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  1. so i played the game some 200ish battles in beta but quit as i didn't like how CVs were so i didn't carry on playing. after getting sick of tanks i wanted to give wows a new take. so far im finding CVs to be not as terrifying as they were in beta and playing a few battles in one has given me an insight into how to deal with them, and i feel like im starting to get a hang of things. i feel im doing fairly well in my Wyoming though i would like to get better, i just dont find i hit much unless i get in real close. i feel im getting a sense of which ammo is best in which situation and unless im wasting ammo against DDs at 12km im getting fairly good at aiming. recently i have been playing the t3 british celedon and i must say i find it quite fun. i try to pick a flank and either fight it out or run away (if i see a BB i tend to run while i feel i can outdo most CAs and CLs that i encounter). anyway im hoping to get some insight into how to improve my play heres a link to my 2 most recent celedon replays and i was hoping i could get some honest and constructive feedback on what im doing wrong and what im doing right where i can improve and how better to impact the battle. thanks in advance for any advice its much appreciated