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  1. Okitank

    ARP Takao new camouflage

    For those who already had ARP Takao, the Red camo is not available, not even for gold. So, will we be able to get it through missions, or are we to buy it in the shop?
  2. Okitank

    Sprint Ranked: 1 vs 1, Skill vs OP ship

    Well, Kaga and Lexington are also very viable options. You cannot survive a rushing GZ, yet on Lexi you have the infamous Tiny Tims which can do 20k with that first squadron, and then the awful dive bombers which can do 10k per drop. All of that not accounting for fires... And then kaga, which is relatively harder because only the torpedoes are reliable. Though, you can fend off AA cruisers quite easily with it thanks to the plane reserve, as they won't have the time to deplane you if you are careful. I am progressing quite steadily with my Kaga. If you fall against a BB it's an autowin, even if it's a Massa. The only hard times would be cruisers and Enterprises, with some cold chills against Zeppelins and Shokakus... All you need to do is master your crossdrops in torps, and this gamemode is very good for practicing that! So, thanks WG, and I'm so sorry for abusing all of that. Side note, I tried to make work of my Secondary Kaga (on which I simply swapped my secondary Yamato captain), and it was VERY underwhelming, with the 200mm guns not being on par with what you would actually expect. I had several matches with more than 40 secondary hits and only 4k damage done by secondaries... Guess only Zepp can pull it off, and now I want one.
  3. Okitank

    Crate ship refund

    The ship did exist as an Arethusa class cruiser indeed. But in its soviet gun config, it is as real as the soviet navy BB line.
  4. Okitank

    Crate ship refund

    I actually got the Krasny krim from a supercontainer a year ago, didn't complain. Actually, I memed it to death by doing the tier V sprint ranked with it. One, it was a supercontainer, didn't pay for it. Two, it wasn't a pan asian what-if.
  5. Used the 25% on the Oleg, thanks to the free doublons won this year. Sexy ship !
  6. Okitank

    Crate ship refund

    I would actually be happier with camos than a Huanghe, yes. At least, way less triggered.
  7. Okitank

    Crate ship refund

    If I sell it I may not be refunded in any meaningful resource. I paid gold for it so I want it back.
  8. Okitank

    Crate ship refund

    I don't want a pan asian ship in my port, that's all...
  9. Okitank

    Crate ship refund

    Hello! I bought a mega santa crate with the leftover of my gold after using the gold coupon, and I got a ship I will never play once, by oath. The Huanghe. I swore I would never play a pan asian ship as they came before the italians for no reason. How can I get a refund, either of the container gold, or of the ship? Can I actually ask for that?
  10. Personnellement, Cleveland m'a bien aidé. Le machin est capable d'annihiler des escadrons entier, que ce soit de Lexington, ou de Midway. Yup, le CV TX passait pas la DCA de mon croiseur T8, et je voyais qu'en plus il essayait d'esquiver. Par contre la suite des missions, partie 3 et 4, ce sera sans moi. Beaucoup trop long et contraignant pour un croiseur T5.
  11. Okitank

    [Premium]Duca d'Aosta - T6

    Nope, c'était juste pour être sûr de ne pas se faire bombarder par leur propres avions. Ils ont été mis en place dès le début de la guerre, voire avant.
  12. Okitank

    [Premium]Duca d'Aosta - T6

    Non c'est un marquage de reconnaissance aérienne. La plupart devraient l'avoir.
  13. Okitank

    [Premium]Duca d'Aosta - T6

    Raté! La poupe est la partie fine sur ce bateau! Regarde bien les ancres et leurs chaines sur la partie large, qui indiquent que c'est la proue à droite! D'ailleurs, les marquages rouges et blancs sont peut être incorrects. Pour pas mal de connaisseurs italiens, la plupart des croiseurs n'auraient eu les bandes qu'à la proue, Duca d'Aosta compris.
  14. Okitank

    [Premium]Duca d'Aosta - T6

    Les Duca D'Aosta sont l'avant dernière version, avec tout de même un blindage conséquent. Enfin, 70 cita, 90 tourelles, 100 au poste de pilotage. C'est un CL après tout. Si il était pas T6, ou si il avait eu un MM préférentiel +1/-1, je l'aurais pris. ENFIN LES ITALIENS QUOI! Ils méritaient deux fois plus que les russes d'être implantés avant!