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  1. Gidzi

    The pathetic state of Ranked

    In a sense, i do understand you, but you should also understand that we, potatos, can also play in a competitive mode. Trust me, potetos are usuful for unicums, and vice versa, that is a perfect mix. Higher ranks influence on a poteto to learn something, so benefit is mutual.
  2. Gidzi

    Premium t8 ship Irian

    Just got Irian from a standard lunar container. RNG really smiled to me this time.
  3. Sure, why would i stop playing?
  4. Gidzi

    Servers Down?

    I am content with compensation.
  5. Gidzi

    Server crashes and Clan Battles

    Sorry, i misread "not instead of "now".
  6. Gidzi

    Server crashes and Clan Battles

    If i understand MrConway correctly, there will be an extra extention, after 29.01.2019., which means clan battles will not end with intrudiction of 0.8.0 patch.
  7. Gidzi

    Servers Down?

    I really think that one day of premium as a compensation will not be enough for so much constant problems with the game.
  8. Gidzi

    Update 0.8.0 delayed for a week

    I did not see the other topic, sorry guys.
  9. Just as the title said, update is delayed and i think it is good for the whole of community, since cv rework will continue and people will have one more week to complete events from current update and play CB. Your toughts? https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/general-news/080-postponed-announcement/
  10. Gidzi

    Last Prinz directive

    I think that it is double. Without much problems, in some 20 games with one nations ship, you can get 4 milion. Ofc, there will be good and bad games, but overall, i think this can be done in 6-10 days, depending of the games you play per day.
  11. Gidzi

    Ship you love. That everyone else hates

    Absolutly, La Galo.
  12. If i would have enough fxp, i would not buy it. It is much better for me to keep free xp for the next lines, like russian bb s, than to spend so much on one ship.
  13. For the guys which are playing CB, this is too much, for others, like me, it is perfectly fine.
  14. As long as we do not get special ammo, like in WOT, this will not be close to WOT.