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  1. Acasta, for now. No premium containers bought.
  2. The "Loot"ening (SC LOOT FEST)

    14 days premium, 50 gamescom camos and 25 50+ credits flag. Al in all, not bad.
  3. "REAL" Birthday Special: September 14–28

    Thanks wg, you showed that you apricciate loyality of your players. Keep up the good work.
  4. Anniversary Event

    What, if anything, will we get for free? That question is interesting, but i must admmit that coupons are nice.
  5. Anniversary Event

    What, if anything, wil we get for free? That question is interesting, but i must admmit that coupons are nice. Delete this, please.
  6. Anniversary Event

    We are talking about WOWS, other games are not important in these discusions. I did not start to play WOWS, because of rewards and i would still play it if rewards would be canceled, but if rewarding system exists, it is justified to be criticized, when rewards are poor.
  7. Anniversary Event

    I really do not wish to be ungratefull, but honestly, event is extreamly poor. Best rewards we can get is 10 point commander and flags, which are good, but not nearly enogh for something that important, like aniversary event. Ofcourse, i do not input that rewards will not be great in next weeks, but the fact is that they are poor for now. One SC is not nearly enough for the aniversary. I do not have any problem to say when wg does a good job too, for example, "go navy" was fantastic. Hope for much improvment in next days and weeks.
  8. Anniversary Event

    Event is terrible till now. I am disapointed with wg about this event.
  9. World of Warship’s Third Anniversary

    I think that is premium containers, and only one super.
  10. GO NAVY! 0.7.7

    I would also like to know the answer on this question.
  11. GO NAVY! 0.7.7

    If you take Salem, you also get a perma camo, since it is a premium ship. Am i right?
  12. server down?

    I am in.
  13. server down?

    Nope, stil can t.
  14. server down?

    Can not connect either. Seems it is the whole EU server.