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  1. Finguz

    why no unified gold?

    They won't be swayed by anything, other than a lack of revenue. This will get their full, undivided attention, immediately. Keep paying their ridiculous prices and they will keep charging them, maybe even increase them
  2. Finguz

    Fujin in the Premium store

    It' good to see that common sense is slowly spreading, and at the same time very depressing to see people still buying this tat at the inflated prices. Time to move on people, and put this sordid chapter ( F2P ) in gaming's checkered past behind us
  3. Finguz

    Back from a break.

    We still can't even configure our controls the way we'd like, after months and months and months of asking over and over and over again. I drop in here occasionally because it amuses me, I play the game far less, and spending money has never even crossed my mind so far. They cba? Neither can I.
  4. Finguz

    warspite back on sale

    The point is that things will not change until people stop bending over. I'd like a Warspite, but I only play occasionally and nothing is going to make me pay nearly £40 for a virtual ship, not in my lifetime. I don't care about the bundled doubloons or premium time, I don't want either. Large numbers of players need to learn that they are their own worst enemies, only then will this kind of exploitation stop.
  5. Finguz

    warspite back on sale

    The "nonsense" will stop when people stop paying for it, and not before. This isn't rocket science.
  6. Finguz

    Lack of information , Staff wake up please

    Amazing, people have been asking this question for months and months, yet a simple pm from this guy and you are here with an answer, albeit a rather vague one. I remember pm'ing you myself and asking the same question, very politely, back in July. You read it the next day, and that was that. Thanks for at least managing to extract the reply xCaptainObviousx!
  7. Finguz

    Lack of information , Staff wake up please

    Thanks, I look forward to your reply.
  8. Finguz

    Lack of information , Staff wake up please

    Perhaps you could do me a favour and try asking this question in a pm? "When can we expect an option to reverse the mouse Y axis"? , or something similiar in your own words.
  9. Finguz

    Lack of information , Staff wake up please

    Many of us have tried that, and been completely and repeatedly ignored. What other methods of asking a simple question and getting a simple answer are there? I'm willing to try anything I haven't tried already.
  10. Finguz

    Lack of information , Staff wake up please

    What about the ability to reverse the mouse Y axis? You know, the standard control option in every game I can think of apart from this one. When are we going to see this added? I realise this is off topic for this thread, but every other thread specifically asking this question, over and over again for months and months, has been entirely ignored. Perhaps it will be answered here?
  11. Finguz

    Battleships = death trap

  12. Finguz Maintenance and Patch notes

    Move away from natural controls? How about no! How about WG stop messing around and add this simple control option, you know, like every other game I can think of. /facepalm Do me a favour, the next time you are sitting in a chair, look at the floor. So, which way did you move your head to look at the floor? Now look at the ceiling, which way did you move your head? Reversed mouse control is natural and makes sense for lots of game because it's the same as you moving your head. I rest my case.
  13. Finguz

    WG, where is your pride?

    World of draws is becoming so repetitive, predictable and dull, I don't really care. Just saying.
  14. Finguz

    WG's "big" WoWS LAUNCH DAY stream a big flop?

    In true WG Fashion, there are no genuine apologies, nobody admitting it was a pretty poor effort ( I'm being generous here ), only the same tired excuses. They did nothing wrong, and nothing could have been done better, as usual