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  1. so i took the bait as i occasionally play wot too and clicked on the wargaming.net center and asked it to install. a minute later and ive imported all my games however it is insisting that all games require an update for me to play them (wrong the wows launcher was ready for me to play when i clicked on the wgc news thingy) wouldnt be a problem if it was actually able to download these alleged updates it requires however it just says "unable to install updates press retry to try again" then it will constantly repeat that every 60 seconds. i assumed that just uninstalling the WGC i could go back to having two simple and functional launchers but apparently the shortcuts and launchers are disabled now and launching the games via their exe get to login screen but it just results in 3 minutes of loading wheel then nothing it just sits back on the login screen. having deleted both games and all wgc stuff from my computer i am now reinstalling wot with the functional wot only launcher however the wows installer despite having a wows logo and being called wows installer it just loads up the wgc installer. would appreciate it if anyone has any ideas on how to get back the plain and simple wows installer. ive tried going to NA and asia websites with the intention of getting localisation files but i get the same thing. i have submitted a ticket but going by my experience dealing with support from wot i dont really wanna wait 5 days to actually get any help
  2. what am i missing in carrier combat?

    thanks thats really usefull.i started going backwards because i find i get spotted and rekt by DDs fairly often if i stay much closer to the action. ill try staying a bit closer to the front from now on see if that pushes my damage up.
  3. what am i missing in carrier combat?

    well i have watched a few of notsers videos and while i know hes not the best CVer out there ive picked up quite a few pointers on the spotting aspect. i try to target DDs when i think i can get away with it but i generally only go for them with my bombers. often my focus is to bait out the enemy fighters with my bombers (they dont seem too important to me as i never hit more than 2 bombs in 12 anyway) once i have air supremacy i either focus on taking out the enemy CV or helping isolated allies / punishing aggressive BBs and CAs this is my most recent game. i won and i feel like i did well but if anyone has the time to watch and critique how i play it would be much appreciated https://replayswows.com/replay/5283#stats
  4. what am i missing in carrier combat?

    those guides are pretty good. will be going through them thoroughly. unfortunately i dont have huge reserves of free XP and what i do have i want to save for premium ships rather than regular ones so i will be grinding the bogue as well as the langley. im not usre why i keep losing im assuming its just bad luck but ive had 2 matches tonight one with 3 kills 53k damage and 27 planes down but still a loss... neutralized their CV early and took out 2 BBs and kept 2 of their DDs spotted for the entire game but still no win. second game we had lost 3 ships before my torpedo bombers were even close to an enemy, i just dont see how i can impact games like that. maybe its just becaus eits low teir and ive had bad luck with teams... but its hugely frustrating when my teams lost several units before ive had a chance to impact the game :(
  5. im trying to get into carriers with the langley but im not having a great deal of luck. im currently on 7 consecutive losses despite most of them being what i would call ok games (40-60k damage 1-2 kills 10+ air kills) however i just cant compete with the enemy carriers i keep facing. i have top planes and so far dogfighting air service and torp acceleration and air group mod1 yet i feel like i have a permanent disadvantage against my opposition. in one game i managed to bait the enemy langleys fighters into a dogfight directly over an allied Orion i assumed that the AA on the orion would give me a decisive advantage however my squadron was wiped out with only 2 kills to their credit. then later on my remaining 4 fighters engage their depleted 3 strong fighter squadron and wipe mine out with only 1 loss. how can they do that? i have as far as i can tell everything available that improves my planes so we mustve been at worst on even footing, so why did they have such a huge advantage in both instances? on another point how can you compete with higher teir CVs with amazing captains? my team has a zuiho and me (langley) the enemy has a hosho and a bogue. we just couldnt compete with them in either numbers or quality the bogue alone has 14 t5 fighters in the air which outmatches and outnumbers both of us combined. short of keeping my planes below deck until a destroyer has sunk their carrier i dont know how i can have an impact with opposition like that anyway thanks in advance for any replies
  6. how can i improve?

    so i played the game some 200ish battles in beta but quit as i didn't like how CVs were so i didn't carry on playing. after getting sick of tanks i wanted to give wows a new take. so far im finding CVs to be not as terrifying as they were in beta and playing a few battles in one has given me an insight into how to deal with them, and i feel like im starting to get a hang of things. i feel im doing fairly well in my Wyoming though i would like to get better, i just dont find i hit much unless i get in real close. i feel im getting a sense of which ammo is best in which situation and unless im wasting ammo against DDs at 12km im getting fairly good at aiming. recently i have been playing the t3 british celedon and i must say i find it quite fun. i try to pick a flank and either fight it out or run away (if i see a BB i tend to run while i feel i can outdo most CAs and CLs that i encounter). anyway im hoping to get some insight into how to improve my play heres a link to my 2 most recent celedon replays and i was hoping i could get some honest and constructive feedback on what im doing wrong and what im doing right where i can improve and how better to impact the battle. https://replayswows.com/replay/3193 https://replayswows.com/replay/3195 thanks in advance for any advice its much appreciated