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  1. Redfoxrommy

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    well even normal super containers i didnt take a ship. ( i play since beta testing )İ am that unlucky or cursed so i dont care boxes. For me they are money trap .
  2. Redfoxrommy

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery
  3. Redfoxrommy

    Cruiser gameplay on the Ocean map

    well %99 game maps just fits the "some cruisers just aren't made for open water " and for %1 not and also rare one needed to be exist. i just say Deal with it . Because some ships in the game for open water . Some other perspective taking dmg without dealing also annoying becouse of no spot and not enough gun elevation. So welcome to other edge of the sword.
  4. Redfoxrommy

    Cruiser gameplay on the Ocean map

    Hint: Well how about wasd hack , minimap control ( no island so no bb ambush), triger disiplene,watching bbs shoot or not for turns and firing your guns support your team mates as close as you can (dd,bbs )and action together . İsland huggers are not great players they just potatoes.(my personal opinion) Past day İ played in ocean map with my crusier and i had fun. my team work together well ( or enemy not ) and i take only 10k damage .
  5. so i can take back my arkansas beta ?
  6. Redfoxrommy

    Legendary Upgrade opinons/debate.

    i think most useless is z-52s legendary upgrade if you place it you gain -15torpido reloding(which z-52 has faster torp reload then others) and gain -5 concilment instade of -10 and lost +5 to enemy shell dispersion. its means your ship detection up to 6,5-6,6km instade of 6,1 . So i think its useless.
  7. Redfoxrommy

    What is your most frustrating "Premium" ship?

    can you send me which upgrades and captain skills you choose in tirpitz. may be i make wrong dicisions.
  8. Redfoxrommy

    Ships you kept

    Well , She could be better but mostly i like this ship looks. She is beauty for me . Also Hindenburg . )
  9. Redfoxrommy

    Ships you kept

    Hipper.İ buy permenent camo for her. Dont ask me why.
  10. Redfoxrommy

    What is your most frustrating "Premium" ship?

    For me Tirpitz.Worst despersion of its main guns , uneffective aa suit even aa build and she has no resist to fire. Every he shell couse fire even with fire prevent skill.
  11. Redfoxrommy

    The Ranked One thread (post here when you reach Rank I)

    well mine took 34 games .mostly with my konigsberg. here is a funny story . At rank 2 with 2 stars and my next battle will be rank 1 . That battle early in the match i wipeout by bb. İ quit the battle and start a new one . when second battle finished my first battle not finished yet. But i was in rank 1. Funny think my team also won the first match. so basicly i reach rank 1 2 times in one sprint.
  12. Redfoxrommy

    The Ranked One thread (post here when you reach Rank I)

    rank 1 with my kogisberg also my first rank1 . hurray.
  13. Redfoxrommy

    Bulgarian navy in WoWs

    Well may be in operations if wg choose to reanimate the sea battles . On 20 November 1912 Letyashti, Smeli, Strogi and Drazki attack Hamidiye at nigth.Letyashti, Smeli, Strogi miss the target bur Drazki not. Hamidiye Captain claimed to have sunk two other torpedo boats (which are we dont know). This happened in 1st Balkan war. Also Hamidiye survive ,repaired and take a importand role in 2.balkan war against Greeks .
  14. Redfoxrommy

    Upcoming T5 Ranked

    İ played mostly with my Konigsberg and now i am rank 3 . Her hydro is good for hunting dds which sitting in smoke or ambushing dds in caps. Shell ark good for behind island unspoted fire. Close Combat 12 torps to finish duel. But aa and armor is bad . İf you survive to the end game works fine .