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  1. Okitank

    ARP Takao new camouflage

    For those who already had ARP Takao, the Red camo is not available, not even for gold. So, will we be able to get it through missions, or are we to buy it in the shop?
  2. Well, Kaga and Lexington are also very viable options. You cannot survive a rushing GZ, yet on Lexi you have the infamous Tiny Tims which can do 20k with that first squadron, and then the awful dive bombers which can do 10k per drop. All of that not accounting for fires... And then kaga, which is relatively harder because only the torpedoes are reliable. Though, you can fend off AA cruisers quite easily with it thanks to the plane reserve, as they won't have the time to deplane you if you are careful. I am progressing quite steadily with my Kaga. If you fall against a BB it's an autowin, even if it's a Massa. The only hard times would be cruisers and Enterprises, with some cold chills against Zeppelins and Shokakus... All you need to do is master your crossdrops in torps, and this gamemode is very good for practicing that! So, thanks WG, and I'm so sorry for abusing all of that. Side note, I tried to make work of my Secondary Kaga (on which I simply swapped my secondary Yamato captain), and it was VERY underwhelming, with the 200mm guns not being on par with what you would actually expect. I had several matches with more than 40 secondary hits and only 4k damage done by secondaries... Guess only Zepp can pull it off, and now I want one.
  3. Okitank

    Crate ship refund

    The ship did exist as an Arethusa class cruiser indeed. But in its soviet gun config, it is as real as the soviet navy BB line.
  4. Okitank

    Crate ship refund

    I actually got the Krasny krim from a supercontainer a year ago, didn't complain. Actually, I memed it to death by doing the tier V sprint ranked with it. One, it was a supercontainer, didn't pay for it. Two, it wasn't a pan asian what-if.
  5. Used the 25% on the Oleg, thanks to the free doublons won this year. Sexy ship !
  6. Okitank

    Crate ship refund

    I would actually be happier with camos than a Huanghe, yes. At least, way less triggered.
  7. Okitank

    Crate ship refund

    If I sell it I may not be refunded in any meaningful resource. I paid gold for it so I want it back.
  8. Okitank

    Crate ship refund

    I don't want a pan asian ship in my port, that's all...
  9. Okitank

    Crate ship refund

    Hello! I bought a mega santa crate with the leftover of my gold after using the gold coupon, and I got a ship I will never play once, by oath. The Huanghe. I swore I would never play a pan asian ship as they came before the italians for no reason. How can I get a refund, either of the container gold, or of the ship? Can I actually ask for that?
  10. Okitank

    Most beautyfull ship? and yours?

    Heart ship and number one. Sleek, balanced, colorful, what is not to love! It even has the little star at the prow! Mainstream number two, but... Her lines are still the best combination of an industrial warmachine and an intimidating art piece. Number III is again a mainstream battleship to praise, but hey... It may not be for nought! Balance between lenght, height, wideness, plus these colors! Then, my more... Guilty pleasures. They are the most beautiful ol geezers I could see, and I appreciate that a lot. (And don't give me these filthy fully upgraded hulls! St Louis will stay with its glorious Great White Fleet scheme, and Upgraded bayern is some made up crap that doesn't do justice to its cool WW1 design.)
  11. There's another thing I'd like to add with that. I find it really dumb that damaged planes are not automatically assigned to the attack formation. To maximize survivability, they should be allowed to be part of the next run and then fly away asap, keeping the intact planes in reserve for laters runs. I know, it wouldn't help with this exponential curve, yet, it'd be more logical... I mean, if you know you're gonna die if you stay too long, you'd want to act right now.
  12. Okitank

    Fier d'être bottom tier dans le MM ;)

    Ce cas isolé n'est en aucun cas une ode au délicieux MM qui m'a forcé à 4 batailles d'affilée dans ces conditions. Malgré ce résultat venant d'un alignement des planètes favorable, Roma en TX est horrible, et je veux plus le jouer après cette série.
  13. It would need to be, to compete in TIX or X.
  14. But you do admit it would have to be a totally made up design, or one artificially boosted to be classed as a cruiser instead of a battleship... If the german high tier is a fantasy ship, I really don't have any interest. It wouldn't even be a wunderwaffe.
  15. Z plan says yes. What do they have that is truly worthy of being more than tier 8?