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  1. Tanker1976

    Any Clan's in this game for me ?

    Guys ty for all replays but for now i found a clan. And i'm very pleased by it.
  2. Tanker1976

    Any Clan's in this game for me ?

    Ok man. Ty very much for replay. I will enter on discord to see with my eyes :)
  3. Hi, I'm 43 years old. I'm looking for EU Clan English speaking or romanian clan. I'm an average player. I have 2 boats Tir 10: Zao and Republique and many tir 8 boats and some 9. I'm interested in CW and other clan activities. I'm very active player and I'm using Discord or TS. I want bonuses from clan buildings (i mean i want a clan with high level buildings). At the moment i'm in a clan with no activities CW :(( and it's a dead clan. Very few online. But i have bonuses from buildings. And i'm not having fun :(((( I WANT FUN :)