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  1. eidias

    PT 0.9.4 - Bugs

    Same here: -random flood sound -no tokens in armory -no russian cruiser bundle in armory
  2. eidias

    PT 0.9.4 - Soviet Cruisers Event

    edit: moved to bug
  3. eidias

    Toc Toc è permesso? ^^

    mmm.. vedo nomi che mi ricordano qualcosa :D
  4. eidias

    Event Calendar - February

    Damn.. did 150k damage with Bismarck vs t10.. 2600 base exp.. but I died 55 seconda before the Battle ended.. me sad
  5. eidias

    Benson Torpedo Wide Spread GUI is bugged

    If I remember correctly the "right" tube is the "back" one, that is the one that you are using in the image. So It is normal that you can't fire it because it is still reloading. P.s. I read again your post.. I think I misunderstood It.. You are asking for an indication of which tube is reloaded and which one isn't, right? In this case I agree
  6. *look at the missions* *look at the crusiers in my port* *atago and mogami... damn..* p.s. is there a way to look at the mission requirements/rewards if I don't have access to the game?
  7. eidias

    The extra "Sunday"

    that explains a lot... 33% win rate yesterday.. and also ranked were quite terrible
  8. eidias

    Ranked Battles S5 [all rank battle topics merged]

    After 2 days of struggle at rank 13 finally I got to rank 12.
  9. eidias

    Ranked Battles S5 [all rank battle topics merged]

    agree.. Got 100% win rate in the t6 ranks, then after 29 battle i'm still at rank 13 On some battles it was my fault, but in others player were simply potato (with all respect to the actual potato).. The dds were the worst. Tomorrow I hope to get at least at rank 12
  10. eidias

    WoWs over WoT. Why, for you?

    more or less this.
  11. eidias

    What are the best T8 ships for Ranked?

    For me Tirpitz is more forgiving and has that kind of troll armor on the sides with respect ti NC Agree that torps are not that useful in ranked.. but I manager torp a kaba that popped from behind an Island
  12. eidias

    Server down?

    First day of Ranked working as intended