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  1. Fokera

    Real men plays BB

    For some reason this reminded me for high school
  2. Fokera

    Für den Kaiser, German BBs, ongoing

    From my point of view Konig guns do not differ T5 from T7 armor simply drilled it until the enemy dies ,can take very nice close combat vs t6-7 bb ,great maneuverability , the only real problem are torpedo hits
  3. Fokera

    BB Players, Full HP max range camping

    - Ranked battles
  4. Fokera

    BREXIT: No Royal Navy on worldofwarships.EU ?

    Brits used their democratic right to vote respect there vote ,rightly or not time will tell . In Schengen there are countries which are NOT MEMBERS OF EU ;)
  5. Fokera

    BREXIT: No Royal Navy on worldofwarships.EU ?

    We have this alien technology in EU , we will survive
  6. Fokera

    New mexico firing range

    This is oddly , half of my NM games i cap or assist caping Dom. points and usually my engagement range is 16-12km and shells fired from distance bigger than 16km can be avoided with - A and D keys. Also NM is one stealth ship if you are at 15km from enemy you can disappear from there sight . If enemy shoots you ...shoots back
  7. Fokera

    New mexico firing range

    17-18km range are not enough for you ? or you drive stok ship ... NM is a Monster in right hands
  8. Fokera

    The cap ,,points,, should be remade completely..

    Cap points are fine like they are now if you dont understand that go and try playing dd with cap point And stop offending people who are disagree with you. I'll translate it for you [edited]
  9. Fokera

    Kiev is overrated

    If you have problem with size and turning of Kiev ...next one will be hell for you But i'm not agree with you that Kiev is overrated , HE and Ap shells of KIev are great
  10. Fokera

    Useless DD player

    if I'm not mistaken IJN is for Jap dd , its not for usa or russ so yes i dont see problem for Hats t7 dd with wonderful HE shells with AP that can citadel T7 CA to engage other IJN DD 1 to 1 or best for you 2 or more to 1 Not to mention that many Fibuki's use hull C (-1) turret -slow rotation of turrets you can compensate with pressing (A and D ) keys Also if you have experience with Gun-boats this will be easy Good luck
  11. Fokera

    Clemson skills

    I'm using 5km torps , every 30sec you have "torpedo Loss" also 6 torpedos (or one bord ) take down full hp t3 -t4 bb for t5 bb you need 7 -8 torps and AFT is a real deal
  12. Fokera

    Useless DD player

    Use your guns hunt down IJN dds and cap try to torp Torpitz its a 50-50 chance not know wasp
  13. And the distance between you and this BB's ? ...7km or more than 10km Detonation?
  14. Fokera

    I'm Depressed!

    For Arp T7 you need at least T7 ship for dmg and hits so sea is full with high tier ships
  15. Fokera

    Adressing Great Naval Battles Event Feedback

    Thanks for event Thank you for nice GNB weekends + reward Thank you for ship discount So far diamonds-820 Razer Leviathan Ticket - I'm looking forward to test my luck 11 days prem. time Port Slot Port Slot + Credits Оthers Port Slot + Credits are too damn expensive To lose my Beer Time outdoors for Flags and It's a secret! Its not my thing