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  1. Fenrir2205

    Operation Hermes

    It can be quite annoying being singled out with Bismark, Tirpitz, Gneisen and Scharnhorst all changing their aim to you the SECOND you get lit up or shoot,,,, Not the closest target, not on lowest health, showing as little as i can possibly show towards all ships. Happened with the previous waves to with all 4 DD's and both cruisers only targeting my Indianapolis. Even if i was at just about my max range with friendlies 5-8km closer to all 4 BB's they still kept focusing.
  2. One of the worst losses in Rap resc. With 3/7 players 4-5 km behind raptor the entire time, 1 cruiser searching for carrier that spawns to the south the entire time (because of our carrier player's early strike on the carrier it hugged the J line the entire time) and it ended with me and my BB having to take on all the aircraft from the 2nd carrier, Fire from 2 BB and 2 Cruisers, and 1 DD. With the other 3 players (New Mexico and 2 cruisers that i cant remember the types) were all in the 90-100% HP but didn't have the courage to put their ships in danger,,, Match ended in a loss with raptor getting sunk just 2km from the escape circle. One of the best games i had right after. Everyone was doing perfect job. Everyone finished alive with over 50% hp and over 6 minutes on the timer. Everyone was helping each other out, No one was behind the carrier unless to get bit of repair from the rep ship, Before Raptor went out to the spot where the 2 DD's and 2 CL show up everyone was in positon to shoot. 11/10 performance.
  3. Fenrir2205

    Operation Narai

    There are a few problems with it that you have no control over. for example having to chase 1 transport ship that decided to charge ahead with 2-3 cruisers and 2 destroyers shooting at it, while the team is dealing with a BB that just one shot another one from the side. Second is how close the first ships spawn, having a DD apear around an island 5-6km away when everyone on your team just fired on that first gun emplacement has usually resulted in 1 dead or next to dead transport. Cause those bastards wont start to avoid until the very last second even if torps fired from 8km get spotted right away there's going to be no change in direction from that transport til its just about to hit.
  4. Fenrir2205

    HE Ammo is OP as HELL

    And toxic community strikes again,,,, No constructive answers just useless crap and over used memes. When playing as BB i hate how the only thing that comes my way from cruisers is HE, HE, He and ohh,, HE(and ofc the mosquito attacks from British cruisers). And seeing the numbers every 7,5-15 seconds with anything from 500 to 7000 damage per salvo and far to often getting hit by 1 HE shell that sets 2-3 fires, Yes i think the HE is not balanced specially when you consider every single cruiser's salvos are WAY to nice and tight at max range, With the only real redeeming factors for BB's being good amount of HP and the hard hitting citadel hits, that are pretty much pure RNG and happen more often than not when they really shouldn't have hit them (like shooting the very front of a ship or superstructure) When in a cruiser there is only one way to reliably deal damage and that is HE, And i hate my self for admitting this,,, but i love it when the ships catch fire,,, and on occasion panic and use repair on one fire. The feeling of watching a ship of any class (carriers most of all,,, hate those pesky buggers) giving you some free damage with couple of fires that allow you to put another ship on fire. There's just something about it that makes me smile. The basic cruiser tactic that i have noticed being shoot battleship A til it catches fire, puts it out and then get couple more fires going. Then turn to Battleship B and repeat, And when DD's show up try to burn them down as well. I often wonder how cruiser captains would react if you'd have the same accuracy as BB past 3km when shooting at a bismarck (just example) with one turret with 3 barrels at 15+km ,,, 1 shot goes behind the ship, one ahead of the ship and 3rd goes short, Thats well over 250 meter's between 2 shells from one turret,,, and that happens on a regular for many battleships. While most cruisers in game atm with 15+ km range will put every single one of their shots within a circle of 150 ish meters which makes hitting larger ships quite reliable (if you have half decent aim) A single cruiser can burn down most same tier battleships allot faster than a battleship can if it doesnt get citadel hits, simply because 2 fires do allot of damage and 3 will make you wish you had a crew of 1500 and couple buckets. Cruisers are currently anti everything, with battleships becoming more and more like WoT's tank destroyers that sit back and pray to the RNG gods that the shells don't go flying off to the next map.
  5. Fenrir2205

    Questions of the Community

    Are there any plans to add the USS Alaska as a tier 7 premium heavy / battle cruiser like the Scharnhorst?
  6. Fenrir2205

    Ramming - the stupidest mechanic in the game

    Loosing 70k hp by the side of 2 ships (my T8 US BB that i can not start remembering the name for the life of me, and a Montana) barely touch while going 25-30 knots is quite stupid, and should perhaps result in extremely light damage. Sure if a ship actualy RAMS the fething ship, sure make them take massive damage. Barely scraping some paint of and loosing almost all your HP, Light damage, cause those paints must be extremely volatile if mixed while in try form!
  7. Fenrir2205

    They call this t6 battle!

    i fail to see whats so special about this
  8. Fenrir2205


    Little info is better than no info. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Fenrir2205


    Has there been any info / leaks about what line we will see next? RN BB's and so on
  10. I have opened 50 containers, with 2 being super containers... So does anyone want some flags to remove the magazine detonation... i have around 500 if anyone is interested
  11. Fenrir2205

    Bad teams last month, enyone else ?

    There have been some weird moments for me also in the last few days. If two top tier ships go left,,, atleast 2/3rd will follow them to the left even if they are on the opposite side of the map
  12. Fenrir2205

    question about HE shells

    So this has been bugging me for a while now, and i cant for the life of me come to a decent conclusion other than WG just hating my sorry arse. But for some reason every time my BB HE shells, Be it 11'' or 16'' seem to be doing WAY to little damage compared to something like 6'' or 8'' shells. hitting 1 to 5 406mm shells on a ship but only doing 1,2k to 2,2k damage per salvo, while my 152mm or 203mm shells tend to do roughly 2.000 with just 1 shell hitting. Even the us DD's 127mm HE tend to do more HE damage with 1 shell hit than a single 406mm. If someone can please explain this to me i would be extremely happy (if its something other than WG hating me)
  13. Fenrir2205

    Connection problems

    30 minutes ago when i write this i started getting constantly disconected from the game, If i reconect to the match i manage 1-2 minutes and then another DC. My internet is working fine with everything else, be it browsing internet of playing other online games. Is this going on for anyone else?
  14. Fenrir2205

    WOWS Drinking Rules

    The cruser part,,, poor Atlanta players that can get 300+ hits in a match
  15. Fenrir2205

    is the north carolina just a tier 8 version of the yamato?

    N. Carolina's strenghts and weakneses quite litteraly balance each other out and make for somewhat balanced ship. For strengths its got good guns(when they hit) and good AA, and good armor where it counts. Also a passable secondaries and decently fast. Weakneses are RNG from hell with the gun's dispersion (can have all 9 shell hi in the same square inch it feels, to putting shells from one turret 250m in front, one shell 200m behind and 3rd somewhere in between) Also its huge so expect alot of shells raining on you from ships WAY out of spotting range or behind islands. The ''paper'' stats mean wery little, With the Yamato quite litteraly being able to pen your toughest ships from extreme angles, while the 406mm guns on the US ships tend to just bounce off at angles that should be auto pen's.