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  1. Gidzi

    WOWS 4th birthday bonus code

    What should i do with tier 2 battleship? Why is this even given as a reward?
  2. Gidzi


    Got my tokens. Thanks.
  3. Gidzi

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    8 SC 2 x 15000 coal 50000 fxp 100 and 25 hydra 100 zulu hotel 50 halloween camos and 50 padraig camos Happy with rewards
  4. Gidzi

    Update 0.8.8: Fourth Anniversary!

    Happy birthday WG, and thanks for gifts!
  5. Gidzi

    A lot of Super Containers lately

    That free supercontainer that you got is probably the one regular container you forgot to pick up the day before. You were lucky that it was supercontainer.
  6. Gidzi


    Reloged and still nothing. I am in 25 % of players.
  7. Gidzi

    Warships Anniversary 2019 Bonus?

    In that case, next tuesday seems to me like the earliest date when we can get some information about anniversary event.
  8. Gidzi

    Warships Anniversary 2019 Bonus?

    What is the date of the anniversary?
  9. Gidzi


  10. Gidzi


    I do not undrstand this bundle option. We can buy 32 bundles, but from what will each of them be made of?
  11. Grinded, failed to grind 3 daily missions, so i can stop grind now. On the other hand, i will be able to buy myself premium time and i am happy for that.
  12. Flamu supports the idea of NTC if there would not be any bufs to the ships. That is something the community would also support, but that is not what wg offers us. I have absolutly no problem with some huge rewards in case of implementing the NTC, but it must not be ship buffs.
  13. Uglesett Belive me, i feel just like you tonight.
  14. These are the last months in wich community can stop Wg from creating this beautiful game into a WOT copy. If we allow this to be introduced, we lost WOWS forever.
  15. I wil not grind something that i already grinded even if i would be offered 50k steel as a reward. But, let nobody here be naive, WG do not care about some player that has reserched anything, which have 10 m fxp etc. Wg only care about money and they are thinking that some 10 % of the players will pay huge some of money to buy doublones and convert elite xp so that they would be able to grind this insane thing. As far as other players, Wg is sure that they will simple continue to play and everyting will be the same as it was. Also, unicum players have huge amount of fxp, so they will not raise their voice to strong. This is my oppinion. Only solution for this is massive boycot of game by those 90 % of players.