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    I've always been a fan of Wargaming products, however much they can be a bit repetitive I always come running back!
  1. reidmillam

    Introducing: Smoke Planes & Mines

    You've posed some good ideas about the mines, don't forget however that there is always a way to fix something, I am not for one second ignoring what they have said but even if nerfed a substantial amount, it could bring something into the game, I'm not sure how you would nerf this but even if for example you get 1-2 mines at the start of the game which you can lock onto with aa guns, just to stop those afk people who just autopilot all the way, it would get people to think about what they are doing. I'm also down for ships to be able to shoot down torpedoes, there is nothing like 20 torpedoes coming towards you and you not being able to do something about it, I know there is a fault to the person who is being torpedoed, but it can end your game really quickly for something that is meant to be fun, please don't elaborate on the fact that I said "Annoying that I get torpedoed" I am just using it as an advertisement if you like; for the idea of shooting torpedoes.
  2. reidmillam

    Introducing: Smoke Planes & Mines

    There is a line, but I think that is exaggerating
  3. reidmillam

    Introducing: Smoke Planes & Mines

    What if the team were immune to their team's mines, I mean World of Warships ins't very realistic anyway.
  4. reidmillam

    Introducing: Smoke Planes & Mines

    But to hide your Carrier if the enemy are steaming towards you.
  5. reidmillam

    Introducing: Smoke Planes & Mines

    So, I had a thought while watching a video of Phlydaily playing the Tier 8 Lexington today, what if you could get an add on for Dive Bombers to have a Smoke round, where each plane would drop small pellets of smoke canisters to make a smoke cloud like destroyers, not only would it be good for covering other ships but you could use it to cover yourself and other carriers. The other Idea I had was to let Destroyers, Cruisers, Battleships and maybe Dive bombers to plant Mines into the water, the kind you sea floating on the top that when bumped into can cause damage, I agree there would need to be a limit to the amount each ship could use, it could be 3 at a time in 3 second gaps which takes 3 minutes to regenerate, this could be good for stopping enemy ships and enemy ships that travel in big clusters, it could divert them to other options. Well what do you think Wargaming.net?
  6. reidmillam

    Making BB grouphealer?

    The game is meant to be "Arcade-y" thats how Wargaming.net intends it to be. But I can see your point of view. They tried it with World of Tanks and it didn't really work, but that doesn't mean to say it cannot be fixed/improved so I agree and disagree with you.
  7. reidmillam

    Making BB grouphealer?

    It sounds like a great idea at first but there are quite a few problems, first of all, If you were in a Battleship with this ability then people would start to blame all the defeats on you even though it may not have been. No only will it make people stick as close as possible to each other causing collisions and even Boarder camping. it would be a good idea if it was nerffed, I.e Each battleship gets this ability for a 1000 HP repair and they can only use it once, but this will only cause Battleship spam and people would constantly heal the battleships, for example imagine a full team of battleships with this ability, pretty much everyone would just sit at the back of the map camping the health regeneration button. Once you've fixed all these problems you still have to find a way to play the objectives as this will totally force both teams to stick together like glue and forget about the objectives and maybe even the time.
  8. reidmillam

    Wargaming.net, Unified slots and slot changes

    Alright, sounds interesting, but I've contacted a Senior Moderator and he will pass this idea on to "Tuccy" the dude with the powers.
  9. reidmillam

    Wargaming.net, Unified slots and slot changes

    I think the first half of the statement you mentioned, you had the wrong idea, the ability to switch slots back and fourth between games providing you had nothing vacating it. I see no actual reason for the price to rise, in fact as long as Doubloons match the slot price to the same as gold which they will have to if they are going to unify Premium coins it should all be fine.
  10. reidmillam

    k then

    It isn't bugged, we all have this. Its just Wargaming.net struggle to put correct languages in their games, a little like on World of Tanks with the missions. Thats alright, hoped it helped.
  11. reidmillam

    k then

    I know, Wargaming.net is saying something completely different than is actually happening. To put it another way, They are "actually saying" Every 24 hours you will get a new mission, so if you have 3 slots with timers on it, one will be 24 hours, the next will be 48 hours and the one after that will be 70 hours.
  12. Dear Community of World of Warships, I am here to talk about the idea of slots being unified when Wargaming.net releases it. I think unified accounts are an awesome idea and cannot wait for it to be brought to the game via Premium coins, however one thing I've always found irritating is slots for my ships and tanks. I am not one to sell all the ships I unlock as I generally miss them and want to play them again without having to re-buy them. On World of Tanks I had spent a lot of money especially on slots which I have now sold due to World of Tanks economy issue, which by the way I think needs to be buffed a whole load, but I digress I have now got 28 free slots on my World of Tanks account and think it would be an awesome idea to include the ability to move these slots from one game to another, it shouldn't be to hard to implement and should give me and other players in this community to get more ships and play all tiers without wasting their money on slots they already had on another game. Now I can see some of you may not like this idea, but I think it could also be done in another way. Wargaming.net could change the ships so that you buy them once and can swap them between slots, for example any ships you own you can swap into different slots so that you can play them. It may be slightly the same as War thunder, however I do think Wargaming.net could make it their own. If you think this is a good idea please post below why, and even if you don't please put why because I think it would be an awesome idea and the more likes we get for this, the higher chance we have for Wargaming.net to listen to us and implement this into the game.
  13. reidmillam

    How to dodge torps! Post here for tips + advice

    One thing you could try is upgrading your commander's skills, (when unlocked) this will help you with a load of things, one of those being the ability to know where the torpedoes are.
  14. reidmillam

    What is clan wars going look like ?

    Not much longer, a World of Tanks battle is usually 15 minutes long, these are only 20 minutes which is only 5 minutes longer, considering ships are tanks on a huge scale I think the time limit is perfect.
  15. reidmillam

    XP rewards are bad

    I do agree with the things said, but mainly I think the XP prices of said modules and vessels at low tiers are too high, not to mention the price, I've played many games, most of which are not very auspicious however some of these games even on x1.5 for the first battle of the day will only land me 900 xp for vessels around 10,000 this seems a good price, that it is. But when not on x1.5 this in game rewards for winning are small, as much as 200 on a good game. I'm not saying they should change the xp cost of the ships, but only to increase that given after a battle, not to mention the amount a ship costs. I am not one to contradict Wargaming.net on everything they do and I do not plan on elaborating on this topic because its not too big a problem, but it does make me slightly perturbed by how much you have to do in order to get a half decent result. Because of this, my temerity to do well in games is lowered substantially. Wargaming.net may be facetious when looking at this problem but I think it is a serious problem that may restrict the amount of people who are willing to put this much time into the game. I wont procrastinate any longer so I'll say this, it needs to be something that is looked on because I suspect it could be something which limits World of Warships to a smaller game compared to World of Tanks. The dispute about this could maybe cause a disrepute about how the community see World of Tanks compared to World of Warships. I hope this has given you some ideas about this issue, it may seem I am making a bigger issue out of this than it really is, but I feel that if this is not looked upon then it could limit the success of World of Warships.