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    MM Will not allow a win Duca d'Aosta

    Congratulations on your high scores, I am sure you get those on a regular basis with a one point captain with a premium tier 6 ship fresh out the dock in a random game with no division. Indeed you have missed the point reference to the match making <not> the damage done (which was not mentioned).
  2. Franken_Furter

    MM Will not allow a win Duca d'Aosta

    Well, decided to take out the Duca d'Aosta as I see a 'Win a Battle' Boost on my screen. Awesome eh! Lets hope to have a balanced game. But NOT a chance looking at the player stats (my ship had but one captain point and about 5 games). Still I play my socks off for a loss. What is the point of this rubbish match making? Its not fun to play in matches like this at all.
  3. Franken_Furter

    Ship's earning potential

    My experience with the Murmansk - stay back and use long distance shelling and then gradually move in as ships die. Last battle I did after watchiing Ironhides vids - This was a draw (I died last few seconds due to dive bombers) but look at the credits. Nice game as well - I told the team at half way to defend the aircraft carriers - they were the stars at the end. I actually shot over 600 shells! The ship is good as long as you dont try to be a front line ship - use spotter plane and rock!