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  1. Redfoxrommy

    I don’t like Arms Race

    well i can say its better then randoms.
  2. Redfoxrommy

    NC KOTS camo mission

    Lets dont sacrifice human :).
  3. Redfoxrommy

    What did you get from the KotS crate?

    I got Nueve de Julio.
  4. Redfoxrommy

    WOOOHOOO WG! The Iron Dog is here (and “real”)

    İ like to see TCG Yavuz (and former SMS Goeben 9in the game . Sister ship of t4 SMS Moltke
  5. Redfoxrommy

    Great things the skill rework gave us

    i have over 40 dedicaded commander its nigthmare for me . i cant even press play now button.
  6. Redfoxrommy

    Drop of FPS and Disconnected

    same here for fps. last nigth i ask others players they said same thinks
  7. Redfoxrommy

    Who is the problem

    i disagree . İf a player did lots of dmg not becaose he is very good but enemy players were bad also his team strugle to dmg or kill enemy players better than him/her. i said that for doing great job in battle not granteer for win.
  8. Redfoxrommy

    Who is the problem

    İ think you try to say i am deserve to win sometimes. At least not lost 10 games in row. And i think you are rigth. But dont forget you take this exp not becaouse you are a good player also your team level lower then you . i have planty games like 5 kills 200k dmg 100k spoting ext.Still lost. Calm down play something else. i also dont saw anyplayer to blaming wg for 10 win in a row.
  9. Redfoxrommy

    (amat ) no obligation

    No rules. and will not in future
  10. Redfoxrommy

    Assymetric Battle Poll

    yesterday i play 10 battles with low tier team . And i say 100% win . High tier team even they no bots in their team they cant win. Lots of good players dont want to pay 500coins to team up with bots and loose.
  11. Redfoxrommy

    2020 Anniversary Super Containers

    9 sc opened 4500 dublons 30k coal 1500 steel 37 day pre and someflags. İ dont want to be so greedy but no ships.
  12. Redfoxrommy

    AMAT Clan

    Amat name comes from novel which seamans surve in a sailing ship . As a clan commander this is a turkish-english speaking clan. This clan have no interest of joining clan battles. Also if any number of clan members want to parcipitate we are not aginst it but all responsiblty belong them. clan and/or any members cannot force members to join any fleet action like clan battles ect . your stats,number of played battles are not important. any one can join . somehow clan reach max. players who dosnt online for a month will be relase from clan if a new player wants to join.This is the only kick reason. Clan also not give any tolorance to members be at bad behaviors each others. But any action to other players who are not clan members we dont care. clan base have some tier 3-4 economy exp ex coal ect buildings .
  13. i am talking about for all russian ships . so pls stop nonsence examples.
  14. As a player i dont interest any new russian paper ships. İ dont even know their names. For me they will op and nerf 1 year later or move from sale or from tree . Wg did alot of mistakes past 1 year and they are still doing. not: This op paper ships just damage russian heratige and make it joke for everybody . sorry wg .
  15. Redfoxrommy

    Please don't buy the Puerto Rico

    well i think the same