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  1. I didn't have the opportunity to answer you about the cvs.

    yes, I prefer the old rts vs the new.

    What you said also it's true. But nerfing the ap bombs would be a simple and more capable way to go.

    The AA were more capable, now it's reduced to puffs.

    Now it's much worse than AP bombs.

    And as a cv.

    First thing I don't like about it:

    - no fighters

    - a single 3 km torp per drop

    - every dog and it's mother can shoot you down.

    - can't control the cv

    the new model, the only thing that have better than the old it's the visuals, nothing more.

    I started to deplane the bot cv, then and only then I went for damage, now I can't do that.

    before I did  drops with six torps, only two or three would hit the mark. (wide spread). I've ended battles with around 100 k and almost all planes shot down

    Now I can't hit a barn when I manage to make a drop.

    Yes I know about t8 and stuff, but first you have to go through that nightmare.

    If needed it you could torp beat with the hosho now you can't.

    I don't have my bogue anymore, it's fighters could be airborne for the entire battle.

    if you ask me the skill needed is much higher than before.

    Before, the cv player was a pivot in the team, now it isn't as much.

    the gameplay per say (apart the responsibility aspect) was so much easier.