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  1. I have got about 2 or 3 Free containers a day since start, and no missions. I think the rate feels too low, similar to a Super Container. Shame, and feel a bit duped
  2. ciarancummins

    Update 0.6.11 - Bug Reports

    1. Description "Start Battle" Button never appears when starting a battle 2. Reproduction steps Random battle in any type of ship, randomly Start Battle does not appear. Game is on SSD and never had this in the past 3. Result Alt-F4 to exit game. Load and Login in again to get into battle instance which loads fine 4. Expected result Start Battle Button appears, and can be clicked to go into battle instance
  3. ciarancummins

    Map border abuse.

    I think a better way would be to have a "Return to battlefiled". Failure to do so in a certain timeframe would result in death. obviously the time for each class would be different. It would take away the ugly invisible wall that effects torpedo and gunnery aiming.
  4. ciarancummins

    Crew not just captains

    I agree, just posted it today too. http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/14709-skills-increase-with-crew-experience/page__fromsearch__1
  5. ciarancummins

    Skills increase with crew experience

    something that I think that is missing is crew experience. While the captain does make a difference, I think the crew experience should effect certain skills. dare I say it, like WoT. For example, the following attributes should increase with crew experience. Gun and Torp load times (even just slightly), AA accuracy, Secondary accuracy, Damage Control (without using repair) for fire and torp damage. I think secondary accuracy is horrendous, and looks terrible. It should not be be so bad. If I have 18x5" secondary and a DD or CA gets in range, they should make a difference. In contrast I think the US DD's should get better concealment and slightly longer torp range.
  6. ciarancummins

    Update 0.3.1 General feedback

    my thoughts too, well said. on the plus side I like the extra variety and it should settle down with a bit of time.
  7. ciarancummins

    Bombard/Defend mission suggestion

    That would be a great idea too. I know it is CBT, but they really need to try something new, as it just feels like WoT on water, nothing like historical Naval warfare (presented in an arcade way).
  8. I think that all they need to do is see what it looks like in ocean map. Ocean night. doesnt have to have any under the hood changes at first, just see what light is put out by shells, moon and burning wrecks.
  9. ciarancummins

    Bombard/Defend mission suggestion

    please give us something new to do. it shouldn't be that hard to do.
  10. ciarancummins

    Match speed with friendly target

    +1 . I like the idea. was important feature of Naval formations.
  11. ciarancummins

    [Suggestion] Water Splash on screen

    [suggestion] Water Splash on screen, when raining, or when being shot at and they are close. seen it before in other games, great effect. could be optional to reduce load on low spec machines.
  12. ciarancummins

    Patch is here

    I thought patches were applied automatically?
  13. Now that Ocean Map is a huge success (see voting post), I think it would be great to vary it with a night version. Just Moonlight to show the beautifully rendered ships, and to see the sky lit up with gunfire.
  14. ciarancummins

    [Suggestion] BB fire each barrel individually

    I understand the concern from DD drivers, as I love stalking BB's too. I think the introduction of single shot Torpedoes would be great too, and would help have a spread that would increase hit chance. The same is true about wasting 2-3 torps on a near dead target. Changing to single fire would mean you could pick another target if desired.