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  1. 7LV

    HMS Warspite

    Who cares? WG does not, WG version of reality is one WG invented in tanks and still prevails in Wows, This game is not about reality it's about arcade fun based on ships that were in action, planned or prototyped, but all are adjusted for game play.... AKA WG Reality. Always read the label before being sucked into buying a product, crying after will get you no where.
  2. 7LV

    HMS Trollspite - A new dawn for battleships

    I'm a pessimist, I can't see this working for HMS short range, several BB's @ 19Km away see you & open fire, all you can do is run (slowly) or "approach and pray", not a game style I like. It might be good as a hybride Cruiser/Battleship in the island chain but what is the point when it's MM as a BB, Proof will be in the Warspite's win rate... plus it's a GOLD ship ( a compromised ship).
  3. 7LV

    50k health loss

    I was going to say welcome to the 1 Volley Club... but you survived !!!... A citadel hit is not fixed to 10k, I got a 27K citadel hit 2 days ago.. granted I don't know if the number popping up was for 1 shell or a pair but the ship went from 100% to 10% in a volley... of 10 shells... Proof when the replay system is activated... till then trust.
  4. 7LV

    British BBs terrible range?

    Didn't you know? all Russian BB & CA had a min rage of 24Km. Wait till Russia rewrite the history books on this British BB. HMS Vanguard http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Vanguard_%2823%29 True 30Km firing range ! will be balanced to Game18-20Km.... (I believe)
  5. 7LV

    The verbal abuse sucks the fun out of playing CV

    OP, Do they upset you? I take it you never played Artillery in WOT? Why do you even read the txt chat? I've played WOT and frankly I don't give a dam what is typed, it's all junk 99% of the time..... I eat my jelly babies & kill many many ships... Great Beta & fun !! don't read the trash chat.... Drink a beer , eat Fast Food & enjoy the game.... it's a cheap night in.
  6. 7LV

    CV balance & matchmaking impact

    All I know is something is wrong in CV land. if you match them then match them tier to tier & not VIII v V + V Tier 8 planes will have a holiday & the first thing a good Tier 8 CV will do is kill all Tier 5 planes ! It's not balanced and leave 2 tier 5 CV's with no firepower. lolz
  7. Is this even serious ? My guns take longer to reload & thats unfair .... Hmmmmm
  8. 7LV

    Need some ansewers

    It's a BETA & not final game. No community, it's Closed BETA TEST ONLY!! It's a grinding game like Tanks, but nothing like tanks It's an arcade game not a sim. It is a game with ships, no troops, no vehicles, no flying saucers. You like warthunder then go play it. this is a game for players that like ships, like fun, like playing a game...
  9. Looks like some players are pushing an aggressive play style that gets broken when a DD pops smoke.... I've played 300 matches DD, CA , BB and never had a problem with DD smoke, learning to play is the key, not pushing your luck in the smoke, I know it sounds harsh but it can't be OP for you and fine for me in a CA or BB..... Smoke is the only thing keeping DD's in the game.... kill their smoke, kill them. Next it will be BB's are over powered, nerf their Alpha & ROF. Smoke duration is fine, maybe a tweak on time 60sec to 45 sec, but I think it might kill the DD player. The default smoke for DD is 3x 60sec, if you cry & WG change it, how about 4x 45sec ?? both are totaling 180sec of smoke but delivered in smaller time slots.
  10. 7LV

    aircraft carriers

    The world is OP and then you learn to read the map, talk to your friends & your team mates. Yes it can be hard but so is 5 DD's v 2 DD's, so is tier 8 CV v Tier 6 CV, class 4 fighters v class 2 fighters, 2 cruisers v 1 cruiser... The game is not as simple as it looks, it requires a skill to time, read & react correctly, be at the wrong place at the wrong time is not a skill. The world is not balanced for you to win win win.... Good luck, you can't win them all......
  11. 7LV

    my first encounter with a cheater?

    Heads I win tails you lose ! This is a one sided account of a NO SCREEN SHOT, NO REPLAY battle, how many have there been in WOT where "I swear it's a hax/cheat" only to turn out when replay is viewed that the OP was wrong & WG engine RNG got the shots in SERVER SIDE. Stop posting these I lost to a cheat threads..., it's a BETA & you win some you lose some, man up and accept things happen, if you ever played WoT you'd know !!! go see the WG, RNG series of videos on YT. The impossible is possible. ALL HAX, by WG. I can't believe it's not butter.......
  12. 7LV

    XVM... for WoWs?

    Exactly XVM turned a game into a stat padding ragefest.... Turned fun into elitist I am purple you are red, I'm better than you ..... I've seen many just leave their tank AFK when faced with ODDS. The only odds I like are my own. Other MODS do not create such a defeatist division... NO XVM
  13. 7LV

    Why dont EU have a CBT Hall of Fame

    Exactly, My e-peen is so big, I let my team die so I could cream the XP... Team game means have to sacrifice for the team to win.... like filling gaps & going to places where Big XP players fail to go.
  14. 7LV

    My other ship is TOG

    It feels like a game & not a grind so far...
  15. 7LV

    Invite code available at all?

    all of the above CBT = Closed Beta Test (invite code) actually not a code but when you buy a pack/age your account will automatically be able to download the beta from here http://worldofwarships.eu/ (EU) you will see an unlocked account and an option to download (normally takes 2 mins).