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  1. ScratxNeko

    Heavy cruisers, useless in this meta

    Yup. Which means the problem has to be looked at more in "How do games in these tiers usually go" context rather than "This class is useless". BBs like shooting cruisers because they're profitable to shoot at (same damage is more rewarding), easier to damage (often just heavily armored enough to get into trouble) and they can't heal back from it, so it's a smart play because removing enemy ships from play early is how you win. Making it more rewarding to shoot BBs instead of CA/CLs for BBs might help. Give CA/CLs something to help their survivability against suddenly getting deleted might also help. We all know even DDs can get suddenly out of nowhere BB AP DevStriked, so it's a real problem. Maybe a cruiser citadel could take less damage from BBs hitting it? Dunno. It's severely punishing even for something like an Atago that can bounce back to get even a single citadel from a BB, and often there was nothing the cruiser driver did wrong to earn it. But we also have to keep in mind, much of the whine around cruisers being easy to delete are also "User Problem"... driving broadside to battleships, fail to notice incoming salvo, no evasive action taken... BLAP. Should we reward mistakes like that? Most of the people I deleted lately as a BB driver were doing dumb crap like broadside reversing or failed to notice the incoming fire at all (situational awareness fail) until it was far too late. ... Now if only certain BB lines weren't essentially proof to being severely punished by straightlining and broadsiding under BB shelling.... what the heck was WG thinking.
  2. ScratxNeko

    Heavy cruisers, useless in this meta

    Heavy cruisers are totally usable. Hard mode compared to ninjavanish DDs or BBabies, particularly because every BB likes to toss one your way for the lolcitadels, but playing smart leads you to excel. Here's an example... my latest match . I was so pleased with what I did to that Conqueror. Just look at the detailed report...
  3. Because too many Derpitzes buying their way straight from tier 1-4 to tier 8. By the time you grind out to tier 8 you'll usually have at least a bit more of a clue. For that reason, the stats are a bit suspect. On top of Bisko just being outright easier to take advantage of its secondaries in comparison to Tirpitz's torpedos, although the latter one can be a heck of a lot more decisive when you pull them out. All-time stats show Tirpitz with a full 3% less main battery hit rate and a full 2% win rate less... it narrows down on two weeks stats, with a 1% difference on MBH and 1.3% less win rate. One would think maybe it's because there's fewer derps around in it, so it's showing its true self a bit more?...
  4. ScratxNeko

    repair party 2

    Look at downwards-pointing arrow beside the cost... that's where you click to bring up the drop-down list...
  5. ScratxNeko

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Few days ago... Yeah, I couldn't carry dead weight team hard enough...
  6. What the flying f***, WG. That ship (which I do own, yes) doesn't really need the buff. What's the point of using a Bismarck over a Tirpitz now? Hydro? It's not like AA is a deciding factor.
  7. ScratxNeko

    Alabama is garbage

    The hitpoint difference is actually higher than it seems because it also affects how much you get back per damage repair party. It only doesn't make much of a difference if you get rekt really fast and can't get more than one heal off.
  8. ScratxNeko

    Alabama is garbage

    Speaking for someone who doesn't have any USN BB other than Texas and now the Alabama... I have in 9 matches more average damage than I got in pretty much every other BB (IJN and DKM) I have. Only exception is the FdG... by 200dmg. If I can make it work like that, the OP has absolutely no excuse.
  9. ScratxNeko

    IJN T4-5 unplayable

    At tier 4 and 5, without Alt attacks two equally skilled CV players, IJN prety much always loses to USN. USN can just pretty much wipe out the IJN's airgroups and there's very little the IJN can do to counterplay that does not rely on the USN player making a bad mistake. Strafing was the big equalizer, which gave the IJN CVs a chance to flip the table and gain the advantage.
  10. ScratxNeko

    Alabama is available in the shop

    I do believe they're very close. One's got more health, better AA, stealth and accuracy, the other's got a situational awesome torpedo belt and better agility. It's a good ship either way. Only six matches but it's already looking like I'm going to wreak havoc with it. Now if only I didn't have so many potato teams dragging me into losing...
  11. ScratxNeko

    the hood looking like a bad ship to buy

    There is absolutely no point in this whining. Is the ship even past the supertesting phase? Is it even IN supertesting phase? Let the STs have a go at it. Whine if you must, but only when we can actually see something other than a bunch of random meaningless numbers. The Nikolai looked like crap, too, when it went up for sale. Didn't take long to realise it was far from it.
  12. ScratxNeko

    Alabama is available in the shop

    Confirmed, available from 44€ and up.
  13. ScratxNeko

    Which of your ships didn't survive 0.6.3?

    Hosho and Zuiho dead, I had no other CVs because I never really liked CV gameplay much... but since now they're utterly useless I'll just take what I learned about CV tactics (which was the main reason why I bothered to begin with) and carry on with the rest of the ships. I don't know if any other ship will die with this patch. I'm concerned about Akizuki but to be fair I never really managed to get it to click with me.
  14. ScratxNeko

    Aprils Fools incoming

    I'll just point out that for all we know they could just be keeping quiet about their real April's Fool's surprise while dangling the submarine under our nose for the trolling value.