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  1. ShinGetsu


    Ok alors non. République suit la courbe de dispersion des cuirassé allemands et UK. C'est pas bon. Les japonais sont largement devant. Mais c'est suffisamment bon avec son ROF, sa vitesse, sa pénétration et la violence globale de ses canons. Le République n'a pas besoin d'un buff.
  2. ShinGetsu

    Possible german cv line

    Ju87 Stuka was a decent attacker aircraft, but it was mostly outdated for the later part of the war. It was a good dive bomber, but it was still slow and as germany lost air superiority, they became just easy target. They just used it because they didn't have the time nor the ressource to develop another new aircraft. It's the opposite of the US that could keep their old naval bombers for a long time because they had such an overwhelming air superiority that they didn't need to develop anything better until 1945. And honestly, a german CV line is just wehraboo pandering. It's not necessarily negative, but it's the truth. Those are asked by the same people who wants napkin and downright stupid design like H45. They didn't even have the naval planes. (someone actually f*cking said Me262 of all planes. That thing would have NEVER been able to take off from a CV.). FW190 and the like of Ta152 can compete up to tier 8. Not 10. No, if WG have any sense, an alternate IJN CV line is the best choice. Hell the IJN made enough CV, so we probably even could go for three line. In the worst case we can go for the Unryuu class and the cancelled Amagi conversion.
  3. ShinGetsu

    Possible german cv line

    WG République design is almost solely based on the french studies of a 431mm gun. Everything else is basically an enlarged Gascogne made up by WG. Most of us expected a super-Alsace with 4x4 380 as a tier 10 before they announced République.
  4. ShinGetsu

    Le Dmitri Donskoi

    Le nombre de canon AA n'a rien à voir avec leur puissance. Si tu remplaces des vieux 20mm tout pourris qui ne touchent rien par des 57mm Bofors, il y aura moins de canons. Mais ils seront bien plus efficaces. Et de toute façon pour ce que sert l'AA...
  5. ShinGetsu

    Croiseurs italiens

    J'ai eu des résultats étonnamment bons avec l'Amalfi, mais c'est un sous-Mogami le truc sur quasiment tous les points. Brindisi était le pire de la branche pour moi. Venezia au moins avec ses SAP buffées il fait du dégât par salve très correct.
  6. ShinGetsu

    Croiseurs italiens

    Bah tu fera de belles salves à 10k. Le truc c'est qu'il est pas assez discret et pas assez solide tout en manquant de portée. Exactement comme le Brindisi avant lui. Ok tu fais mal, mais les risques que tu dois prendre pour les faire, ces dégâts... Pour moi il a besoin d'un buff de portée ou de concealment. L'un des deux. Là bien trop souvent je me retrouve obligé de fuir parce qu'un DD me permaspot alors que je suis encore trop loin des cibles ennemies sur lesquelles je pourrais faire du dégât. Et si je monte l'upgrade de portée je me retrouve avec un DPM encore plus minable. En div avec un bon DD pour dégager le chemin devant toi il devrait être bien par contre. Je joue très peu en ce moment et généralement solo, ce qui mène à des parties minable. Peu importe ce que je joue. Mais en Venezia c'est le pire.
  7. ShinGetsu

    Croiseurs italiens

    Bof. Il est vaguement correct. Mais c'est franchement pas un navire extraordinaire, les autres croiseurs t10 sont beaucoup plus simple à jouer. Pour le niveau d'effort qu'il me faut pour faire 120k avec ce truc, je fais 150+ avec n'importe quel autre croiseur.
  8. ShinGetsu

    Italian Ships SAP

    Venezia is frankly meh. It's a good thing that the SAP salvoes hurts decently hard with that garbage reload. The ship is squishy, lack range, lack concealment and lack DPM. It just manage to burst some damage every 20 seconds. It's good enough for farming damage in random battle, but the ship will clearly lose a pure DPM race against any HE cruiser. And the citadel is very large, so it's especially vulnerable to Stalingrad or BB shells.
  9. ShinGetsu

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Taken from a random Discord : these kind of results only ever happens in Epicenter. At least let enough time for people to actually play the game. No matter how bad the playerbase is, this is frustrating for everyone. And it's not a single, isolated case.
  10. ShinGetsu

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    If you want to reduces the number of stomp, maybe, just maybe, ask WG to remove that utter garbage mode that is Epicenter. They are the main source of the 6-7 minutes games with 2 kills per team.
  11. ShinGetsu


    SI est toujours pertinent. Ça fait toujours un heal de plus et c'est assez normal de tous les utiliser dans les parties un peu longuettes.
  12. ShinGetsu

    Possible german cv line

    Please spare us. We have enough wehraboo in the game already. I'd rather see an additional IJN CV line that would bring back Taihou and possibly add Shinano (after all, it WAS a support carrier), than some german napkin design. They didn't have any CV bar Graf Zeppelin. Period. Heck they didn't even have the PLANES for the Graf. They had to convert some outdated Bf109 for it. A russian CV line is actually a less stupid idea than a german one. Because USSR seriously studied CV design after 1945.
  13. Nah, at long range especially it won't do anything. The deck is what matters most at long range. To deal real damage by hitting this 50mm part, you need to hit the citadel behind. At long range most shells comes from above. It will maybe protect from some HE, maybe. But it won't make a real difference.
  14. The bow 50mm plating isn't a really big issue tbh. It's very low on the water. It's very different compared to Moskva giant 50mm section. At most it means some citadel protection at very close range against battleship. But it certainly won't prevent citadel hits from front at mid-range. Curved balistic and all that.
  15. ShinGetsu

    Discussions sur les News

    Bah la dispersion est la même qu'avant et c'est largement suffisant pour coller des dégâts aux croiseurs aux distances que tu cites. Et en haut tier République en a carrément rien à faire des changements de blindage vu que les 430 overmatch 30mm.^^