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  1. i am in day 6 and i cant take "Daily Shipment" container for Day 5 .basicly game didnt gave me . may be a server issue i dont know. i am sure a dont open it and i cant see it enever in game menu . i cant be the one .anuone?
  2. how about player control plane (not player control planes or squads ). it will be interesting. 10 players for each team will be pilots and every pilot chosses a plane type than take of from carrier or airport and attack enemy planes ,ships ect . will be nice .
  3. Redfoxrommy

    Permanent Camo to Space camo upgrade

    İ have Hindenburg per.camo but i want Hindenburg space camo . Well i dont want to pay extra 8k doubloons to a second per.camo. So here is my question is there a way( or plan) to pay 3000 doubloons more (8000-5000) and upgrade it to a space camo ? İsnt it nice ?
  4. Redfoxrommy

    Has anybody else had shells falling short?

    its happens every time tome .İ was thinking its a bad rng day but interesting that many player experince the same think.
  5. Redfoxrommy

    Alaska as an Enemy

    it is "the german ap " its should be. i belave if i used he i will give more dmg to him rather then ap to bordeside crueser. funny eh ? if no laska but a bb every solvo counts 8k dmg so alaska armor is better then bb i think.
  6. Redfoxrommy

    Alaska as an Enemy

    Yesterday an alaska give to my hipper her perfect bordeside under 10 kms . 1.st salvo no citedals, 2nd salvo no citedals, 3rd salvo no citedals, 4th salvo no citedals and also minimum dmg. Well it is a bit op i think.
  7. Redfoxrommy

    Naval Battle: Clans Competition

    As a member and the founder of my 1 man clan i wonder is these work for me . İ mean can i join by my self ? Well wg i have a idea . Arene battles. 1vs1 .
  8. Redfoxrommy

    Ranked boats

    Not the ships make you win ( you can save star ) you need tactics for each map.Players who forgets to support each others they lose.
  9. Redfoxrommy

    Fighter consumable rework

    well its a good idea but i dont think its work. 1-players can troll and spam cv captain becaouse of pop up windows. 2- they will busy for flying thier planes . But it is a good idea.
  10. Redfoxrommy

    Suggestions to improve ship aa def.

    With 0.8.0 update i played with full spec aa Adm.Hipper cru. 1 battle i try to help 2 bbs with my aa and i cant find the way to def them from air attacts.Before update i was able. so Here my solutions with/for later updates and fotfix paches. 1-Ships lose aa range upgrades and capt.skills. Give them back. So planes have to fly long time in aa auras. 2- Overlaping aa auras. When mid.range aa fires also long range fires to same range but make longrange aa not to shoot short range . 3- Pls make def aa con. replenishable and give them to all crusers in a sperate slot like clevland.(also you can give them to some dds which they are spec for aa ). 4- Down aa capt. skills from 4 to 2-or 3 level to more accessable to lowe tier ships . 5- Pls rework noncv fighter plane con. İt is very shorttime efective and low benefits now. 6- Give more dispersion to ships gun which are they shooting a ship spoted by cv planes.
  11. Redfoxrommy

    A big thank you to WG...

    so open her a account and let her play with you .
  12. Redfoxrommy

    Steel dd, gib please

    kirov reporting
  13. Redfoxrommy

    Z52 needs some love

    z-52 torps dmg is bad .İ mean they are realy bad . they does 6-7k dmg to enemy ships. They arent super fast . Only they reload fast .their range also make them hard to use . When i am try to use them i allways radar. in turninig to escape lost most of my hp becose its obese and takes good dmg from ap shells. Yes ap is good us boardside dds melts by it. but he and firechance bad . He has no dd turn or rudder. some cru have better . her smoke and hydro works some accoitins in mid and later game. so i figure out if you want to be succesful ( i mean over 55winrate 40kdmgave like me ) you have to see mid-late time of a battle . i think he needs some sort of buff.
  14. Redfoxrommy

    Blue-on-blue torpedo situations

    Summary i launch my torps and they hit an island . How this is my fault. Also becoming pink is sexist. fix it wg .