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  1. C'est plus facile en cuirassé qu'en croiseur. T'as de la portée, un heal quel que soit le tier, et du punch. En croiseur low tier t'es souvent une cible et tu fais ce que tu peux pour survivre avec Priority Target qui s'affole. Encore que ça dépend du croiseur. Low tier en Budyonny ou Shchors ? M'en tape. Low tier en Mogami ou en Nürnberg ? Yaaay... *voix résignée*
  2. Because we need yet another premium US BB with broken consumable. I say, WG, are you even trying at this point ? And why the hell another South Dakota when we're waiting for Roma-class and Richelieu-class?
  3. Roma and Jean Bart ? No ? Nope ? Another South Dakota, but with a radar, I bet...
  4. I'm sorry but these 15.7km range on Mogami are anything but fine when you fight 90% of the time in tier 10 and most team are camping. Either you watch the battle and do nothing for 10 minutes, hence having clearly no impact on the game at all, or you try to support DD at the beginning and get deleted. Not even talking when the enemy team is running away. Try to get some point off them and you get targeted by 6+ ships and die at the first BB salvo, thanks to the "awesome" 25mm deck...
  5. Non mais c'est le nouveau fantasme de WG : mettre des radars sur tout et n'importe quoi. Ils veulent pas comprendre que ce consommable est gamebreaker.
  6. Zuihou was my first CVL.^^ For me I got at the event : Ooyodo Taigei Kazagumo (Skilled Lookout) Tanikaze (Skilled Lookout) Hatakaze/Richelieu (stopped after E-4) Noshiro Yahagi Commandant Teste Mizuho I-401 Couldn't get Teruzuki with this event, with more than 100 runs on E-4E node L, but I'll try hard next event to get that new Zuki-sister.
  7. On the other hand, I'd like my Mogami to have more than that overly stupid 15.7km range when I'm 90% of the time low tier. Yeah, I'm salty there.
  8. Well, Mizuho with enough leveling is a good 2-in-1. Opening torp + 2x12 planes works well. And let's not forget Teste with 4 slots, very good firepower, and works very well with 2 guns and 2 planes. (can't do the opening torp tho) But they are "rare". Btw, for our beginner, when you have some ressources to spare, get your Akagi or any CV as flagship, and uses the basic development recipe for planes. It can gives you a bunch of different things, all with low probabiloty, but there are so many interesting plane you will easily get one or two Ryuusei ou Suisei. It's easy to uses, doesn't cost much, and since you don't search for any planes in particular, anything will interest you. And try to craft a Saiun ASAP. Those things are so f***** useful.
  9. Not only Taigei is the worst CVL ingame, but she need Blueprints for the conversion, which is even worse. Better save your blueprint for actually useful girls like Abukuma.
  10. Gosh, you're lucky, Taigei drop rate in 2-5 is abysmal. Like 0.002%. She has three uses : - Some quest and Expedition - Branching in world 6 - Being cute af. In term of combat capability, just equip her like a CL. But she doesn't serves any other purpose than that. I got her in the event, personnally. As well as Ooyodo. Now I'm trying to get Akashi from 1-5 and trying to craft Bismarck.
  11. Well, I don't have a t10 CV myself, but I have more than enough in my clan. Overall consensus : - Hakuryuu is good, but Taiho is better. A proper 2-1-2 Midway is better in everything ===> Stay in the port. - Midway is really good, be it strike or 2-1-2, but once every three game you just watch the match as you can't attack anything. ==> Stay in the port. Conclusion : Essex and Taiho are better, period. You get unplayable matches way too often. And I'm not talking about potato player there. I'm talking about 60+% WR in all classes and very good players in CV.
  12. You forgot another important point : it only applies to CHANGING NODE INTO ANOTHER BATTLE. Meaning if your Shigure get red (Taiha) in Day battle, you can go without worry into Night Battle. The same way, if you do 1-6, the last node is a neutral, ressource node. So if you get a ship in red during the last combat, you can push into the last node of 1-6 cause they won't fight at all. 1-6 is a particular case tho !
  13. 100mm are the only way to go on Harekaze. It shreds most DD to pieces, which is the best tool to carry. But you need SE and IFHE.