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  1. Khab is miles behind Kléber. Kléber don't take AP pen, is even faster, way more agile, has more range, workable AP sub-10km and that special saturation mechanic. And a Kléber in the worst case can just do a yolo torpedo attack you'll have a LOT of trouble countering if he timed it well. Kléber weaknesses are its vulnerability to CV, the lack of smoke and the base DPM being terrible. There's no CV in CB and you can work around the other weaknesses. Multiple Kléber team are pretty broken. They can just attack you from all sides and you'll have a hard time wrestling for map control. I know very very good clans can counter them but it's not fun tbh.
  2. ShinGetsu

    Why are BBs hanging back and how to fix that?

    2 to 4 cruiser per match. "He SpAm Is ThE rEaSoN BB cAn'T pUsH." It would be comical if that wasn't sad.
  3. I've played the Nurnberg again recently and by god this things balistic is horrendous. Worse than an Atlanta. It doesn't even have Atlanta arcs to spam from behind cover, the shells are just incredibly slow. Nurnberg is strong, makes no mistakes, but it's a tier 6, mostly shooting at 20-25 knots battleships that themselves have floaty shells and meh dispersion. Konigsberg's gun on a tier 8 ? That's even worse. 15 seconds flight time at max range against 35 knots - sometimes more than 40 ! knots ships is just unbearable. Especially with low alpha and slow speed on the Mainz itself. Yeah you will hit a Yamato. It goes at 27 knots and doesn't move much. A République ? Good luck with that. Not even mentioning Bourgogne. And we're just talking battleships there.
  4. ShinGetsu

    Shimakaze advice

    The legendary is very good btw. It just requires good positioning.
  5. ShinGetsu

    Why are BBs hanging back and how to fix that?

    BB don't need any buff to HE resistance.
  6. General consensus is that they are quite terrible, and tbh I agree with this, despite very decent stats with Amalfi (75k average damage, 60%WR). They are just not worth using. Every time I do something with those cruisers, I think I could do way better with any other nation. SAP just requires too much effort on the player part to works properly. Amalfi being as squishy as a Mogami doesn't help. Seriously, when will you FINALLY decide to give heal to cruisers tier 8 ? They badly need it. All of them. Permanently losing HP to a YueYang's pew-pew is NOT ok when you're playing a cruiser that already lacks range, DPM, and any means of survivability. I still reserves my judgement on Venezia because I think it will be the only cruiser worth grinding in this tech tree. Even then, I doubt it has ANY chance to get picked in CB/ranked because it will bring... absolutely nothing to its team. Typical situation : you get chased around by a Zao. Dude's know how to angle. With SAP you have literally zero chance to win. You can't rely on dubious dispersion RNG to get superstructure shot, while the HE-cruiser barely needs to aim. Same with the opposite situation of chasing a kiter. And the worst part is that you can't even change ammunition to get better results, since the only other choice is AP. At least give them a decent range... With their balistic they deserves it anyway.
  7. ShinGetsu

    Why are BBs hanging back and how to fix that?

    Sometimes you run into "speshul" CV players tho. I had a Lexington trying to strike me the whole match, but he was completely unable to read my speed. The only thing he managed to do was 7 rockets hits for 1700HP in the whole match. And he tried with bombers and TB as well. xD
  8. ShinGetsu

    Why are BBs hanging back and how to fix that?

    I really am suprised anyone could call the Kléber too easy, OP, or French Bias. It's a fantastic ship in good hands, I give you that, but only because a good player can compensate its glaring issues. As I said earlier, that Flamu clip was not just a DD outgunning the Mino, it was the Mino that did a huge mistake. Had he turned (and he had enough time to) to face the Kléber, it would had barely lost HP and easily killed the Kléber. Against a skilled mino player, Flamu would have died right here. And any CV match is hell. Kléber base reload is EIGHT SECONDS ffs. Outside of MBRB its DPM completely SUCKS. At least let it have good AP. MBRB is the only thing that saves this DD and let it be a bit more than a yolo torpedo boat. I would be ok with removing MBRB if it had 5s base reload.
  9. ShinGetsu

    Why are BBs hanging back and how to fix that?

    Yeah. First you speed boost into the cap, reload booster the DD that comes in to contest, they get the hell away. After that you play a bit more like a russian DD at long range before getting back into a very agressive playstyle in mid-late game. Again you want to ambush BBs. I can provides you the replay of the game I did yesterday. Twas a loss due to stupid allies, but I did 165k and murdered a DM and a Yamato. I was salty in the chat tho. Can give you the replay this evening when I will have access to my PC.
  10. ShinGetsu

    Why are BBs hanging back and how to fix that?

    I don't know for tier 6. But Mogador and Kléber are very very special ships. Think "calculated yolo". They excel at ambushing. Fantasque play more like a typical cap contest DD. While Kléber wants to gets close and personal to BB to point blank torpedo them, or citadel cruisers, reload booster DD.
  11. ShinGetsu

    Why are BBs hanging back and how to fix that?

    I disagree on Kléber being "retarded". It's a pretty specific playstyle and it definitely can't get out of a sticky situation where it can't run away. It doesn't have any tool besides reload booster and huge AP penetration. And DPM without reload booster is horrendous. They are very dangerous in good hands as they are hard to kill quickly and are incredibly good at ambushing, but that's about it. And even then it totally depends on the matchmaking. And they hates CVs the most out of all DD. I have a screenshot of a recent battle where I ambushed a Moskva and killed him with 24 citadel hit. The thing is, he was an easy target for any DD. I just used my gun when I could have killed him ever quicker and even more safely (since no gun bloom) with my torpedoes. Kléber is definitely no stupid ship IMO. They bring something truly original and I love it. EDIT : That Mino clip was terrible play on the Mino part. He actually slowed down and showed broadside. He should have turned full speed toward the Kléber. He would have murdered him that way and healed right after. In that situation I can outgun a Minotaur with a Khabarovsk. Hell even a Gearing can citadel a Mino at this range.
  12. ShinGetsu

    Why are BBs hanging back and how to fix that?

    You completely and conveniently removed the AP in that equation. You completely ignored the heal. You completely ignored the fact a Yamato can straight up delete a cruiser while killing one with HE takes several minutes. And you use history as a means of justification which is completely absurd in a game where all classes are supposed to be able to fight the other. BBs don't need buff. They already are the dominant class in the game for the longest time. It's been several YEARS we get constant 5 BB per side while other class number per match fluctuates a lot. That's saying something about balance, right ? Only tier 10 is somewhat balanced between BB and cruisers actually. If anything, tier 6-8 cruisers should all get buffed and should get a heal consumable. You clearly didn't play the italian. They are completely sh*t. They're useless. They don't bring anything to the game. SAP is a terrible ammunition. IFHE shouldn't be there you say ? Tell me, if we remove IFHE, what is the point of playing a Worcester ? DM would be better in pretty much everything. In facts it already is. But nerfing IFHE would just downright kill the ship. IFHE was added because playing light cruiser was an incredibly frustrating experience. The only way to deal damage was to get Fire and superstructure hits, even on other cruisers. It was totally unbalanced and only RNG decided whether you would do a good game or not.
  13. ShinGetsu

    SOS Mathématique

    Ouais euh... non merci. Et Clément, le but de ces exercices c'est de les faire toi-même, surtout en prépa. Tu auras pas le forum avec les copains aux concours.
  14. ShinGetsu

    What is worse? BB captains?

    Kléber is amazing at this kind of yolo btw. I love it for this reason. It's always fun to do. Though yesterday in CB I got trolled hard by my second target. I killed their Yamato, went for the last GK and he managed to kill me with 9 hit out of 12 cannon, and I was bow-on. :(
  15. ShinGetsu

    What is worse? BB captains?

    Actually talking as if Mino/Neptune was dangerous for a BB. Lol. And you can fire back. Smoke isn't an impenetrable wall. Check were are the shots coming from and fire a salvo there.