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  1. polt3rg3ist

    Will Graf Zeppelin return?

    It will be sold again ,no one says no to earn money . now to the BELOVED GZ , its DEAD ,gone in the wind , six foot under ground -RIP Explanation : it was OP for those who knew the rts gameplay , and now it is as same as the other t8 cv nothing special about it at all , as a collector point a view its god to have one but if u looking for something that was brokenly OP then keep looking the ship is no more ,even the visual stuka bombers are gone from its deck , its god they did rework the cv gameplay something had to be done , maybe been better to remove them completly, they kind of lack function now and even (before). this new approach to cv gameplay is to much world of warplanes but without the plane control ,its same same again and again . btw havent played the "new" GZ yet could be that they nerfed the secondarys too !!??
  2. polt3rg3ist

    10 guineas for 0,89 euro , now !

    sadly no "new" offer 0.89e for ten guinnes , just checked but we will get some new prem shop boxws to buy in bundles so we can cross our fingers and hope for best, Tnx any way for the head up.
  3. What is a CV or also called aircraft carrier , and what was its purpose in real life and in game??!!. Well IRL the cv was a fleets EYES and EARS and protective shield agains enemy torpedo/Dive bombers. every one can read how the mighty japanese fleet went to the bottom of the sea by naval air dominanse and naval fleet . In game we had the similar aspect but it turned out to be a game in the game " cos mostly cv and rest fleet didnt know how to co-operate" not saying it didnt happend As mentioned in the WG video and by other forumnites there was a huge lack of non interest by wg to teach players to play cv,and by doing it the knowledge between CV players and rest fleet didnt work properly, that leads us to the NEW type of "cv" gameplay they offer "work in progress" as they call it well for those who played Batllestation midway this is reconaicibal , This new cv playstyle has so far NOTHING similar with previus cv gameplay other than u attak with 1 squadron at time and when u are out of rockets/torps/bombs u automatical get switched to another attak ready squadron, NO cooldown time or so , u are not even managing u ship at all just click way points, They took out the only part of cv play that is action filled and that is the attak on ships, this makes the cv play style simple but u loose the strategic approach what a CV is a command centre that sends out planes to SEE and HEAR and to protect team fleet -also NO role of fighters Will i test this new thing maybe . Do i look forward to hear about compensation for my premium cv ships YES . Was CV play faulty YES . needed rework YES. Next issue RADAR one popular ship class is DD who suffers from RADAR and hydroacustic, redo them too .BUT then we have the invisible DDs maybe nerf the torps No many issues let them sort one thing at time .
  4. polt3rg3ist

    Discount coupon 30% off in premshop

    Between my battles i reseved an anousment that i have indeed being gifted with a 30% discount coupon in prem store WOW yiippeee nice exactly what i neede ,i have yet start collecting yamato collection prem shop have boxes to sell and these HOT animee girls is nice ones to pick up 10 skillpoints and maybe som special skillboost too, Then we have the brand new ship ROMA sweet!!! and harekaze hsf nam nam . and if not all flagg bundles - so right in to premshop plasticfantastic card ready and month salary on my bank account - what do i see the coupon cant be used if its discounted or if it says special price or gold and doubloon purhase and sinse almost 90% of the stuff is excluded whats left to buy oh yes premium time -sure i only have 360 days tnx to x-mas boxes this coupon is USELESS tnx for nothing but hey i take my hat of and bow thank u anyway forgot about the ships i could buy but i have them all those on sale in ship category-
  5. polt3rg3ist

    Halloween salt

    The amount of CV players yesterday was insane took more than 4 min to get a battle -i canceled queue due to idiotic time .what was mostly and more over PURE IGNORANT gaming i played some 5-6 battles and in non off them was a CV player knowing WTF to do some just run in filth other did not eeven get planes up and some just hide behind towers and died i agree that WG must in future make atleast some sort of basic video to learn the minimalistcally skilled players
  6. polt3rg3ist

    cant assign comanders BUGG

    Title says all found out this lovely saturday that i cant switch commanders between ships and probaly its halloween modes fault , it means my regular ships is out of comanders and the wrong ones cant be placed only if i waste the huge amount of 25 doubloons i can get a new commander LOL. some one on the computer script department did not try out things - solution 1 i tryed to restart game from 3 different pc.s same crap solution 2 waste doubloons on new commanders and barrak places . solution 3 NOT playing the game ill try go with no3 since even if i found the new mode apealing even with the non understanding team mates its fun -
  7. most intressting thing u buy a product and need to contact the customer support cos its "broken" they say its their jobb to answer if its broken but not taking responsibility cos its not they who sold it and he who sold it is not responsible cos hes not taking the money hmmm smells like old fashion pyramid sceems. i might understod awefully wrong but hey "crap happens" see u at davy jones table
  8. polt3rg3ist

    [WiP] Graf Z Deepwater-Torpedo Test

    Hello its god that we get to test different load outs BUT the deepwater torpedos is useless against DDs since i almost only play CO-op and u get agame with 1cv 2BB and rest is DDs. then there is another FUNNY thing why do we only get a 3point commander i had to retrain a 10 pointer just to be neck on neck with the mirrored ships fighters not mentined the other skills nessecary just to see how much i can boost the squadrons HP and loadout- i usually do only auto aim attacks i figure it will show me how noob friendly the ship is. Sure if u played a huge amount of randoms and can every trick in the book its not showing other than whats possible in the best of worlds. hopefully i didnt step on some ones toes out there just an oppinion. see u at davy jones table!
  9. polt3rg3ist

    My Graf Zeppelin test experience

    IM SORRY!!!-I would like to apologize to all BB.s that i sunk during last nights "test" with GZtest1 ship i used my own account in coop (no harm done boots) and my sons account witch i cant name due to earlyer rants reports and insults in randoms - well in WoT if u are a heavy and kemp bush u get punished by arty and now in randoms with ships a BB is not pulling its weight for the team -how should i say like the mighty jingles nomnomnom 3squadrons with+1 plane skill AP almost one shotted a FDG and sunk some bismarks tirpizes and even a ZAO i laughed so hard that i fell off my chair and that usually only happens when wife is on bad mood and hits me with the fryingpan for not listening to her . Test 1 GZ might in AP side be little to powerful- The fighters are some how almost decent if u have +1plane squadron atleast the amunition lasts longer. see u on the seven seas capitains or at davy jones table.
  10. polt3rg3ist

    MM hell

    game play espesially the beloved MM in randoms is worst lottery u can accept - i had the same issues sailed my krasna kryss -tryed to do damage against tier 7 BB spamming HE couldent even lit the things up ,what a joke last thing i did was dodging shells and get int o 5km range to torp the crappy ships -i died but got one gneisennau. some ships should not be matched up sertain ones. No only way to get a fair MM is CO-OP mode-but it dosent fix the "players" failing (afk.booting etc)
  11. NICE new capitain skills to exploit, messes up learned gameplay tactics and "meta" . they missed 3 skills/perks. number 1: ability to swich off your radio- you only see the closest in your team and rest off team is unawared off your happenings. number 2: abilty to use your ship like one big explosive bomb with some sort off detonation range. number 3: perk PULL THE PLUG -means u sink your ship and gets (0) zero profit in credits or mission progress( WTF why do we not have this yet) historically ships have been used as demolition rams and sinked by its own crew as harbor blockades-and the radio/hydro/sonars have all swiched off to be silent and undetected.
  12. polt3rg3ist

    enemy cv in co-op way to OP

    as title says the enemy cv in co-op is far to op ,seems like they got all skills .if they should be like i belive its told a mirrored ship then the skills should be same to . for example my saipan fighter group meet another saipan fighter group in this co-op they should be shooting at each other for some while but now its more like 20sek and my group is dead - well last patch did implement different cv game play style not doing damage but instead air superiority in my opinion some how god u should protect fellow ships against bombers and torpedos eventually no one will even bother sending away those torp/bombers to many obstacles in way (consumables ) that mess upp your attacks not to salty i hope other than at sea. keep fogging out there
  13. polt3rg3ist

    prem shop

    and again the wonder full prem shop is out off order -i try buy texas with out extras ,cant apply right date from my card but if i try buy it with all "crap" load off stuff then all works strange but i feel a conspiracy going on. well happy hunting tin foilhat already aplied
  14. polt3rg3ist

    atlanta a WET paper ship

    Thanks fellow skippersfor u replies im aware of my few battles. I bought Atlanta in one of those famous bundles needed doubloons to pas buy the karlsruhe and might get a ship aswell Im trying to watch tube clips in order to improve my skills, by u replies u have now let in some sunshine.
  15. polt3rg3ist

    atlanta a WET paper ship

    Before last patch Atlanta was one shoted several times with full Health, i even had games 3 in row were i got killed by one shots could been ok if i yoloed right in between enemy horde of ships but no i tryed to use my gun range and have some ilands to retreat behind still it happend enemy battle ships managed to hit one or to shots in same salvo even got killed by other cruisers after they managed to hit me with some 4-5 shots still with more than half off my Health left and NOW after latest patch its even worse same shitty on shotted and even more frustrating cant hide behind a iland cos japanese bomber planes are so freaking accurat with their bomb drops now they one shots me(i know its 5-6planes) so all in all i wont ask for refund of my [edited] ship ill keep it to remind me how freaking twisted a game balance can get to be. see u at seven seas not in my Atlanta but in a cv Close to u