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  1. As for Intrepid, I really don't like her design at all. In the first place, I don't like Shibafu art. Some are "not bad" like Hiryuu, Kaga, I-400, some are downright terrible. And Intrepid deserves the nickname I gave her "Insipid". There's just no personality on her design. I'm not talking about the outfit, but her face mostly. It's not balanced with her whole body, and is just "ordinary". For a class as mythical as the Essex, it's just very, very disappointing. ESPECIALLY when you have on the other hand incredible design, full of personality, like Ark Royal and Saratoga. Case on points : → Saratoga is a beautiful girl with a strand of hair coming from her hat (like smoke from a funnel), and wield a freaking tommy gun with loader under her skirt with a pose à la Marilyn Monroe. Her design is detailed, she got a very distinctive face with a lot of details. → Ark Royal got short red hair with, once again, a very distinctive design, and wield a Long Bow. She looks a bit old fashioned but classical, with an air of nobility, while Saratoga looks more like an american actress from the 40-50s. → Intrepid ? Nothing. At most she looks like "mob character A" in which they slapped a bit of cosplay. It's really USS Insipid... It's... it's really a shame. For an ESSEX CLASS. With INCREDIBLE STATS, that's a HUGE disappointment. Line-up even Hiryuu Kai Ni, Taihou, Intrepid, Saratoga, Graf Zeppelin, Zuikaku (especially with her event CG), Shoukaku, Ark Royal... you'll see they each have a lot of detail, but Intrepid is just the only one that don't fit with them. I'll take her if I manage to clear E-7, I'll Kai her and play her in my fleets, but only for her stats. Jervis and Tashkent are the most important ships of this event (along with the possibility to get Ark, Warspite, and other, but I'm not even damn sure I'll be able to drop Jervis given how E-4 is costly to farm, and once again I had to give up on Akizuki-classes because of this f***** impossible to farm E-3 boss. I JUST CAN'T GET A DUCKY. WHYYYYYY. I'm so furious they lock the Ducks away from me with their impossible farm) On the other hand, people threatening Shibafu are complete [edited]. Those guys should go out a bit more and learn what their priorities in life are. EDIT : BTW, I tried to cheat the system by using Akitsumaru loaded with fighters on E-5 to see if that could work. It doesn't. xD
  2. Her head is the biggest problem actually. It just didn't fit with anything else of her whole design. And compared to Saratoga... I think I'd rather try to farm Iowa and Saratoga in E-7, or even Ark Royal only on E-4 than trying to clear E-7. Sure she gets very nice slots, but even Kaga has a much better design. Honestly, it's nothing but a waste of potential there. Saratoga raised my expectation a lot, and I'm very disappointed now. On the other hand, Tashkent is really great. And she got Medium range and 4 slots.
  3. Her Kai Ni B is so OP. First she only need to reach level 80. No blueprint, no catapult, no nothing. Second she get at Kai Ni B : - 18-15-15-2 for plane slots, which is a total of 50 planes. It's 7 less than her Kai Ni (21-18-12-6) BUT : - She can OASW - She's still fast - SHE HAS LONG RANGE !!!!!! - She can joins Transport Task Fleets She practically only lose 3 planes. Since the 6 slots would usually only be used for Saiun anyway. Or you can even make her even stronger with Night Combat Personnel which also allows her to attack at night ! And she's cute, she's still the very first CV I got in the game and she's a waifu. I only need to grind her for 8 level more. x)
  4. Yeah, no. Change only concern Northern Light and not North. So half the matches in this map will still have the crap cap D. And BBabies won't even notices it's not the same layout and still will go cap D before asking in the [ALL] : "where is muh strategical cap ?"
  5. Amagi

    > That feeling quand tu retrouves en haut de page ton post de Novembre 2016 qui conseille le build secondaire sur Amagi et qualifie CE de "complètement débile" et 15.6km de détection "largement suffisant". SInon moi je préfère PT, sur tous mes navires. Déjà parce que si je le met sur tous sauf un, j'aurais tendance à oublier que ce "un" ne l'a pas et donc fait une erreur bête, et secundo parce qu'il est vachement fort ce skill. Presque aussi fort que AR.
  6. Most probably because to go to D you absolutely needed to have NO TAG AT ALL on the ships of your fleets. E-2 isn't really hard even in easy or medium difficulty. I think the challenge really begins in E-3, and E-4 seems quite tough.
  7. I'm running E-2 "low costs" with Haruna and Kongou. I COULD sortie Yamato, but I'd rather not. I need to keep my ressources for E-3 farming and E-4 boss.
  8. I raises you with a drop I wanted for a long time and got completely randomly at my one and only clear of E-2 node Y (easy). I saw there was Akizuki in E-3 boss node and I'll farm her first and foremost. I'll go for the easy mode in all the Main Maps, and for the EO I may go casual to secure the last reward ship... If I get my ducky.
  9. Quand on dit "build CL", comprendre "tout ce qui as des canons entre 150 et 180mm compris, sauf allemand et anglais" (allemand ont déjà un équivalent à IFHE et anglais n'en ont juste rien à faire)
  10. I can't wait to see Tashkent and Intrepid CG. I mean, Tashkent ! And a freaking ESSEX CLASS CV. (Though the Fairy on Tashkent's guns and torps may be a hint)
  11. Kantai Collection

    Les quatre premières map de l'event filent à tout joueur y compris ceux qui full easy les mats pour Kai Ni Musashi. J'imagine qu'en post-event je vais tryhard un peu pour la craft. Elle est bien plus belle en K2 en plus. J'ai clear assez vite E-1 moi ce soir. J'ai décidé de faire tout en easy (pas en Très facile hein, Easy tout court) de toute façon, et E-1 est totalement bidon avec des filles ASW. PS : Zuikaku est absolument magnifique avec sa CG event. Et Shimakaze est une belle surprise aussi. Jervis est mignonne (avec d'assez bonnes stats), les DE sont meh, Gambier Bay (reward E-4) est hideuse IMO. Tashkent est une sacrée surprise que je n'attendais pas, et apparemment la reward E-7 a l'air d'être USS Intrepid, classe Essex ! Encore pire que Saratoga ! J'attend avec impatience leurs CGs.
  12. Cuirassés Français

    En Furutaka tu t'en fiches, c'est du tier 5. Attend de tomber sur une map comme Salomon, et rush n'importe quel ennemi au détour d'une île. En deux-trois essais avec lui ça sera probablement rendu. C'est vraiment un navire que t'es pas obligé de jouer subtilement. x)
  13. Cuirassés Français

    Ouais mais c'est plus facile avec des torpilles bien vers l'avant, et Furutaka est parfait pour le NIHON BANZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAI.
  14. Cuirassés Français

    Au pire yolo en Furutaka. Il a les torpilles vers l'avant. =3
  15. Les builds commandants

    A prendre avec des pincettes XXL. La plupart des builds avec le plus de votes sont souvent contestables et parfois complètement débiles.