelque chose de pratique, je suis bien content qu'on puisse au moins économiser des avions comme ça.
  7. I keep seeing people say the tiers are historically correct. Why? The TX never existed again. The improved Mogador class was never laid down. And both Mogador sank in 1942, never receiving the fantasy tripod mast + radar. So I'm really wondering why the Mogador itself isn't TX, as the improvements over it are not relevant in game. (And, Actually the first 100% historically correct line is RN DDs, which, if I remember correctly, do not have any papership in. Aand, of course, US Carriers.)
  8. Okitank

    Discussions sur les News

    Pour l'instant, c'est une ligne de Terrible. Ce qui en soit est Terrible. Franchement, vous voulez jouer des DD grands comme des croiseurs (donc du coup avec un concealement de Tashkent), juste avec un boost vitesse et un boost reload? Yuk. Sinon, pour le croiseur TVIII, on dirait un projet préliminaire du croiseur AA De Grasse. Avec 8 de ses batteries AA remplacées par 4 tourelles de Galissonière.
  9. Okitank

    Some interesting info around the world

    The premium French cruiser is a mix-up version of the AA cruiser De Grasse (laid down in 1946, finished in 1956). WG removed 8 of its dual mounts (4 aft, 4 stern) to put 4x La Galissonnière turrets on it. Seems like they added one torpedo laucher per side too.
  10. Damm'it. So, there are no need for crowns anymore, right? I won't pay doubloons for a T8 regular ship. But I farmed my best, as I thought it would be possible to get it. But here, with not even half of the 2500 florins required, I get that I won't be able to get it. What are the best things to spend them on? Camos or premium days?
  11. Okitank

    CV rework failed every test it was set.

    I'm not reading mind, and please do not try to, either. I'm not a dedicated CV player, I play everything, and I know very well the pain in the [edited]that is being put in MM-2. That's how it is when one takes a liking to mid tier cruisers. From this, I can compare what it feels like to be uptiered in cruisers, and what it is to be uptiered in CVs. And objectively, not speaking about feelings or impressions, cruisers have it better. Their capacity to inflict damage isn't almost NEGATED by the ship two tiers up. They're forced to play safe, yet, not forced to be useless the moment ennemies group up. Maybe you should try them, to see the hurdle it is to be lowtier in them? (Or, on the opposite, how grateful you are when the MM is finally granting you this very rare top tier match where you can just punish these poor lowtiers for all the frustrations you got on the earlier matches.)
  12. Okitank

    CV rework failed every test it was set.

    Actually, no, this is not the same feeling, and the problem ain't exactly the same. Of course you have to be wary of the tier +2 ships in a cruiser, but never are you just cockblocked in the same way a carrier does. The presence of a +2 AA cruiser in a zone just denies the carrier of any option, whereas the T-2 cruiser still have guns. I wholly prefer to be in an Abruzzi in a T9 match, or an Aoba in T8 than being a Shokaku in TX. Same is true for any carrier in T6 in a T8 match. And on the opposite, being top tier as a carrier is hell for any T-2 ship, who will have absolutely no mean of defending itself. Fuso bullying in Lexington is a thing... The way CV are facing different problems than surface ships is to me a valid justification of having them put at +1/-1, that just adds to the fact their lines are not uneven tiered anymore. They are already an exception.
  13. Okitank

    Anyone get any Ship Missions from Air Supply containers?

    None in all the crates I could drop, doing all the fly strike win events until now.
  14. Il a 108k de base sans Survivability expert.
  15. Okitank

    Votre avis sur le rework CV

    Je vois pas en quoi le MM+2/-2 est très bien, mais en l'absence de mieux il est jouable. En tout cas jusqu'à maintenant et pour les CVs. Mais depuis quelques mois, le MM+2 a tendance à être totalement pourri, à mettre les lowtiers en minorité dans une mer de navires tous statistiquement meilleurs qu'eux. Après, effectivement, si on avait des MM plus équilibrés avec une majorité de TVIII et quelques TX/IX par exemple, ce serait une énorme amélioration. Pour les CV par contre, le MM +1/-1 serait pas déconnant pour les raisons citées plus haut. Moins de bully de lowtiers, et moins de situations où le CV se retrouverait totalement à poil, sans avoir à changer le système d'AA en profondeur.