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  1. HonibkrMaty

    ST Hybrids

    This ships already have models, thyts why they try it with those as first ships. Imo Gotland will come as premium in future. Same as Mogami.
  2. HonibkrMaty

    ST Hybrids

    How fantasy planes? Those are real planes bro, they could easily operated from Tone, but they didnt because war ended before they could even try. They are normal seaplanes, i see no reason why they coudnt operate from Tone. And tbh, this game is not about historical accuracy, as you have here Yak-7 with floats, that never existed, or Bf-109 with floats. M6A at least existed end were produced. If they give it status of Hybryd carrier im okay with it, as they change ship classes often. sometimes BC's are BB class in game, sometimes they are Cruisers. Dont try to justify here something that in reality it didnt happend, if that would be a case then we would have like 1/8 of ships in game only.
  3. HonibkrMaty

    Vývojářský blog

    Tak Blitz je čistě mobilní hra, Legends jsou konzole. V Blitz mají Letadlovky stále RTS, ale tam to nejspíše zůstane, protože to co je na PC by tam moc dobře nefungovalo, s tím jak malé mapy tam jsou. :D
  4. HonibkrMaty

    Vývojářský blog

    A není to tím že je to video z Blitz tak náhodou? Jelikož o tom to video je, ne o Legends.
  5. HonibkrMaty

    ST - Hybrids (DB 75)

    Torpedo Bombers.
  6. HonibkrMaty

    ST Hybrids

    Well, there is still M6A planes that could carry bombs or Torpedoes, they operated from Submarine Carrier, soo imo they could easily start from Tone, soo yeah, they can have strike planes. That they never used it on Tone, doesnt mean we cant have it in game, when we have a lot of paper ships already.
  7. HonibkrMaty

    ST Hybrids

    Imo they will be new class, as then they could restrict number of them in battle. And those plane wont be something you will use constantly, you will have like one squadron with 6 planes and maybe like 3 spare, they will be slow as they are hydroplanes and wont have CV HP imo. They will take time to be ready again.
  8. HonibkrMaty

    ST - Hybrids (DB 75)

    This could be balance breaking if just one team would have Tone.
  9. HonibkrMaty

    ST - Hybrids (DB 75)

    I'm intrested, as i really like Tone, i hope this concept will work.
  10. HonibkrMaty

    Marathon with Gifts: Submarines

    Or Italian CVs, as Italians actualy used this method..
  11. HonibkrMaty

    WoWS x Transformers. More than meets the eye!

    Why containers? Will there be another way to get a skins? I want just Megatron one, not rest.
  12. HonibkrMaty

    Otázky pro WG

    Je to starý nick, který jsem stále si líný změnit, ale neměl by porušovat žádná pravidla, je tam překlep, takže vlastně neznamená to co by měl. Jasně, vidím že jsem to špatně pochopil, moje chyba.
  13. HonibkrMaty

    Otázky pro WG

    Zdravím, chtěl bych se zeptat jak to je s výzkumnými body které se dají získat za fáze splnění za dublony v docích. Koupil jsem si startovní balíček za 3k dublonů ale nedostal jsem žádné výzkumné body. K startovním balíčkům se tento bonus neváže? Nebo mám napsat na support?
  14. HonibkrMaty

    Weekly Combat Missions: Summer Sale Tokens

    This looks i could get my hands on Vampire i want for some time, and complete my commonwealth collection! And if that be possible also getting my hands on Konig Albert.
  15. HonibkrMaty

    Statistika obsahu kontejnerů

    Konečně po dlouhé době jsem dostal SC a hned tam padla lodička.