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  1. Bitte mehr und verschiedene sinkvarianten für jedes Schiff. Pro Schiff 5 arten wie das Schiff untergeht, nicht immer nur die selbe animation.
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    weather effects 1.snow = cool like 2.rain = mega cool like much
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    sound voice 1.If we lose the game it say we win?????????????? "Unser Team steht kurz vor dem Sieg" <<< wrong german voice file here sound music 1.okey good sound weapons 1.okey good
  5. Animation sink ships 1. Long sink time = very cool like 2. I miss the oil spot on the water after sinking sometimes? 3. Please more differant variants mybe 4-5 of sinking types for each ship<<< not only the ship turn over 4. I miss explosions, turret fly away etc., deformation of the ship. watch the youtube video "HMS Barham Explodes and Sinks (1941)" for inspiration. 5. A driving wreck would be cool too 6. Reefs & sandbanks would be cool ships can stuck
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    Veränderungen an den Schiffen

    Carrier gameplay Hiryu & ranger 1. bug on the map (press m) and command the ship on this map, the arrow change not if me change my course direction 2. hard bug after few min all ships are invisible, my own faction ships too<<< that not normal<<< Can see them only on the mini map 3. The airplanes too quick dead, that make no fun. Even i had 6 squadrons <<<<<<<<too much nerf here 4. weak airplanes = not many torpedos on the target = no fun to play a carrier Atago gameplay 1.bug after shooting first torpedos there is no cooldowntimer reloadtimer of the torps anymore?? Time
  7. MOIN ich fange grad mit Youtube an! Und habe 4 ganze Abonnenten. Falls ihr Lust habt mich zu unterstützen dann drückt auf den "WOw cool" button auf meinem Channel.. Ich freue mich über jeden. Ist ne Motivation für mich weiter zu machen. 3 lets Play Video und 1 Musik Video hab ich bis jetzt! Iwaki Alpha https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=403jE-g_fsU <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< mein channel Have a nice day;) .