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  1. Oh, et le Killer Whale est un Gato! (Et pas un schkuka: il a le kiosque bien plus avancé, entouré par deux canons AA , ET un canon principal sur l'avant du pont. Beaucoup de Gato ont été modifiés et personalisés par leurs capitaines, mais c'est l'une des config de base.)
  2. Okitank

    Which is your most hated camo by looks?

    For me, it's all of the unhistorical green japanese camouflages, premium or not. If not grey, give me at least a japanese pattern based on different shades of white and grey. Japan just started painting mooring ship green to hide them, in 1945. It's not a battle camouflage in any ship, even for the CVs. I can bear the historical ones, like on Nagato and... ... ... And that's it. They even failed it on Zuikaku and gave the good one to Hiryuu, whom never was painted.
  3. Le porte avion glaçon c'est sympa. Mais moi j'aimerais un article sur les différences des destroyers britann... En vrai moi y'a un truc qui m'interesse et que toi tu pourrais peut être clarifier: y'a une rumeur qui commence à monter comme quoi le Yamato, pendant l'attaque de la Taffy 3, aurait touché des porte avions d'escorte, et même coulé l'un d'entre eux. Genre lui même avec ses 460 et ses overmatch. J'ai aussi entendu que cette même rumeur était là pour redonner du crédit au Yamms. Et, bah vu que tu as l'air d'avoir plein de sources fiables, plus que moi, y'a moyen de vérifier ça?
  4. Well, I tried everything. Everytime I grab the mp3 file, it is read as .mp3.wav I tried converting with audacity in .mp3, then convert in .wav... Nothing worked. So I manually converted it with wwise, and this time it kinda worked, but the process was terribly complex for nothing. I wonder what am I doing wrong. :/
  5. Thanks! Now it worked! Another little precision if you can: does the base audio file have to be pre-converted to .wem before ? I tried using MP3 file, then WMA file, but still ended up with this error and the kurfurst not being able to play the specified sound
  6. Okitank

    Coupon for being top xp earner?

    So many restrictions... It's like you enter the shop, you see so many good things and the reduction ends up being on the last shelf with the stuff noone buys anyway.
  7. Okitank

    Azur Lane Collab

    People nowadays overreact so much and are being offended by so many irrelevant things, they won't have any sort of thinking before they associate the image and the pedo stuff. You just have to see the reaction towards the safe and innocents HSF artworks. Hence why I think either they stick to capital ship, whose representations are mature, or it will stay on the Asian server if WG wants to use destroyers artworks. The average westerner will not be ready.
  8. Okitank

    Azur Lane Collab

    Too bad for the Kancolle collab, but at least we got something with shipgirls going. On a side note, and that is what surprises me, KC seems to have been following WoWS news for quite a bit it seems. I remember when WG announced Gangut, and 2 weeks later she was announced in Kancolle too. As much as I don't like AL for some chara design simplification / exaggeration, some of their chara designs are interesting when you stick to capital ships. And, compared to KC game, AL game have a sort of gameplay too. So, let's se what's out of this collab. And I wouldn't fear the pedo effect, it's surely something WG thought of, they'll do something about those kintergarten destroyers. (like, not using them at all and focus on heavy ships.)
  9. Okitank

    Ships that need a buff

    I played Mikasa yesterday... This ship is just no fun, dispersion all over the way, and secondary that are both too short and too inaccurate. Heck, I passed at 300m away from a Emden, landed 2 hits in the full secondary salvo. (Yamato captain 19 points with manual secondaries.) Furthermore, the ship is slow and sluggish. Once you have a cruiser at 9km, you're done for and only have to search for a cover, you'll not be able to hit him with main battery. Mikasa doesn't even have access to upgrades to secondaries, even tho her playstyle is entirely based on it. There is a middle ground to be found between a risk of overperforming, and being blatantely and laughably unable to fight on purpose. And if the announced russian pre-dread can have access to secondaries upgrade/have a better sigma, something will have to be done.
  10. Okitank

    Akizuki AA nerf?

    Making way for the premium one maybe? Silver ships are not allowed to have nice things nowadays.
  11. I'm having troubles, I'm entering my game folder with normally no flaw, yet it still doesn't find my config file. (I'm sure this is the correct path.)
  12. Okitank

    BNA : Les Designs les plus Stupides - US Navy

    Alors du coup, le Tillman IV, c'est des tourelles sextuple ou septuple? Mais merci de l'avoir ramené, je SAVAIS que j'avais déjà vu un projet àlakon avec des tourelles plus que quadruples et j'arrivais pas à le retrouver. Vu l'improbabilité du projet, j'imaginais pas qu'il pouvait être ricain. Kudos pour l'article! Mais bon, malgré l'absurdité de ces designs, les ricains... Bah ils ont quand même fait en sorte de ne construire que des navires raisonnables, et laissé leurs fantasmes sur papier. ~ C'est pas mal du point de vue design.
  13. Okitank

    Prix Camo WTF?

    Exactement. Mais les gens, ils voient des petites lumières et des petits bips, avec marqué "offre spéciale", bah y posent leur cerveau de coté. Pour un camo qui sera désactivé par beaucoup hors batailles spatiales. Perso je suis super fan de ces camos, et j'aurais adoré soutenir l'équipe artistique derrière. J'en aurais pris au moins un si le mode de vente était raisonnable. Ca veut dire: maximum le même prix que le camo premium normal, et vendu dans la boutique, parce que j'ai pas de TX applicable. (Ca m'aurait même donné un but dans le jeu, tiens.)
  14. Okitank

    Why do Carriers have a different chime when you sink them?

    It may be because of the importance of a carrier as a strategical target? Hearing "Ennemy aircraft carrier destroyed" is the fantasy of every admiral since WW2. That's what I believe.