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  1. Nemesid

    Tactics System

    If you want "tactic" Im sure there will be team modes and not only random. Sadly chosen tactic will only generate more rage on players who will want to play differently. Players want freedom in random (aka chaos) ;) Split in WoWs random is more even then in WoT cause spawn area is huge and your spawn location usually determine your way.
  2. Nemesid

    High Explosive Ammunition is to OP Now

    Cmon man, there is topic about HE four spaces bellow this one.... is it hard to check at least first page of forum? All possible opinions answered there
  3. Nemesid

    HE ammo - far too effective

    I can post 200k dmg Fuso play and claim that AP is op.... One battle means nothing. 432 shells fired means you lived long, was unfocused, such damage should be expected with that number of shells fired. 700 HE dmg per hit is pretty average.
  4. Nemesid

    HE ammo - far too effective

    Not hard with Cleveland to score one fire in salvo if at least 6-7 shots connects. And its not so often, this encounter was pretty lucky for me, slow big moving ships on 10km, not paying attention to me, happy repair trigger. Fire rate is ok. HE isnt doing tons of damage alone, it must be backed up by fire. And again, fire alone isn't salvation, fire doesn't do fast kills which means that ship is going to return you some shells. And clever captain will utilize its repair skills to minimize its fire damage when out of danger zone. I said it before, HE alone is good change. With 203mm guns its better to use AP in some situations and HE in others. Problem is with 152mm guns aka Cleveland where AP isnt going to penetrate any CA on citadel unless its T5 and only option is HE spam which is kinda mindless. Sadly AP is pretty much useless with low caliber guns around T6.
  5. Nemesid

    HE ammo - far too effective

    Please don't blame HE ammo for incompetence of captains to handle fire properly. Yesterday I fired on two BBs, both on one fire after first salvo, both used repair, both on fire again with next salvo. Hope you see what is wrong there... I also finally sail out with my Fuso again and still rule the waters. Fire? Yes, I was on fire during CA encounters but nothing tragic. I used repair only when relatively safe and since fire is soft damage I healed most of its damage back. If you zig zag even BB isnt so easy to hit on max range and around 10km BB is going to punish you to be so silly to get close. But yeah, to play BB isnt easy mode, but its still huge HP pool behemont with heal ability. To play fragile CA isnt easy mode either...
  6. Nemesid

    Losing more since 0.3.1 patch?

    My WR is rising. Maybe Im often in opposite team then you
  7. Nemesid

    Shorten repair cooldown

    You are correct. You should wait with repair ability as long as possible. HE is doing less damage then AP (well, should) and HE is secondary source of damage to equal it. Don't be to scared about fire. It doesn't do tons of damage unless stacked heavily. Repair it only if you are sure you will not be set on multiple fires again. Its far better to wait until enemy is killed, you hide or run away.
  8. Nemesid

    HE ammo - far too effective

    Game where good player doesn't have edge over bad player is simply bad game. And I must say WoWs is on the edge of knife with that. AP was pretty much skill based ammunition with citadel system. Now everyone just spam HE and sets enemy on multiple fires. Compared to AP its far less skill to cause damage so once again differences between bad and good players are lesser and lesser. If you add to this that actual main class, BB, fire is rng based and bad player can beat good player only cause of that... not funny WoWs, not funny.
  9. Nemesid

    Issues in the US cruiser line

    My big issue with CAs. BBs targets them cause CA cant repair and is not hard to take down due to lack of armor and mediocre HP pool. Instead of going for equals (enemy BBs) what else is permanently spotted within fire range... CAs.
  10. Nemesid

    Mag explosions

    I really doubt someone actually aim for mags. Once again its pure rng to manage this. Got oneshoted in Fuso by one DD torpedo, by one TB torpedo and by one shell. Never scored such hit. So I think we need more random blown ups like mines over battlefield, rocks from volcano eruption, bird suicide attacks... Its always fun to be randomly oneshoted!
  11. Nemesid

    Issues in the US cruiser line

    I like how all shouts Cleveland is OP but for some weird reason Fuso is ok. I love both and Fuso is way stronger then Cleveland. Had to mention it ;) Cleveland is easy ship to play. It has only guns so no torp worries and with new HE damage its just spray HE and be happy. Before patch it actually takes some skill to use AP properly but now its so simple with HE. With new armor update Im no longer able to citadel hit any CA T6+ with 152mm shells. And this is where Pensacola is going to shine. With 203mm Im able citadel hit CA T7-8 and I can crush them pretty fast. Problem is that it needs far more skill then HE spam. Think both ships Cleveland and Pensacola are ok for its tiers.
  12. Cant imagine what will add premium ammo in WoWs to shells and isnt "pay to have advantage" - faster travel speed, more accurate, more dmg ? All has direct impact on dmg output and leads to advantage. Funny is that WoWs hit ratio is pretty small so you will most of this ammo just lost. If implemented I really hope its tracers will by shiny gold! I want to see sky full of gold shells and chat full of gold noobs. Throw in more money and get rainbow tracers!
  13. Nemesid

    Cleveland - Help AP deals no damage

    HE is good as all around ammunition. On Cleveland I switch to AP if face something like Omaha on T line to score lot of citadels or vs BB when can aim for weak parts. With 152 AP I have huge problem vs T6+ CAs, Im just unable to penetrate other Cleveland on citadel. Tried under chimneys, under guns, zero citadels from three encounters. Where Omaha blow up like nothing Cleveland is just to much armored? With 203mm guns on Pensacola Im able to score citadels on T7-8 CAs so 203 AP is pretty decent versus CAs on T line. HE is ammunition where you dont need much skill (which I kinda hate about it) and is good for most encounters. AP is for specific situations and require perfect lead and skill, then it rewards with fast kills.
  14. Nemesid

    Update 0.3.1 General feedback

    - HE on CA is new all around ammunition cause its good on long range and if enemy zig zag. AP is still superior when comes to close range combat (10km) and player can properly score citadel hits or aim for BBs weak areas. - HE is not OP as many state. Single CA still cant take out BB but is better at support cause fire is pretty annoying and lot of players isnt able to handle it properly neither use skills or modules to reduce its time. - My big issue with HE is that its very easy to use. There is nearly zero skill curve for using HE. Using AP to its best is much more skill based.