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  1. ShinGetsu

    American 406mm - Do damage how?

    US 406 aren't good at long range. The problem is not their penetration, it's their flight time. You need to compensate the distance enormously. You want to be between 15 and 10km, and have some broadside. Over 17km you'll lose a lot of effectiveness because most players will dodge your salvo. Iowa and Montana are still very solid ships. They're fast, have a lot of guns, are pretty decently accurate at all range, and hits hard. They just have slow shells that arcs a lot with distance. Focus on cruisers first. They are better cruiser killers than the 460/457mm guns carriers, they are more accurate than the GK and 380mm ships as well.
  2. ShinGetsu

    Any way of opting out from supertesters?

    It's easier but it's also more efficient. "Doing things properly" would means having a LOT of players going into test server and not playing on live. Thus biasing the results. And thus actually NOT doing things properly. They use supertester data in live server to see how the new ships interact with the most popular game mode. You can't have a better test environment than that, man. You just can't. Anything else would just give wrong results one way or another. The issue we actually have with the supertester is that WG completely ignore the new ships effects on competitive game mode. Supertested ships don't give a f*ck about the meta in Clan Battle, ranked battle or KoTS.
  3. ShinGetsu

    Any way of opting out from supertesters?

    You need a lot of players to do that. It's far easier to just send players with the ship in your own live server. Setting up a test server is more work, time and money than you seems to realize. It's not just a copy-paste things.
  4. ShinGetsu

    Any way of opting out from supertesters?

    This topic is completely ridiculous. How would Supertester actually test ships if they can't use them in the main environment of the game ? The supertester program exists exactly to bring feedbacks to WG. And the supertest ships are damn far from being always overpowered. By adding an "opt-out" you're actually creating a biased test environment. This snowflake culture of wanting to be protected from anything you don't like is getting really toxic.
  5. ShinGetsu


    Oregairu season 3 finally started. Finally. On another topic, found this absolute gem on reddit :
  6. ShinGetsu

    Discussions sur les News

    Le T10 c'est un Tilman mais même pas un vrai Tilman. C'est un Tilman extrapolé avec des plus gros canons mais un peu plus réaliste niveau mobilité et probablement blindage. Ils auraient pu au moins faire le 24x406 en 4x6 tourelles... Ils voulaient le faire avancer à 28 noeuds avec un tonnage de Montana, ces bichons. Notez l'absence absolue de canons AA sur ce design. En 1925.
  7. It was just disinterest. - Clan Battle were becoming dull, we had low motivation and not enough player to really farm them anyway. - I had no motivation at all to play more FFA with shitty random players you have to babysit constantly. - I bought Total War Warhammer (1 & 2 + DLCs on sales) and having a load of fun with that amazing game, along with Arknights I've started in March and Monster Hunter World Iceborne I play regurlarly whenever there's an update. - My job means less time to play altogether, though the quarantine left me with a load of free time.
  8. Odin is literally the only one that doesn't look like "oversized boobs waifu #361351". I just can't tell those AL design apart by this point. Odin at least wear actual armor, and doesn't have completely ridiculous proportion. Best one of the bunch by far for me. Well I've pretty much stopped playing Wows anyway.
  9. ShinGetsu


    This podcast was very interesting, and it introduced me to Chris' channel I didn't know before. He really did some quality content, his video on Fukushima is almost on par with a professionnal documentary.
  10. ShinGetsu

    Spitefire vs D520

    Ouais, c'est le "Feu dépité" au lieu du "Cracheur de feu" en fait. Moins classe mais bon, déjà qu'il a du mal avec le français, on va pas lui en demander du briton en plus !
  11. ShinGetsu


    I don't watch/listen to podcast usually either... Beside those of course :
  12. ShinGetsu


    Already saw it. It was pretty fun. I really like Gigguk content overall, since he's pretty fun and have about the same (trash) taste in Anime as me. I'm less familiar with the other two, but it was a good podcast and I'm definitely waiting for more.
  13. ShinGetsu

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    But what you're proposing will makes things even worse for solo players. Really. It just ensure you'll ALWAYS have to carry the potatoes and that you'll NEVER get teamed with player around your skill level.
  14. ShinGetsu

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    It would make solo playing even worse. People really don't understand this. One of the good things with random matchmaking is that you can get matched with good players too. And isn't it great when you can have those rare moments of actual teamplay or coordinated play with a random stranger ? Ensuring potatoes are evenly distributed would mean I would have SYSTEMATICALLY potatoes in my team to compensate my "skill" (and I'm just above average) because the guy I COULD teamplay with is always on the opposite team. That means you'll have to fight constantly an uphill battle to make enough damage before your team collapses and drown in their abyssal gameplay.